How To Raise Your IQ Level

How To Raise Your IQ Level

Everyone at some point in their lives has thought about raising their IQ level. Research has shown that there are various ways to enhance the skills related to high IQ levels. Some real IQ tests have been designed based on those skills and abilities.

There are several activities that can help in increasing the IQ level of an individual. Even some of the activities are beneficial to increase the IQ level of the baby during pregnancy. Before moving to the activities, it is important to understand what IQ is?

What Is The IQ?

IQ is the abbreviation of intelligence quotient. It is the measurement of an individual’s intelligence level and potential. There are some real IQ tests based on standardized methods. Some of the most famous IQ tests are (WISC-V) and (WAIS).

Despite the popularity, there are plenty of IQ tests that do not measure what they are supposed to measure. IQ tests have also proven to be the first step towards diagnosing the mental health issues and learning disabilities such as autism etc.

Activities That Boost IQ

Human intelligence has two major types: crystalline intelligence and fluid intelligence. The first one is related to cognitive skills development and the latter one is related to abstract reasoning.

Both these intelligence types are influenced by various genetic and environmental factors, for instance, the IQ of the parents, genes, family environment, educational background, parenting styles, etc.

Following are some of the most effective activities that can help boost IQ levels.

Memory activities

Memory activities not only help in improving memory but also support skill development, especially language development. Both reasoning and language skills are measured in the IQ tests, and focusing on memory activities can help improve these skills. Memory activities include card games, Sudoku, and various kinds of puzzles.

Executive control activities

These activities help control complex cognitive abilities. These are the part of executive functions such as executive regulation and management. Research has shown that executive control activities are closely related to fluid reasoning and intelligence.

Some of the most common executive control activities include scrabble, brainteasers and Pictionary, etc.

Visuospatial reasoning activities

These reasoning activities are linked with physical representations. Research studies have shown that visuospatial reasoning activities help in boosting IQ levels. People indulging in these activities were tested and their IQ test scores increased. In that research piece, remembrance and executive control events were used to increase the applicants’ visuospatial cognition.

Some of the most common activities are: mazes, 3-D models and prisms, etc. the most effective visuospatial reasoning activity is point-of-view games. It helps in improving the reasoning ability of an individual.

Relational skills

It is about improving cognitive and intellectual skills through relational connotations. Several research studies have shown that relational activities help in increasing the IQ levels of children. This intervention is also linked with verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning.

Some of the most effective activities include language books that help to learn various languages, comparisons between various objects such as the debate between a full cup and an empty cup, and amount comparisons such as penny vs dime.

Musical instruments

Research has shown that music is an effective tool for development. One research study has revealed that musicians have better memory span as compared to non-musicians. Learning musical instruments can benefit the IQ level.

New languages

More than half of the world is bilingual. Learning more languages is beneficial for the human brain and its development. The early you learn the language, the better it is. Research has shown a progressive relationship between early language learning and IQ. Learning a language benefits cognitive development.

Frequent reading

Books play a very significant role in cognitive development. Making books an integral part of parent and child bonding is even more beneficial. Research has shown that when parents read aloud to their children, they develop strong intellectual and cognitive skills.

Continued education

Education, in any form, is beneficial for cognitive and intellectual skills. Every additional year of formal education has proven to be a great catalyst for cognitive development.

There are some activities that do not play a direct role in boosting IQ levels such as listening to music, taking training for IQ tests, and taking medicines (multivitamins). All the above-mentioned activities play a major role in improving fluid and crystallized intelligence.

Can IQ Be Increased During Pregnancy?

Birth weight plays a major role in boosting IQ. One research study has shown that body mass index (BMI) is inversely associated with the IQ of the baby. For all types of pregnancies, the mother’s IQ and the child’s IQ are associated with each other. Nutrients play a major role in the brain development of the baby. As the baby grows, participating in various interactive activities also supports brain development.