The Extreme Versatility Of A Choli

The Extreme Versatility Of A Choli

The world of fashion is massive.  Clothing goes far beyond shirts, pants, and jeans.  Cultures from all over the world have something to offer in terms of fashion.  Many of the older outfits are no longer in use today, or some outfits are only in-use on certain occasions.  German women wear dirndls during Oktoberfest, and Mexican women wear elaborately dark dresses and makeup on The Day of The Dead.  Kimonos serve the odd performance in Japan, and Russians have their ushankas.  South Asia also has plenty to offer the fashion world.

What Is A Choli?

A choli is a maelstrom of color.  Take your pick!  Whether your favorite color’s lavender or maroon, you’ll probably be able to find a choli you really like.  They come in different embroideries and in different fabrics.  Embroideries include Digital Print, Mirror, Sequin, Stone, and Thread embroideries.  Fabrics include cotton, silk, net, satin or velvet.

Low-Maintenance Cholis

A white choli might do the trick for you.  White cholis can be made out of satin and might be good for the summer.  They’re very cool and light articles whose white color would make them feel even lighter than they already are.  Beautiful cuts and fabrics can make your white choli look fantastic.  Some white cholis are combined with gold embroideries and patterns to make them look even better.  Many are made in India and are of exceptionally high quality.

Glamorous Cholis

If you’re looking for something that catches others’ attention, try a red choli.  Whether you want to attend a wedding in the summer or go on a promising first date, the red choli might be for you.  Red cholis are as stylish as they are traditional, and they are very traditional.  Many red cholis are elaborated by singularly beautiful embellishments and patterns.  These patterns are often pink and silver.  Common patterns include vines, flowers, and nondescript geometric patterns that don’t necessarily represent things in the natural world.  Like white cholis, red cholis are almost entirely made in India, and they are of exceptionally high quality.

Blue Cholis

Cholis can also be blue.  More specifically, cholis are light enough to be considered teal or lavender if they’re more on the purple side.  A blue choli is good for special occasions, regardless of whether or not those occasions are weddings or holidays.  Blue cholis can be embellished by intriguingly ornate necklines.  Sometimes, even metal embellishes the necklines of blue cholis.  Designs can be as complex as representations of parsley along the sides of the choli.  Designs can also be as simple as teardrops up and down the length of the choli.

Pink Cholis

Pink cholis are as elaborate as all aforementioned types of cholis.  These cholis present classic and contemporary silhouettes at the same time.  These cholis are truly timeless.  If you want to be sassy and desi simultaneously, pink is a great option.  Pink cholis hug the body, flattering it from as many angles as possible.  Pink cholis offer deep, v-shaped necklines in addition to plenty of embroideries and accents that’ll make you stand out.  The elaborations one might find upon a pink choli are usually slightly white or gold, like the embroideries of other cholis.

Dark Cholis

Some cholis can be as dark as deep wine.  Maybe a dark color suits you, especially if your aesthetic is somewhat chic.  Dark cholis typically reveal one shoulder.  This makes dark cholis a more modern option to wear to the odd party.  Dark cholis have beads embedded in their fabric, offering greater elaboration and style.  Certainly, beads make dark cholis at least unique.  All facets of this choli have been optimized for style, aesthetic, and beauty.

Green Cholis

To make a truly incredible and amazing fashion statement with your choli, you should definitely consider a green choli.  Show up with a green choli to a wedding, and you’ll certainly score a compliment or three.  Reflecting these cholis’ arboreal nature, designs upon green cholis include trees, leaves, and roots.  With a green choli, you can make one big fashion statement during wedding seasons.

Yellow Cholis

If you want to impress onlookers or a first date, you simply have to consider wearing a yellow choli.  For starters, they are a pleasant yellow reminiscent of sunflowers rather than mustard.  These sleeveless cholis are some of the most stylish around.  Delicate threads work together to make an incredible floral design in the centers of these yellow cholis.  Complete with elaborate embroideries, yellow cholis really are incredible, as they are complemented impeccably well by myriad types of jewelry, from necklaces and earrings to chokers and bracelets.  Whatever choli you end up choosing, remember that versatility breeds customization.  Listen to your inner fashionista tell you what you want, and you’ll enjoy picking cholis out or trying them on.