Different Ways Of Expediting Freight And When To Use Them

Different Ways Of Expediting Freight And When To Use Them

E-commerce has been on the rise, and the demand for products is higher than ever. Although online sales increased through the years, they experienced a surge during the pandemic. No wonder, as many physical stores were closed to slow down the spread of the virus. With this, the only option left was to order goods online. With this, quick and efficient transport is the utmost priority. MigWay is one of the companies that operate in the trucking industry. They have experienced a rise in demand for their services, so they are looking for truck drivers to join their team. The shortage of truck drivers across the US has also raised questions about delivering freight. Expedited freight has gained massive popularity in the sector as an efficient way of delivering goods.

Expedited Freight Explained

Expedited freight refers to delivering the goods to their final destination without extra stops. The process highlights efficiency and eliminates wasted time, finding the best means of transport. Whether companies have only one pallet or a full truckload, their freight will reach the final destination. Expedited freight gathers different options to find the ideal suit for your needs. From ground transport, trucks and other types of vans are available. Air shipping is also available to streamline the process. Sealing a deal with your shipping company will require you to determine the details.

Before launching your hot shot trucking business, it’s essential to research and familiarize yourself with the necessary hot shot trucking requirements, including permits, vehicle specifications, and insurance.

Different Types Of Expedited Freight 

A Cargo van is a small vehicle that is the cheapest option for transporting your goods. Depending on your needs and requirements, it can be quickly loaded by labor or with a forklift. 

Although the cargo van is cost-efficient, it might be too small for your needs. In this case, you can use a sprinter van to transport your goods. While a cargo van can hold up to 8 feet of load, the sprinter van can do 15 feet.

If you need more space, a box truck will suit your needs. With up to 26 feet, you can accommodate the freight easily. A lift gate will make the process easier for loading the truck, which can be done either with a pallet jack or by hand. A curtain side is a variation on the box truck. One of its sides is curtain-like for easy loading. Tractor trailers are up to 56 feet and can hold up to 80,000 pounds. 

With different types of ground transport available for expedited freight, companies can choose the right fit for their needs. The choice mainly depends on the amount and nature of your shipment. 

Specialized Vehicles For Expedited Freight

The standard options are versatile enough for a wide range of goods. However, some companies will require specialized vehicles to ensure their freight arrives safely. In these cases, they rely on lift gate trucks, and hot shots. 

A hot shot is a trailer with a flatbed that gets towed by an up to 6 class pickup truck. The trailer can come in different dimensions but not exceed 18,000 pounds. Tommy gate and lift gate are vehicles with a special attachment meant to simplify the loading process. 

Air Shipping

When trucks and vans can’t deliver goods internationally, air shipping will help you. It is excellent for overseas transport or if you need the goods delivered within one day. The traditional option includes one-day delivery. However, companies can also choose if they prefer a charter flight that covers a particular destination.

Transporting goods by air is the costliest option of them all. However, it is feasible in some instances. When the delivery is urgent, or the goods must pass long distances, air travel will be more viable than other options. However, companies should remember that air freight has specific requirements. Your cargo company might limit your goods’ size and weight to comply with an aircraft’s transportation. The cargo should be no more than 68 inches in height and 119 inches in length. Also, the airline has limitations regarding weight. They can differ, so be sure to check with your chosen company. 

Air travel is ideal for covering large distances and heavy cargo. However, companies need to set up transport to the airport. Usually, this is done by a box truck. 

Final Thoughts

Expedite freight is beneficial in many cases. For example, companies need to transport their cargo overnight across states. On the other hand, it can be ideal for fragile and delicate products. Although a wide range of industries will benefit from using expedited freight services, some of them rely solely on this method. The automotive and medical industries depend on a constant supply of delicate goods. On the other hand, the e-commerce sector experiences rapid growth in demand. With this, they need the goods to reach the market quickly.