4 Things You Can Organise Ahead Of Your Upcoming Holiday This Summer

Organise Ahead Of Your Upcoming Holiday This Summer

The summer is when most of us choose to go on holiday. There are many reasons for this, the weather is better, the nights are longer, and for those who have children it’s the school holiday.  

However, the run-up to summer can be busy, and it can be easy to forget to put holiday plans in place. You could find yourself rushing at the last minute, or even unable to get away due to a lack of forethought. To prevent this from happening, we’ve listed four things you can organise ahead of your upcoming summer holiday. Check them out below. 

Get Your Holiday Clothes 

A holiday gives you the chance to buy a whole new wardrobe. You’ll need clothes for the beach, for relaxing by the pool, and for strolling around on those beautifully warm summer evenings. 

However, if you leave your summer holiday clothes shopping too late, you could find that everything good has already been snapped up. The clothes that are left are likely to have their prices hiked up significantly, due to the increase in demand. 

Planning ahead of time and doing your clothes shopping early can be an excellent idea. Not only will you have the pick of what’s on offer, but you’ll be able to find items at cheaper prices and make savings, money which can then be spent elsewhere on your holiday.

Book Flights In Advance

Modern air travel has opened up the world and made it possible to explore every corner of the globe. Unsurprisingly, air travel is popular, tickets are snapped up by people desperate to get away for a bit of sun. 

Air travel is expensive too, you could be looking at significant outlay if you’re travelling somewhere far away. By booking your flights in advance, you’ll both ensure you get the tickets you want and get them at a cut price. 

Generally, you can find the cheapest plane tickets anywhere between four months and three weeks before your holiday. Keep an eye on prices and compare different airlines to get the best deal you can. 

Plan Your Trip Earlier

Whether you’re heading for a city break or an adventure holiday in the mountains, planning earlier than you usually will help you make the most of your time abroad. 

Sit down with the rest of your holiday party and draw up a list of everything you want to do, places you want to go, and things you want to see. Check all these locations out on the map and start putting together an itinerary. This way, everyone will get to do something they enjoy, and you’ll have a summer holiday that everyone will remember. 

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is usually seen as a nice to have but not a must. If they leave travel insurance, it could end up being a decision they can come to regret later on. Chances are you could end up requiring medical treatment, or you might misplace your bags, or miss a connecting flight and then your holiday could be ruined or there’s a massive bill to pay. 

That’s why you get travel insurance, as it can minimise the effects that these types of events can have on your trip. You should evaluate a few different types of policies as each one may offer varying levels of cover. If you have a medical condition, your best option will be looking for insurers who explicitly provide this, as an example, Staysure offer insurance for specific medical conditions as well as other coverage packages. So do your research and in your best interests get a holiday cover in place. 


If you’re heading off for a holiday this summer, don’t leave your planning to the last minute. Getting things ready in advance can save you time and money, it will make the process less stressful, and will ensure you have an amazing time. Plan your trip and buy your flight tickets well in advance, get your outfits ready, and take out a travel insurance policy, then enjoy the trip!