Duplicate Photo Finders: Top 5 Tools Explained

Duplicate Photo Finders

Google first introduced reverse image search or the concept of finding duplicate images in the late 90s. But Google has been getting some serious bash regarding its reverse image search services for the past few years.

The reasons behind this surge are that Google saves the input images in its database just like it saves the keywords that you search against a query.

Today you can find many duplicate photo finder or reverse image search alternatives that can provide you the most accurate and secure services.

Let us have a look at the best duplicate image finder plus platforms available on the internet.

Reverse Image Search – Duplichecker

The reverse image search by duplichecker is one of the best free services offered by this duplication screening website. The reverse image search tool by duplichecker can be used for free and on any device because of its browser-based working. It shares the simplest and friendliest interface that can teach a layperson how to reverse image search like a pro. This reverse image search is the ‘plus’ service in this league because it secures users’ search queries. Any search you make with this image search tool is kept confidential and away from the search engines. This image finder tool has integrations with over six different image search engines, including Google. This is why its results are quite promising. You can find image plagiarism and duplication in less than five seconds with this tool.

Bing Image Search

This image search as the name intents belongs to Bing. Bing is one of the top competitors of Google in terms of the database and other important features. The image search tool by Bing is an immensely powerful tool that can be used for quick and reliable services. You can easily find out image plagiarism in less than ten seconds with this search engine. You have to add the image in the search bar of Bing on your browser, and you would be given two kinds of image relevant results. The first one would be those in trend, and the seconds one would be related to textual and other meta details about the image. If you want to find image plagiarism, this is a relatively good service as it doesn’t save your input.

Yandex Image Search

Yandex is one of the most famous search engines in Russia. It is also ranked among the top five search engines globally, and this is all because of its brilliant services. Today millions of people are using Yandex for both conventional and image searching. The reverse image search feature of this search engine is a very reputable one. You can easily make a reverse search on an image by adding the image in the tool’s search bar. The search engine would get you results regarding similar images, relevant content, image plagiarism, the origin of the image, copyrights of an image, and its ownership. You can make an image search by adding the image itself in the search bar and also the URL of the image.

Pinterest Visual Search

Pinterest is one of the most brilliant image-rich platforms. You can easily find all sorts of images on this platform, no matter which niche you are targeting. One should know that the reverse image search feature offered by Pinterest is especially useful. For those of you who are familiar with the working of Pinterest, you must know that this platform would only have image-rich results with no textual details on them. Suppose you want to find out the details about an image, including its ownership, origin, copyrights, relevant results, and other stuff. In that case, you can get it all with the Pinterest visual search tool. You can also find out if someone is duplicating images from Pinterest in an unlawful manner.

Reverse Image Search – Small SEO Tools

The reverse image search utility by SST is another reliable service offered by this website. Just like all other tools by SST, this one is also free and has no limitations whatsoever. You can easily make tons of image searches with this tool without any sign-ups or logins. If you want to find out about image duplication and the culprit website, you should try this tool. The reverse image search tool by this website has integrations with Google, Bing, and Yandex. So the results generated by it are quite extensive and detailed. The tool also provides security to your input content and deletes the input content soon after finishing your search. The user-friendly interface tool makes it best for all sorts of users!


Suppose you want to make sure that your website stays well-optimized and high in seo score. In that case, you have to ensure that your images are well-protected and not duplicated on another platform. You can only detect and dredge image plagiarism and photoduplication with the modern reverse image search technique. We suggest you try either of the above-listed tools and bookmark the most suitable one on your browser!