Car Crash Attorney Tips: What To Do After A Car Crash

Car Crash Attorney Tips

 A car crash is one of the worst experiences for any car owner. It’s quite easy to become disoriented and shaken after such an ordeal, not to mention the fear of losing lives. As such, even the strongest people can be very confused and might not know what to do next. Many things have been said about what you should do after an accident, but few people talk about how to be prepared for the worst.

Well, no one is ever ready for a car accident, but the reality is that it can happen any time. Therefore, to ensure that things move a little bit smoother in case you become a victim, there are a few things you should keep close.

First, make sure that you have a checklist of phone numbers to call, including those of your loved ones and your auto injury attorney. Also, your health information and insurance documents should be kept somewhere safe, but, also, easier to retrieve. So, assuming you’re on your way to work and get involved in a car crash, what should you do after the incident?

1. Prioritize Health And Safety

The first thing you should do is take a deep breath, relax, and try to stay calm. This will help reduce your stress levels, hence ensuring that you think straight. If possible, try to move your vehicle off the road and turn on your car hazard lights. Doing so will lessen the risk of further collisions, especially if there are sight barriers, like mist.

If you have a phone, call the police immediately and let them know of the situation. Remember, this is a necessity even when there are no injuries since all insurance companies will require a police report when filing your claims. While waiting for help to arrive, check the state of everyone involved in the crash and attend to anyone who needs immediate assistance.

2. Call Your Lawyer

After receiving medical assistance, you should contact your lawyer as soon as you can. Explain to them everything that has happened and ask them whatever question you might have. They’ll advise you on your rights under the law, as well as explain the different options available that might suit your current situation. Getting a legal representation will go a long way in ensuring that you get the compensation you deserve.

The most common car crash injuries that occur in such accidents are broken bones, sprained or strained bones, and even bruises and whiplash. Each type of injury has a range of compensation, which you might not be aware of if you’re not well-versed with matters law. A car crash attorney, on the other hand, understands the laws and regulations that will come in handy when dealing with your insurance company.

3. Document The Accident

Another very important thing you should do even before you leave the accident scene is to document whatever happened. You can start by taking a few photos that might be relevant to your case. Remember, you’ll need as much evidence as you can to back your claims. Some factors to consider while taking the photos are the vehicles involved, injured victims (if any), and, of course, anything else that might have transpired after the accident. Skid marks, malfunctioning seatbelts, street signs, faulty traffic, or street lights will also help the case.

In your documentation, reports from the witness could also come in handy. Ask relevant questions to those willing to help you out. Don’t forget to take their contact details, like phone numbers, so that you can call them if and when required. Inform your attorney about any viable evidence you’ve collected.

4. Contact Your Insurance Company

Perhaps, the most important step is to contact the insurance agency and let them know of the situation you’re in so that they can expect your case. Keep in mind that most insurance companies give a time limit, after which you can’t file a claim.

Therefore, ensure that you work within the limits to avoid frustrations. Before making the call, make sure you have a checklist of questions to ask your insurance agent. As such, you’ll be able to cover all the important factors while saving time. After all is said and done, compile all the information and present it to your lawyer so that they can start working on the case as soon as they can.


It’s normal to feel disoriented and unsteady after a car accident. The shock can prevent you from thinking clearly and may slow down the legal process. As such, it’s always important to know where to start before you can think of anything else. Medical attention should always be the priority. After that, you can go ahead and call your attorney and insurance company. But, before you leave the scene, make sure you’ve collected as much evidence as possible, from photos to personal accounts recorded by witnesses.