What Is The Most Eaten Meat In The World?

What Is The Most Eaten Meat In The World

Meat refers to the flesh of an animal that humans eat as food. It is a food that is rich in protein. The rich source of protein in meat explains why most persons consume it. However, we should note that excessive consumption of meat is also a health risk.

The question is, what is the most eaten meat in the world?

Looking at what is the most eaten meat in the world, we are diving into the eating habits and preferences of people. We are doing this is in a bid to understand the type of meat that appeals to their taste buds more, is cost-efficient, and provides more health benefits to them. There appear to be varying views on what is the most eaten meat in the world. However, more persons and data analysis seems to dictate that pork meat is the most consumed meat in the world.

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The Sources Of Meat

We mostly get the meat that we consume from the domesticated animals around us. These domesticated animals are the primary sources of meat that humans consume. Domesticated animals are animals that have close relationships with humans. That is, humans are mostly in charge of breeding them. These domesticated animals include poultry, goat, pig, cattle, etc.

Before civilization, people usually go into the wild to hunt for animals and kill them for meat. However, as civilization took over the world, people began to domesticate some of these animals and did not necessarily need to go hunting before they can eat animal flesh.

Different Kinds Of Meat People Eat

There are several types of meat that people consume daily. We have broad categories of red meat and white meat. Red meats are those kinds of meat that the color is red. When you cook this type of meat, the color will change from red to a darker color. The white meat is usually white and maintains its color even after you have cooked it.

Going beyond whether meat is red meat or white meat, let us look at other ways of classifying meat. We also classify meat according to their sources. Thus, the meat that we get from each animal constitutes a distinct type of meat that people consume.

Pork is a type of meat, which is the meat you get from pigs. It is a kind of meat that people popularly consume. Reports state that pork is the most eaten meat in the world today. Although it is a prevalent type of meat, it is also one of the examples that seem to have a lot of religious restrictions against its consumption. The pork is one of the meats we refer to as red meat.

Chicken is another popular meat that people consume. It is one source of meat that has is cheaper to breed when comparing it to the others. Chicken is a type of white meat. It contains a lesser amount of calories than other meats but retains the quantity of protein therein.

Another type of meat is beef. It’s also rated among the most popular types of meat you get beef from cattle. It is typically a type of red meat. It most likely the first type of meat that comes to your mind when you mention red meat.

Mutton is the meat you get from lambs. It is very similar to the meat from a goat. In most cases, they are in the same category. Mutton is more costly when we compare it to other types of meat in the market.

Asides these types of meat that we just mentioned, there are other types that people consume. These different types are venison, duck, deer, and turkey, another kind of poultry.

Does Seafood Qualify As Meat?

In classifying meats, the question of whether seafood is also a type of meat is one question that people keep asking. Seafood is very different from meat. However, it still has the natural tendencies of an animal. Seafood, in this sense, refers to fish and other shell foods that we find in the water.

The primary factor that distinguishes fish and other shell foods from the class of meats is because although people consider them to be animals, they are cold-blooded animals. It is unlike meat whose source is warm-blooded animals. We believe that it is this significant distinction of a cold-blooded animal from the warm-blooded animals that makes the seafood not to qualify as meat.

The Issue Of The World’s Most Consumed Meat

As we mentioned earlier, several opinions seem to exist concerning what type of meat is mostly consumed by people in the world. Some think that pork is the most consumed; others say it is the goat meat that more people consume all over the world. Others also believe it is chicken.

However, specific verified statistics now point to pork as the most eaten meat in the world today. The United Nation’s Food and Agricultural Organization came up with the statistics that pork is the most eaten meat, followed by poultry, then beef, and mutton, which covers both lamb and goat meat.

The Consumption Of Meat

The Consumption Of Meat

Meat is a regular part of people’s diet because of its richness in protein and the other nutrients that it gives to our bodies. Apart from proteins, meat also contains minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that help our body to grow maximally.

With the growing rate of the population of the world, we have more people consuming more meat daily. The problem with this is that people seek to limit the full course of reproducing these domesticated animals that we eat to meet up with the demand for it. However, we expect that these means of production used should be healthier options that will not affect the health of consumers of meat.

Although eating meat is good for one’s health and comes with a lot of nutritional benefits, we should understand that excessive consumption also poses some health risks. For instance, eating a lot of red meat can lead to some health conditions like cancer. In the same vein, meats that have a high level of saturated fat are also not good for your cholesterol.

How To Store Meat Properly?

When you don’t store meat properly, you are exposing it to germs and bacteria. That way, the meat gets contaminated and becomes a health hazard. Thus, storing meat is essential in preserving our health.

The safe way to store meat is by storing it in the freezer. Before you put the meat into the freezer, you should put it into a clean container that will go into the freezer. Wash your meat before putting it into the freezer to get rid of dirt and germs, which could have been on it from the process of killing the animal and selling it at the stores and markets.

How Do You Cook Meat?

When you cook meat properly, you are simply ensuring that you kill all the germs and bacteria on the meat before it is safe for consumption. You must prepare the meat thoroughly to eliminate all trace of bacteria from it.

To consume meat, people prepare it in various ways. Most people eat meat when cooked, although you can also eat meat in its raw form. One of the means of cooking meat is by using dry heat to cook it. In this manner, you are either roasting or grilling the meat directly over a fire without cooking it in liquid.

You can also cook meat using moist heat. It is a method of cooking meat in liquid. The liquid could be water, oil, or other liquids like stew, etc. In this manner, the liquid also conducts more heat that cooks the meat properly.

It is important to note that when you cook meat that you are not able to consume all at once, you should store the remaining one properly and reheat it when you are ready to consume it.

The Resistance Against The Consumption Of Meat

One of the most debated issues in the food industry is whether or not we should consume meat. The fight against the use of meat flows from the need to protect the rights of animals. Thus, advocates of animal rights and vegetarians believe that we should not kill animals, in the same manner; we do not have to kill humans, except in particular circumstances.

Another reason quoted for the fight against the consumption of meat is the environmental implications of eating meat. Advocates are of the view that the consumption of meat does not help us in tackling climate change.


Meat remains an essential part of people’s daily meals. The consumption of meat keeps multiplying. The more the world experiences and increases in population, the more people that are eating meat daily.

Although the rate of meat consumption keeps growing, people eat some types of meat more than others. Thus, it is easier to know what the most eaten meat in the world is today. In this respect, pork tops the list, while chicken, beef, and mutton are also popular types of meat people consume.

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