The Role Of Probiotics In Cleaning: Balancing Our Built Environments

The Role Of Probiotics In Cleaning

In recent years, there has been a lot of interest in eco-friendly cleaning products that can provide a deep clean without harming the environment or putting people’s health at risk. As a result, probiotic cleaning products have become one of the most popular alternatives to traditional cleaning agents. 

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Keep reading to find out what probiotic cleaning products are and how they work. 

What Are Probiotic Cleaning Products?

Probiotics are living strains of good bacteria that colonise and compete with bad bacteria on surfaces. They also produce enzymes which break down soil molecules, getting rid of dirt and grime. 

Unlike traditional chemical cleaning products which you apply and wipe off the surface, you apply a small amount, leave it for several minutes, and then work it into the surface.

Although you might assume these milder, safer cleaners will not clean as well as chemicals,it has been proven that they are more effective at removing bacterial growth and pathogens. 

The Benefits Of Probiotics

They provide a thorough clean

Firstly, they can clean out difficult-to-reach areas like dirt, grease, and grime in grout and crevices. Probiotics can also absorb odour molecules and remove the substances which produce unpleasant smells, keeping the area clean and fresh-smelling. 

They work for a long period of time

Probiotic products can continue to be effective for several days after they were sprayedenabling them to clean very thoroughly. Chemical disinfectants, on the other hand, are only effective for at most several hours and don’t provide protection against recontamination. 

Traditional cleaners are the leading cause of bacterial resistance to disinfectants, as well, whereas probiotics don’t continue its spread.

They are safe

Unlike chemical disinfectants, probiotics don’t contain harmful ingredients like chlorine bleach and ammonia which can irritate your skin, eyes, and respiratory system. Probiotic cleaners are especially beneficial if you have allergies or asthma. 

They are good for the environment

Where chemical cleaners leave behind a harmful residue, once usedprobiotics simply re-enter the environment. Here, they contribute to water purification and help maintain the natural microbial balance. 

Why Probiotics Are Best For Built Environments

As a safer alternative to chemical disinfectants that protects the environment and people’s health, probiotics are ideal for built environments like homes, offices, schools, and hospitals.

For some settings, like healthcare facilities, probiotics are particularly useful as they provide lasting protection against bacteria. 

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