Is A Laptop A PC? Learn How It Competes With A PC For Everyday Use

Is A Laptop A PC

After laptops were commonplace, many people often asked, is a laptop a PC? Due to the differences between the two, it was thought that laptops were different from personal computers. According to most modern definitions, a laptop does qualify as a personal computer.

In this article, we’ll look at the question posed at the beginning and compare modern laptops to PCs. We will try to cover all the sections of the debate and provide readers with more insight

What Is A PC?

A PC stands for personal computer and was originally used in the 70s. The original definition was for standalone devices that were not connected to other computing devices for shared use.

Since it was designed mainly to be used by one person for their personal use, it came to be known as a personal computer and hence PC for short.

So a standalone laptop for your personal use qualifies for being called a PC. However, you might be confused as to why people avoid calling laptops PCs. This is mainly to avoid common confusion.

In modern times, people use the term PC to refer to a home desktop that you set up in a room with a CPU tower. Due to laptops being portable, many users try to differentiate between the two and avoid calling a laptop a PC. So most people widely use the term PC nowadays to refer to home desktops.

How Do Modern Laptops Compare With PCs?

PCs or home desktops were generally considered the traditional powerhouse, with their specs far outperforming any of their portable peers. However, with advancements in technology, weight and size haven’t been a limiting issue for laptops as much as it has before.

If we compare specs and see the best laptops from 2021 against the best-premade PCs or desktops available for buying, you’ll find that laptops are not lagging too much.

However, laptops haven’t eliminated the need for a PC or home desktop. There a few factors that make home desktops incredibly valuable. These include:

1. Custom Rigging

Building a custom PC has been on the rise for quite some time. Not only is the activity itself considered fun, but it also allows a great deal of freedom in how you want your personal computer to be.

Although a good deal of knowledge is required for this, building a custom PC can often allow you to create a desktop that is far more powerful but at lower prices.

Desktops from certain brands don’t always have the best parts for everything. This isn’t an issue when you’re making a custom PC as you can always choose the best parts that are available to you. There are many cases where custom-built PCs are much better than any market PC or laptop.

2. Better Cooling

Another reason that PCs remain so relevant is that a PC will always have access to better cooling systems than a laptop will ever have. For a laptop to have comparable specs while also having a good cooling system will require it to take up much more space which can make it less appealing for laptop users.

Better cooling ensures that a PC’s average performance over its lifetime is greater than a laptop’s. Cooling prevents damage to components due to heat and increases their life span. This also allows a PC to do more hardware-intensive work like video rendering for longer periods without heating up.

Putting a laptop of similar specs without the cooling system can cause the components to be damaged faster, and the laptop’s performance will decrease with time.

Advantages Of A Laptop

However, a laptop is not without any unique advantages either. Two noteworthy things are:

1. Access to a Touchscreen

Many laptops have included the addition of a touchscreen allowing for a different way to perform tasks. Touchscreens are not common in desktops, and recent laptops possess stunning AMOLED 4K/UHD touch screens.

If you are wondering whether you should get a touchscreen or not, consider whether your line of work requires it, as that will help to decide if a laptop is better for you.

2. Doesn’t Require an Access to Power

Portability has always been a strong point of laptops, and with recent technology, more powerful laptops don’t weigh as much as before. They also have longer battery lives, so for tasks that require you to go outside without access to power, you can always rely on a laptop.

Difference Between Chromebooks And Traditional Laptops

Chromebooks differ from traditional laptops mostly due to a difference in the operating system. As the name suggests, they use a web-based operating system derived from Google Chrome. Hardware-wise, Chromebooks are mostly similar to traditional laptops aside from lacking a removable media drive.

Laptop Vs. Desktop For Everyday Use

So which one is better for everyday use? If you tend to spend your time outside of your work and don’t allow you to work from home, you’ll benefit more from using a laptop. A laptop is also better if you don’t have space for a desktop.

However, in many cases, a desktop is better if you can afford and have easy access to it. Video editing or model making requires a much stronger GPU and can heat your computer. A desktop can handle those lines of work better.

So if you are still wondering which one to buy- laptop vs. desktop, you also need to consider your budget. If you have experience building PCs, you can often find it cheaper to build a good PC than to buy one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of laptop screen do I need?

If you can afford it, an AMOLED display screen is preferred. It offers a great display their touch screen sensitivity is great. The alternative is LED screens.

How much storage or memory do I need?

This varies. For memory, 8 to 10 GB worth of RAM is good enough for most tasks. As for storage, SSD drives are recommended, and how much storage you need will vary, so get them based on your needs.

What is an ergonomic keyboard?

Ergonomic keyboards are specially designed keyboards to help users relieve stress and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. They can include different types of keys to fit the user’s preference.


We hope that this article has answered the question, is a laptop a pc? Laptops and desktops have different advantages. So keep their characteristics in mind whenever you decide on what to buy for everyday use.

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