Does Calisthenics Build Muscle?- The Truth About Calisthenics

Does Calisthenics Build Muscle

There are several different techniques that you can use to build muscles. Working out is undoubtedly the most effective way.

Calisthenics is a cluster of exercises that targets large muscle groups. It involves many complex and straightforward exercises aimed at targeting several muscles at a time. The exercises are reliant on you using your body weight for resistance training.

Calisthenics differs from weight lifting, considered a more conventional exercise for folk trying to build muscles. Weight training involves lifting masses to trigger micro-tears in the muscles. Using creatin also helps.

Weight training is not as accessible compared to calisthenics. It is because weight training requires actual equipment.

The cluster of exercises under calisthenics are helpful, especially for weight loss and general body fitness, but 

Does calisthenics build muscle?

Calisthenics does build muscle. The series of exercises are helpful, especially for building upper body muscles. The exercises are great for the arms, chest, and core. They work great if you are consistent. It would help if you always used the correct techniques for calisthenics to be effective.

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General Calisthenic Exercises

There are several types of calisthenic exercises. These exercises are great for general fitness, cardiovascular health, weight loss, and building upper body muscles. 

The exercises are easy to perform, and you do not need a gym membership to get started. They include:

1. Push-ups

Push-ups are easy to do. The exercise is excellent for your forearms, shoulders, and chest muscles. 

The exercise is ideal for beginners, as it aids them in getting resistance training quickly. Your torso, hips, and legs should be flat when performing push-ups.

As you get better at push-ups, you should reduce the distance between your arms for a more intensive workout. You could also increase the elevation of your legs to place more weight on your upper body.

2. Sit-ups

Sit-ups are great for the core and neck muscles. They are perfect for the abdominus rectus muscles. 

The exercise is done on a flat surface, where you arch your legs slightly and your arms behind your head. Try to lift your torso toward your knees.

The exercise is effective, and you will gradually notice the changes in your gut area. Once you are experienced enough, you can try doing weighted sit-ups. 

Weighted sit-ups involve placing a mass on your chest and doing the sit-ups as you clutch the weight.

3. Pull-ups

Pull-ups are great for your arms and chest. The exercise requires a bar on a raised platform. You try and lift your body off the ground repeatedly using your arms. It is an excellent way of building biceps and triceps.

When pulling-ups, ensure that the bar is secure to prevent bodily injuries. Once you are experienced enough, you can do weighted pull-ups, where you attach a mass onto your lower body as you lift yourself.

4. Squats

Squats are one of the easiest exercises. Unlike most calisthenics, they target your leg muscles. Doing squats is easy. 

You place your arms forward and bend your knees till you reach a squatting position and back up.

Squats are great for your thighs. Once you get over the initial fatigue, you will improve it.

5. Planks

Planks are advanced calisthenics difficult for beginners, but you will get there with persistence. The exercise requires you to take a push-up stance, except that the entire length of your forearm should be on the ground.

It would help if you held the position for as long as possible. You will notice that your times improve as your body gets used to dealing with the strain. 

The exercise is great for your chest, shoulders, core, and triceps. It is effective but difficult to execute.

6. Leg raises

Leg raises an exercise that targets the leg muscles. It is particularly great for your thighs. It requires that you lie flat on your back. You then lift your legs to a 30-degree angle and maintain the position for a few minutes.

You can have rest intervals between the leg raises to allow your muscles to relax. You can also lightly swing your legs back and forth to strengthen the muscles.

How To Do Calisthenics Safely

Regardless of the type of your workout, safety is the top consideration. You must constantly ensure that you are safe from harm. It would be beneficial if you could also defend people around you.

How should you ensure your safety?

Proper warm-up

Most individuals undervalue the significance of warming up their muscles. If you do not warm-up, you are more likely to sustain a muscle injury.

Before you exercise, do some mild jogging and stretches. Warming up your muscles is also a benefit of aerobic workouts.

Slow Begin

It would help if you began working out after your warm-up regimen. Always start with mild and easy workouts. For weight training, you may always begin with modest weights and work your way up to heavier ones.

As you continue to work out, gradually raise the intensity.

Please don’t overdo it.

Exercising over your limitations will result in injury. Do not exceed your lifting capabilities or perform more sets than suggested. To avoid weariness, you should constantly stick to your boundaries.

Exercising vigorously for lengthy periods does more harm than good to your body.

Take periodic rests

It would be beneficial if you took rests in between your routine. Taking pauses helps your muscles relax before moving on to the next set of exercises.

You should relax for roughly three minutes between each set. Take short rests between sets to avoid losing momentum. Your muscles may also need to chill down.


When exercising, you should constantly maintain proper posture. Hire a certified trainer to help you be as successful as possible with your training. Posture assists you in distributing your weight appropriately reducing injuries and tiredness.


It would be beneficial if you maintained hydrated while exercising. When we exercise, our bodies lose water via sweat. Even modest exertion might induce precipitation, so remain hydrated.

Exercising for extended periods may result in dehydration. When working exercise, always have adequate water with you.

Advantages Of Calisthenics

Calisthenics has got many notable advantages over other forms of exercise. These exercises are great for any age group. Here are some of the benefits:

1. No need for equipment

Calisthenics is great because you do not need exercise equipment. The exercises rely on your body weight; therefore, you need not spend money on a gym membership or buying equipment.

You can do calisthenics anywhere, at any time. It makes it a preferred method of exercise over weight training.

2. It is effective

Calisthenics is a very effective way of building muscle and keeping fit. It is excellent as it triggers large muscle clusters at a time. Therefore, you don’t need to target particular muscles, making it an effective way of exercising.

Other methods of building muscles require that you target specific muscles during your workout. It is not the case with calisthenics.

3. Calisthenics combines cardio and weight loss.

Aside from being great for building muscle, calisthenics is ideal for weight loss and improving your cardiovascular health. 

Many people lobe calisthenics, as it is an easy way to start their weight loss journey. It requires that you stay consistent throughout your routine.

The exercises are great for burning body fat, and they will help you get in shape quickly.

4. Improved motion range

Calisthenics is excellent as they assist you to have a better motion range. You will notice that you get flexible and have less difficulty moving about as you do the exercises. The exercises are great if you want to get and stay active.

The exercises are great for aging folks who want to remain in great physical shape.

Disadvantages Of Calisthenics

Calisthenic exercises are great, but they are not perfect. Here are some of their shortcomings.

1. It is dependent on the form.

If you do not use the correct technique as you exercise, you waste your time. You must always retain the form for the exercises to be effective.

2. No muscular isolation

As you exercise, you do not target a specific muscle. Therefore, it is not great if you are looking to target one part of your body rather than a cluster of muscles.

3. Gain plateau

The exercises are only effective in muscle gain to a certain point. It would help if you did weighted calisthenics to continue gaining muscle since your body mass won’t increase exponentially.


Calisthenics is an umbrella term used for a group of exercises that trigger muscle clusters through resistance training. You use your body weight during resistance training to stimulate the muscles.

You can further stimulate muscle growth by using healthy creatine supplements. Click here for more details. Calisthenics requires consistency and proper technique to be effective.

Many folks prefer calisthenics to weight training due to accessibility. You do not need to buy gym equipment or spend money on calisthenics since these exercises rely on your body weight.