Ai Content Generator: 3 Pros And Cons Of Using One For Your Business

Ai Content Generator

Humans have been using computers to perform repetitive tasks for decades, and now the AI revolution has made its way to the written word. Many small and medium-sized businesses turn to an AI content generator because it allows them to compete with their big-budget opposition. AI can help you create engaging material, and here are three pros and cons of incorporating AI-crafted content into your marketing strategy.

Google On Ai

It’s important to understand how Google views using AI as a content source before delving into its efficacy. In short, the search engine doesn’t approve of using AI to create content from scratch, and actively penalized those sites found using purely AI-generated material. On the flip side, the Google algorithm can not easily spot such content, especially when the AI content generator is used in tandem with a human writer. 

Many companies have used AI for content generation for years, including larger news organizations such as the Associated Press. While Google technically has a “No AI” mandate, it’s actually the quality of posted content that the search engine is most concerned with. Bolstering a marketing team with AI support is a great way to take advantage of the technology without coming into conflict with Big G.

Benefits Of Using An Ai Content Generator

Content generators can do a lot to help your business by improving the user experience in a variety of ways. Using such tools in an appropriate manner will not only help your marketing team’s writing proficiency, but it will also make navigating the google algorithm much easier.

1. Budget-Friendly

Human writers are costly, and a team of great content producers can really put a dent into the bottom line. Using AI to support your writers means giving your team tools to create higher-quality content with less work. AI can simplify research and take care of the more banal items such as product descriptions and keyword assessment, allowing you to hire fewer writers that can produce more engaging material.

2. Helping to Hit SEO Guidelines

While many people view search engine optimization as a game to manipulate Google’s algorithms, it is more involved than simply punching up copy with a few strategic keywords. Turning to AI is an excellent choice because these programs can create basic frameworks for your writers to follow, allowing them to create much more engaging content that follows basic SEO guidelines, leading your site to higher rankings.

3. Faster Content Creation

New ideas are the golden goose of marketing. When a team faces writer’s block, it can be disastrous for productivity while the staff is at a content-creation standstill. An AI content generator can overcome these very human obstacles by analyzing data, and streamlining the creative process by suggesting article titles, keywords, and writing tones. Such advice can take your marketing department in entirely new directions.

The Cons Of Ai-Generated Content

While AI-driven material can be a boon to a business’s bottom line, using these programs improperly can actually hurt your company’s online rankings. Some of the ways AI can hamstring your marketing department include:

1. A Lack of Humanity

Some people can tell within seconds if the content they’re reading was written by a computer. While AI can string words together to create cohesive sentences, they lack the creativity and imagination that comes with human experience. Sure, the AI content generator can suggest article titles based on SEO keyword analytics, but it can’t put that special flair into the piece without an actual writer behind the keyboard.

2. Predictability and Plagiarism

The term “Artificial Intelligence” can be misleading since computers are actually not very smart. They make decisions based on data input by humans using rules humans have devised. They cannot work outside of those parameters, so pure AI-based content relies on that framework, creating content that can be repetitive and may even carry the same phrases and wording as other material it has produced.

3. E-A-T Hungry

It’s not just the Google algorithm content producers need to watch out for. The company’s quarterly rater guidelines focus on how content complies with its “expertise, authority, and trustworthiness” requirements. Google wants quality content that its customers can have faith in, and AI just isn’t equipped to produce the kind of material that fulfills the E-A-T guidelines without some extra human intervention. 

Using AI The Right Way

While purely AI-written content cannot pass muster when it comes to beating the Google algorithm, these products still have a place in the marketing world. Instead of using an AI content generator to replace your writing staff, offer it as a tool to help them create much more engaging content that reaches out to the kind of audience your business needs. By using AI properly, it can raise your marketing team to a whole new level of performance while helping you maintain that all-important bottom line!