How Far Is California To Texas- Your Options For Traveling From California To Texas

How Far Is California To Texas

California and Texas are both located in the western part of the United States of America. While Texas is located in the South-west, California is located in the North-western region. Both states share several similarities, especially in history, commerce. Both cities seem to be warm all year round, and both have a significantly high number of Mexicans than most other states in the country. Driving From one end of California to Texas can be a delightful adventure, and you have many options for doing so.

So, How Far is California from Texas?

According to research findings, Texas is approximately 1,408 miles far from California. It can take up to 21 hours for an average driver to drive from California to Texas.

Train travel option from California to Texas is much cheaper than the airplane, but it will take you much longer to reach Texas. The train transport will cost you between $150 and $220, and you will reach Texas in roughly 35 hours and 10 minutes. The bus travel will cost you roughly between $160 to $250 and will take you roughly 37 hours and 38 minutes to reach Texas. Driving your car down to Texas from California may be more expensive, but you will reach your destination quicker than taking a bus.

What Are Your Travel Options From California To Texas?

There are four travel options from California to Texas, these are;

  • Train
  • Bus
  • Car and
  • Airplane

Flying from California to Texas could be your best transport option because it takes roughly 4 hours and 54 minutes. It can cost you between $100 and $750.

Comparing the State of California with Texas

There are several ways of comparing the state of California with Texas, and these include the landmass or size and weather;

1. The Land Size

Texas is approximately 1.7 times bigger than California in landmass. Texas remains one of the biggest states in the United States. California’s landmass stands at 403,882 sq. km, while Texas’ landmass measures approximately 678,052 sq. km, which means Texas is roughly 68% bigger than California in terms of landmass.

2. California has a Bigger Population

According to the last census, approximately 37.3 million people reside in California, while 26.2 million reside in Texas. Texas also seems to have much space for everyone. Since Texas is home to six of the largest cities in the country, houses in the state are much larger, with more space for families to use for other things.

3. Taxes and Costs of Living

When it comes to taxes and living costs, California seems to be more expensive in just everything than Texas. The California state income tax, for instance, is the highest in the country, though federal taxes may be much lower.

Similarly, rental prices are incredibly high in California than in Texas, and more than a third of residents of California had to resort to accommodating sharing. Perhaps this is the reason why many people are migrating from California to Texas. Though California tends to offer better wages than Texas, many still don’t find things easy in California.

4. Business and Socio-Political Differences

It isn’t very easy for many people to start businesses in California due to some stringent regulations that they can’t meet up with. There are also endless traffic rule regulations in California, with many reporting that California drivers are some of the most brutal in the country.

The unstable political climate may not be a serious issue to many, but to some, the swinging nature of the political control of California seems to make it unpredictable. Texas seems to be more politically stable than many other states of the country.

It is believed that by the end of 2050, more than 20 million people who live in California right now may have to move to nearby states like Texas unless there are drastic changes to the policies of the government.

5. Texas Has Faster Growing Economy

One of the benefits of moving from California to Texas is that Texas has a faster-growing economy than California. Texas state capital- Austin makes it to Forbes’s top ten growing economies in the country. Top large corporations like Apple and Google have also decided to move into the city. Today, the Texas economy is the second-largest in the United States of America. If Texas is a country, it will be the tenth largest economy in the world.

6. Texas Has Warmer Climate

Texas is known for its sub-tropical climate that makes it warmer than most parts of the country. The average summer temperature in Texas can vary from 75-100F degrees. It has its winter season that is characterized by mild temperatures, and snows are rare. Though California shares a similar climate, it is more pleasant to live in Texas.

7. Better Employment Opportunities in Texas

With the influx of multinational and indigenous corporations into Texas, there have been more opportunities, including jobs, created than ever before. This has pushed Texas into a position where more people are looking forward to having more opportunities, even from outside of the state.

8. Texas Offers More Unique Entertainment

One of the most exciting things about Texas is that it offers more varieties of entertainment than California. The capital city-Austin is regarded as the center of America’s world live music. If you enjoy tasty food and live entertainment, you will see Texas as more welcoming than California. Texas offers delicious fried foods, and there are more than 2,000 Barbecue joints spread across the state.

9. Texas is More Family-friendly

You can’t compare the family or community culture in Texas to most other states in the country, including California. This could be the reason why very few people migrate from Texas elsewhere. Texans are friendlier, more open, and easier to communicate with when compared to people in California.

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Are There Disadvantages To Moving From California To Texas?

As good as Texas may seem in all areas of endeavor, the state has its own unique downsides that are worth exploring;

1. Texas Driver’s License and Vehicle Registration May be Tougher

If you are moving to Texas and you don’t have your driver’s license already, you must be prepared for a daunting task ahead. Texas is one of the states with some of the most stringent rules concerning vehicle registration and driver’s license.

2. Poor Public Transport

If you reside in Texas, you will need to have your own mode of transportation for a number of reasons. Texas has a costlier transportation system and can be more than 17% higher than what you pay in California. Public transports don’t reach everywhere in Texas, and that is a downside too. Heavy traffic is also a common site in Texas, and oftentimes these delay people and cause lots of unproductive hours.

3. Unpredictable Weather

Texas is a state where you may experience more than one season in one day. In addition to this, unpredictable adverse weather conditions like storms, flash floods, and Tornadoes are quite rampant here.

4. Restricted Choices of Products

There are much fewer Agricultural producers in Texas; hence you don’t have many product options displayed at the grocery stores. For this reason, you may not have access to special foods.

5. Similarities Between California And Texas

The following are things that the states of California and Texas share in common;

6. Warm and Mild Climate

Both California and Texas are known for their all-year warm climates. Even in months where the country records extreme winter conditions, these two states still have moderate-higher temperatures because of their geographical locations.

7. Natural Disasters

 Both California and Texas are known for some natural disasters, though these disasters are significantly different in the two states. For Texas, torrential rainfall and flash floods are more common, while earthquakes seem to be more prominent in California. California is also known for its seasonal wildfires that cause massive destruction to lives and properties.

8. Much Lower Wages in Texas

The relatively lower costs of living in Texas make income much lower here compared to what ordinary people get in California. Texas has one of the lowest minimum wage rates in the USA, while California has one of the highest average individual and family wages. The high standard of living in California tends to work against the higher wages in the state.


The distance between California and Texas is extended by changing terrains between the two states. You will have to drive through hills and valleys and sometimes rocky terrains that may slow you down, especially if you drive your car or take a bus. The train ride is quite smooth and straightforward, especially when you opt for the first-class area where there are several amenities. Just like the bus, the train will take some occasional stops along the way and on transit cities and towns- this may further increase your traveling time.