How To Sleep With Scoliosis: Everything You Need To Know

How To Sleep With Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a deformity of the spine with a sideways curvature relative to the plane of the spinal column. Because of this, limbs and chest are deformed, internal organs are displaced.

For a person to feel comfortable, he needs to choose the right mattress. The choice of this sleeping accessory must be taken responsibly. This product should distribute the load on the spine evenly. In the morning, people should feel rested and happy. With uneven load distribution, pain and discomfort often occur.

With scoliosis of the spine, it is difficult to find a comfortable position and sleep all night soundly. Usually, the favorite place is on the side, with one leg tucked up and the other stretched out. Sleeping on the back is allowed. On the stomach is prohibited – in this position, the vertebrae are squeezed, and the nerves are pinched.

It is believed that people with a bad back should sleep on a hard surface, almost on aboard. It is not true. Passively cure the wrong curvature of the spine in an adult will not work. There will only be extra tension, back pain, and insomnia. We need a soft surface that adapts to the shape of the human body. The best option is a block of independent springs, in which the diameter of the spring is no more significant than the diameter of the vertebra (3 cm). Under each vertebra, there will be its support, which adapts to it.

Why The Right Mattress Is Important

In scoliosis with lateral deformation of the vertebral column, it is recommended to sleep on a flat surface. Ideally, on the back or the side opposite the curved one, stretching the lower leg and bending the upper leg at the knee.

Patients suffering from scoliosis are recommended to sleep on an orthopedic mattress of medium or high rigidity. When choosing a spring or springless model, the degree and localization of curvature should be considered. When selecting an orthopedic pillow, it is recommended to give preference to rollers or products on which the cervical spine is located parallel to the plane of the bed.

Scoliosis can be left-sided. Depending on the severity of the disease, four degrees are distinguished:

  1. The angle of curvature up to 10 degrees. Externally, the changes may not be noticeable. The reason for contacting the doctor is the asymmetrical arrangement of the shoulder blades and the different levels of the shoulders.
  2. The angle of curvature is 11–25 degrees; a muscle roller appears in the lumbar region.
  3. At an angle of 26–50 degrees, a hump appears, and the ribs sink in.
  4. This degree is the strongest, the angle of curvature exceeds 50 degrees; serious deformation of the spine, hump, atrophy of some muscles.

The choice of mattress does not depend on the level of development of the disease; patients with scoliosis need an orthopedic bed. Pay attention to the rigidity, fillers, type of construction of the model. 

Mattress Selection Criteria

Before buying a mattress, it is important to know the following:

  1. Degree of rigidity. A mattress for people with scoliosis should be rigid. The use of medium stiffness models is also recommended. Therefore, if there are diseases in the upper back or excess weight, then, in this case, it is worth refusing to buy soft mattresses.
  2. Materials used. To prevent the occurrence of allergies, you should focus your attention on models made of natural and hypoallergenic materials with bactericidal impregnation. This mattress is entirely safe.
  3. Type of construction. Modern models of these sleeping accessories can be equipped with a spring block or be without it. In this case, it is recommended to take into account the individual taste preferences of a person. The degree of rigidity of the product largely depends on the filler used.
  4. The mattress must match the size of the bed or sofa. Waterproof models are also in demand. To ensure maximum comfort and cleanliness, it is necessary to focus on products that do not let moisture inside.

Mattress Construction

  1. Springless. The degree of rigidity is affected by the filler.
  2. With independent spring block. This sleeping attribute consists of springs placed in separate covers. Its advantage is that it adapts to the pose of a person. Such a mattress serves for a long time.
  3. Bonnel. This product consists of interconnected elements and a frame. Such a mattress is inexpensive. Its disadvantages include squeaks, a tendency to corrosion, and deformation.

As a rule, most people opt for models with an independent spring block. They have a long service life and distribute the load evenly throughout the body.

Spring models are preferable to springless ones since they can more accurately repeat the curves of the body. The springs should be independent; the bigger, the better. The ideal option is a block in which there are at least 512 springs per square meter. Zonal spring blocks have proven themselves well.

What Fillers Are Used?

To choose a high-quality mattress for a sofa or bed, you need to ask about the filler. It can be natural or artificial.

Recommendations for adult patients with scoliosis. There should be no coconut coir in the mattress, or it should be covered with a soft filler – the rigid material will squeeze the deformed vertebrae. Soft elastic materials are needed. The best:

  • Memory. The most delicate material takes the shape of a human body without resistance and does not put pressure on the spine. The top layer of memory (preferably 4 centimeters, no less) is what a scoliosis patient needs;
  • Natural latex. Elastic soft enough material that does not put pressure on the fabric and does not create stress points. It is perforated, so it passes air well, does not accumulate dust inside;
  • Polyurethane foam. A budget analog of memory and natural latex, which, nevertheless, performs its functions – creates a soft surface. Often the foam has not a smooth but a relief surface with micro-massage, which brings additional benefits.


Mattresses for people of different ages are as follows:

  1. Soft. They are suitable for skinny people or children. It is not recommended to use soft mattresses for back diseases.
  2. Medium. Such products can be called universal. They are intended for sleeping both healthy and with back pain people.
  3. Tough. Some models may have an orthopedic effect so that they can be chosen by people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Rigid orthopedic mattresses for people with scoliosis are highly recommended, also because someone is overweight.
  4. Like aboard. They are not recommended. If a person with an incorrectly curved deformed spine is placed on a hard, hard surface, there will be a lot of pressure at the points of contact of the back with the mattress. The vertebrae are already deformed and unhealthy. With additional load, pain may appear.

What Exactly Does not Fit

Folding mattresses, sofas with low orthopedic properties, old sagging products will cause harm. Sleeping on an uncomfortable surface can provoke the progression of scoliosis and the appearance of other concomitant problems, for example, spinal hernia.

For a Child

Scoliosis in a child can be completely cured, unlike an adult. Therefore, the models are selected according to a different principle.

A child is born with an unformed, not yet ossified flexible spine. Therefore, scoliosis in children under three years of age is a rare congenital disease. After three years, scoliosis may appear in a healthy baby at birth. Treatment is prescribed by a doctor, and the sooner it starts, the better results will be achieved.

What kind of mattress is needed to cure a child? Hard is the main, but not the only condition.

Rigidity. Since scoliosis can still be corrected before the age of 18, it is worth selecting moderately or maximally rigid models on which the child’s spine will straighten under the influence of its own weight.

Fillers. Coconut coir, which should not be in the mattress for adults, is simply necessary here. Small children can sleep on a mattress made of only one coconut coir block; for older children, you can choose models based on a spring block covered with coconut coir. To make the baby comfortable, you can select a model with a lush cover or a latex layer on top of a coconut. The main thing is that the base should be sufficiently elastic; it will perform the function of the child’s exoskeleton.

Construction. Spring construction of moderate rigidity with top layers of coconut coir and PU foam is an ideal option. Spring models adapt better to the shape of the child’s body, so preference is given to them.

About The Covers

The covers can be made of natural or artificial materials. Products made of quilted jacquard and polyester batting are considered quite popular. The covers can be removable or non-removable. The first option is considered more practical and straightforward regarding care.


With so many types of mattresses for scoliosis on the market, it’s obvious the choice is not that easy to make. Luckily, here’s an informative article that contains all-encompassing top mattresses for scoliosis brands analysis.