Full Cycle App Development In Focus

Full Cycle App Development In Focus

The ever-growing number of mobile devices is forcing companies to look for new ways to use mobile technologies. This allows them to successfully transform their business models and optimize them according to customers’ needs. If you are a developer, you probably can create a full-fledged app yourself. Yet, if you are not tech-savvy, better rely on a full cycle app development company. Such a one guarantees the full application development cycle to provide customers with new mobile benefits. The work process is based on analyzing the underlying idea, assessing the scale of the project, and far more.

How Does Full Cycle App Development Look?

Before you start searching for a safe app development company, let’s look at the process of creating applications in detail. 

Generally, the full cycle app development is the same for desktop or web app creation. It can be divided into 5 main stages:

1. Beginnings.

Any application starts with the formation of an idea. As a rule, a well-thought-out idea provides a solid foundation for further development of the application.

2. Design.

At the design stage, the mechanism of interaction of the application with the user is defined. Also, the most attention is paid to the layout of the future app, principles of work, user interface, and other issues. As a rule, a graphical designer is responsible for this.

3. Development.

This is usually the most resource-intensive step in creating an application. In other words, it is an actual building of an app. Hire relevant developers with experience in the field you need, for example, if you are planning on targeting the AppStore you should hire iOS app developers that already have a proven track record of successful projects on the AppStore.

4. Stabilization.

At a certain stage of development, it is common to start optimizing the quality of an application by testing it and correcting errors. Applications are often released as versions for limited beta testing, in which a wider user audience has the opportunity to familiarize themselves with your app and share their feedback.

5. Deployment.

Many of these stages often overlap. For example, it is quite common that development is already at the stage of final customization of the user interface and may influence this process. In addition, the application can return to the stabilization stage when new features are added to the next version.

The stages described can be applied in any software life-cycle methodology, such as flexible, spiral, cascade development, etc. 

Tips To Choose The Right Full Cycle App Development Tool

Today, there are many options to choose the right app development tool. Most of them are designed to integrate with other tools to cover the entire life cycle of software application development, as well as full-featured ALM solutions that take care of everything. However, to be honest the best results require the assistance of a well-trusted full cycle app development company, like Weelorum.

So, every tool that describes itself as a full-featured solution for app development should handle:

  • Requirements management;
  • Software development;
  • Risk management;
  • Test management;
  • Problem and defect tracking;
  • Change management.

Moreover, the tool should be flexible enough to be easily integrated into existing business processes. Projects that want to move from a waterfall methodology to a flexible methodology should choose an app development tool that supports both methods. It also has to ensure a gradual transition.

Among other features to consider when choosing the right app development tool are:

  • Reporting;
  • Built-in change audit and notification;
  • Stakeholder collaboration;
  • Workflow automation, etc.

Why It’s Reasonable To Find A Full Cycle App Development Company

Application development is a complex process. The main goal of every full cycle app development company is to improve the quality of the final product with minimum costs and terms of entry into the market. This is achieved by dividing the application development process into manageable tasks, stages, and so on. Choosing the right full cycle app development company is important for the success of your project. Weelorum is a robust requirements management platform that will help you start the path to successful app life cycle creation and management. It also provides other advantages, like a wise use of resources and their optimization. It not only helps you get the product of your dreams but also for a balanced price. 

More than this, we want to underline that application lifecycle management is different from enterprise resource planning. Application lifecycle management helps organizations manage application software development. As for enterprise resource planning, it helps companies automate and manage all enterprise business processes.

5 Benefits Of Full Cycle App Development Services

Smooth development process.

The development of any application requires standardized processes and documentation. A full cycle app development company allows any organization to optimize all processes and resources in fast. It also provides an overview of the entire development process. This leads to greater accountability, timely updates, and improved bug fixing.

Management of the development process.

Full cycle app development companies help manage the application creation at every stage. The planning phase begins as soon as clients communicate their project requirements. So, you can be more efficient due to such service providers. They can either support the waterfall methodology, a flexible methodology, or both.

Maintaining budget and productivity.

The first step in any planning is financial budgeting. The choice of methodologies that could potentially deplete the budget and productivity is simply foolish. Cooperation with a full cycle app development company eliminates the need for different testing environments. 

United team of experts.

Communicative and coordinated workspaces are ideal for efficient and seamless software development. Full cycle app development companies provide the best specialists.

Speed and high quality.

If the team does not cooperate properly, chances for loopholes, delivery delays, and poor product quality may increase. When you manage your project with the help of a full cycle app development company, you have nothing to worry about.


Creating mobile applications can be an extremely challenging task with careful pre-design, usability testing, multi-device quality assurance, and maintenance of the full beta life cycle, followed by deployment in various ways. In this article, we have tried to explain to you in detail the basic principles of creating mobile applications. We have also mentioned that it’s easier and quicker to find a full cycle app development company. For example, Weelorum is always ready to assist you and share the precious experience of their team.