3 Study Help Websites All Learners Will Appreciate

A learner is a universal term. And although people usually do most of their learning while in college, the process of acquiring new knowledge stretches out way beyond graduation. It’s a continuous process that definitively stops only after one’s demise.

That’s exactly why in the age of technology studying has received so much attention from both hardware and software developers.

A great amount of incredibly useful tools are available and marketed to students of all ages and backgrounds. And more are being created on an almost daily basis. Some of these tools can be utilized by the rest of us.

So don’t be shy to make use of those as they can make your life easier. So here are some of the study help websites all kinds of learners will surely appreciate.


There is a great selection of websites that offer academic help. Some are more specialized and in-depth than all the others. And you could have a huge collection of websites for every imaginable scenario. But it would be far more productive to find a universal solution to your studying problems.

For that purpose, Studyfy would be your best bet. The functionality it offers will cover the majority of your academic needs.

It’s a sort of multitool website that makes for an extremely useful tool in any student’s collection. It doesn’t matter if you are a freshman or a veteran about to graduate, you will always find something helpful there.

It is a sure way to secure high grades quickly and without all the extra stress. And the time you save can be spent on more pressing and\or interesting things like building a career, socializing, simply getting some rest.

Cold Turkey

One of the biggest challenges of productive studying in our time is the lack of focus. There is a virtual space housing an unlimited amount of useful data. But when you are surrounded by this huge amount of distraction it can get pretty hard to focus on the task at hand.

While you are working on strengthening your willpower, Cold Turkey offers you a temporary solution to this problem. The basic version of the app available on this website will help you block the main distracting factors.

This mainly goes for social media but you can apply a block to pretty much any website out there. While the block is active you can tend to your assignments knowing that your procrastination triggers are securely locked behind heavy doors. Once the timer runs out you will be able to surf the web freely once more.

It is a very useful app that you will develop a love-hate relationship with. And you will definitely have to return to the website to download it once more after you have deleted it out of frustration. But ultimately it does its job and it’s pretty good at it. Once you set it up and turn it on, it will help you stay clear of the selected websites whether you like it or not.

Don’t forget to install it on all of your devices, no cheating. It will do you absolutely no good if you keep scrolling social media on your smartphone instead of your PC. So even though you don’t trust yourself to not get distracted without the app, you have to be at least honest enough to properly install the app.

The basic version of Cold Turkey is completely free. You can use it as much as you want. Its functionality is usually more than enough to fix all your problems. Plus it can help you keep the statistics of your internet surfing to help locate the problem websites.

However, if your case is severe enough, you can consider investing in a Pro version of the app. The latter will help you with blocking apps, locking out devices, and more.


It can get pretty boring being stuck with just one skill. Eventually, you will come to the realization that you need to branch out of your daily routine into something new and more exciting. It doesn’t have to be a complete pivot.

Just a simple hobby, a side activity you tend to a couple of times a week. Something to make you feel like you have value and potential outside of your regular job.

If this is the case, it might be the perfect time to give Skillshare a try. You have probably already heard of this service on more than one occasion. But a robust PR campaign is not the only good thing about it.

The website itself tries its best to embody the future of education. Fun and interactive learning that anyone can access anytime from anywhere.

It’s a great opportunity to pick up some skills you’ve always wanted to master. Painting, storytelling, musical theory – a precise and analytical mind could use an occasional creative retreat. Or maybe it’s the other way around and you would like to get into programming or engineering as an abstract thinker?

It’s a great way to spend time in an interesting and at the same time productive manner.

Final Words

There is no shame in admitting that you don’t know everything. Being an expert on all subjects is virtually impossible. No matter how long you study there will still be something else to figure out.

Although you can never become a perfect sage, you can get pretty close. The unattainability of perfection should not be an excuse to stop trying to achieve it.

The world (and everything in it) are changing quicker than ever before. And unless you want to be left behind you have to change with it.

Do your best to keep in touch with the latest technological breakthroughs, follow the advances in your field. It is not only beneficial but also fascinating to witness how humanity changes through the course of a few decades.