The Most Interesting MMO Projects Worth Trying

The Most Interesting MMO Projects Worth Trying

The world of MMO RPGs is wide and varied, and each player can find a project to their liking. The best online games intelligently combine PVP orientation, interesting and meaningful grind and various secondary tasks that are interesting to solve in addition to the main storyline.

What online projects are worth a try:

  1. World of Warcraft
  2. Lineage 2
  3. Final Fantasy 14

World of Warcraft

The cult MMO RPG based on the confrontation between the two strongest factions of the horde and the alliance for the right to control the gaming continent.

Interesting points:

Factional battles and large-scale battles for the main lands on the continents – choose your side and upgrade a character who will join the battle and contribute to the common cause.

The system of raids of varying difficulty in World of Warcraft – the higher the difficulty level, the stronger the bosses and their retinue, and the stronger the group must be in terms of equipment and training, otherwise the raid is doomed to failure. Many players order mythic 10 boost from professional boosters, because they are not ready to spend so much time on leveling up the character, farming equipment and coordinating the battle group to defeat Naxxramas.

The system of activities and professions – players will find a lot of useful and not very activities. Farm resources and create armor and weapons, extract plants and produce various potions, craft jewelry and simple fishing with cooking. The character can try all the professions and choose the two main ones to which he will devote all his efforts. It is recommended to choose related professions, but you will decide on this during the game.

The PVP system as a replacement for the tedious grind – a character can follow the path of a warrior and earn special PVP and arena coins, which will later be exchanged for game equipment and weapons with a combat bias, which will cause increased damage in PVP and will not be inferior to most types of weapons in terms of efficiency.

Do not forget about achievements and archeology – this is a series of optional, but interesting tasks that will bring rewards that will strengthen your character. The list of tasks can be found in the corresponding menu.

Lineage 2

A cult Korean MMO online game that has gone through all the stages of development from a Hardcore project to a casual upgrade while retaining some of its charm.

Unlike World of Warcraft L2, it is almost completely free from the quest system of pumping – the project has quests, but they were minimized and only the main story quests and quests for obtaining a new profession for the character were left.

Interesting points:

In L2, the player himself chooses the place of pumping – the game does not limit the choice of the place for obtaining experience in any way and only tells the player which locations to pay attention to.

Sieges – Lineage 2’s strong point has always been sieges – these are events that take place every two weeks and unite clans into vowels and secret alliances to capture and defend key castles. Each major city has its own castle, and the clan that controls it receives all the profits that the city earns into its treasury. Sieges unite many players, and it was not uncommon to see up to a thousand players at once on all battlefields with unpredictable outcomes.

World bosses – in l2 the whole story is created around the main bosses, dragons of various elements, which have the most powerful artifacts that can be obtained in the game – epic jewelry.

Now, the project is not going through the best period in its popularity, but remains one of the strongest MMOs in terms of single and large-scale PVP in the gaming universe.

Final Fantasy 14

A very ambitious project with cutting-edge graphics, it has two goals – to expand the universe of the original Final Fantasy, which was loved by all the owners of the consoles in the 2000s and to push WoW from the world leadership in the field of online games.

Interesting points:

FF 14 is based on a quest system, similar to WoW, and in order to quickly upgrade a character and explore the game universe, you need to complete story missions that will take players at least 100 hours of real time. In each scene, the player will see his character – this gives a sense of presence and meet many famous characters from the FF universe.

Flight system – by completing a series of quests, the player will receive a unique task that will lead him to the first animal that can be flown. Flights do not have a special role in the FF system, they are needed for fast movement and admiring game locations.

Creativity – the game encourages creativity in the game as much as possible, the player can learn musical instruments and play favorite songs just by learning the notes from the Internet.

Entertainment – the player has access to a casino, fashion shows, gambling, and even building his own house.