A Review About A Hollywood Movie Based On “Cryptocurrencies”.

Hollywood Movie Based On Cryptocurrencies

The Hollywood movie “CRYPTO” with the theme of virtual currency Bitcoin, was released in the United States in April. There are certainly a lot of stories about cryptocurrencies in this work. Still, the theme isn’t cryptocurrencies, but the rusticity of the lost countryside, drugs and crime, climate change, and foreigners. It certainly gives me a chance to think about cryptocurrencies, but it was a poor hacking movie in which men play an active role. If you are interested in bitcoin trading, visit Yuan Pay-Group trading bot.

Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency (crypto-asset), may be called a blockchain, but it has become a boring topic. Some people may have heard such an opinion. However, it’s not entirely true. In the film, the story is changed after a crash. A 30-year-old man who was the CEO of a cryptocurrency exchange died suddenly from a complication of Crohn’s disease while volunteering at an orphanage in India. As a result, the encryption key became unknown, and the exchange assets were virtually frozen.

However, on the other hand, illegal side business was being developed, and investors lost around 100 million dollars (about 11 billion yen) worth of virtual currency. There is also a mysterious story such as “Ta”. If a series of events is made into a movie, I would like to see it even if I pay for it. It’s not a substitute, but the movie “CRYPTO” (unreleased in Japan) has appeared in Hollywood. It was a work that started when the Bitcoin Era hadn’t started yet. Many suspicious Bitcoin investments were flourishing at the time. The film was based on a trendy topic and expected to expand its boom further.

We Had A Gorgeous Cast, But.

CRYPTO, directed by John Stalberg Jr., aimed for a hit with gorgeous casts such as Kurt Russell, Alexis Bledel and Luke Hemsworth. However, the release of this work was not very large, and it was screened in April at some movie theatres in the United States and streamed on the Internet.

Martin, the main character played by Beau Knapp, is in charge of compliance investigations at the bank. However, because of his “patriotism,” he was banished from his head office in New York. It also happened due to his obsession with complying with laws and regulations regarding anti-money laundering. Martin, who was sent to his hometown branch office, witnesses the city being swallowed by the darkness of modernization. A high-class residential area lined with redevelopment, an art gallery with an opioid addict, and a potato farm run by Martin’s father was hit by sudden cold weather.

Under these circumstances, the liquor store owner called for participation in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which raises funds by issuing a virtual currency. Overlooking the city’s stealing a pack of six beers, he’s working on cryptocurrency mining in a warehouse. He earned $ 500 a day from this.

The Actual Theme Is Not Cryptocurrencies.

There are many tales about cryptocurrencies in CRYPTO. There was also an exciting scene in which the character played by Bredel complained about Bitcoin ATMs. However, the theme of this work is not a virtual currency. Instead, the work is all about celebrating the rusticity of the lost countryside and chasing common themes such as drugs, crime, climate change and aliens.

Just in the words of a heroin-addicted gallery owner, one of the inhabitants of a corrupt city, just before betraying her lover, a Russian criminal organization. “Life is not that simple.” Unfortunately, Bitcoin is only a convenient meme to bring these various social issues into the storyline.

I didn’t expect much about how Hollywood would handle cryptocurrencies. But to my surprise, this work is not entirely off the mark. Watching CRYPTO reminded me of the time when the soaring price of Bitcoin became a big topic. It was around the time when it was a hot topic for dinner, like other topics such as President Donald Trump and Russian hackers. How did people talk about Bitcoin during Thanksgiving in 17 years? No one fully understood it, but it was still the talk topic. There is no doubt that it was a little ugly and made me feel the world of decadence and crime. However, there is a possibility that any ordinary relatives of yours made a lot of money with bitcoin. So perhaps it was time to dive in.

The film’s creators imply that the rumours about Bitcoin were vague yet a manifestation of widespread anxiety. This work assumes that the mainstream Americans, who have jumped into a hot dream, will fall and never return.