The 3 Stages Of An Erection And Why Your Penis Is Acting Up

The 3 Stages Of An Erection And Why Your Penis Is Acting Up

You might have taken Introductory Biology but have never gotten to the specifics concerning the male nor female bodies. There’s still taboo surrounding the open discussion about orgasms and erections among many cultures and conservatives in the US.

However, much change and progress have been made since the 1950s, so there’s still hope for more outward and comfortable communication among people. Sexual problems are less vocalized by the general community since men are viewed as less emotional and thus should be more “manly.”

“Man up,” society says. What does that mean nowadays?

Should men who are facing depression, trauma, or sexual issues repress their emotions and worries?

That will only make their lives worse and won’t make the problem disappear!

So consider this opportunity to read more about the mechanism of an erection and what a normal erection should be like.

What Are The 3 Stages Of An Erection?

Soft or flaccid penis:

This is known as the dormant state, where there’s no visual or physical stimulation.

Your heart is also in a normal state, pumping blood in your circulatory system towards your organs, including your penis. The blood flows into your penis and goes out in equal amounts.

Swollen penis:

As you gradually inflate a balloon, it starts to fill up with air. Just as a balloon fills up with air, your penis gets filled up with blood.

Whether you picked up a Playboy magazine from the 80s that’s been stored in your cabinet or thought about hooking up with Jennifer Lopez, your heart and brain will take all that stimulation and start to react accordingly through increasing blood flow towards the penis.

Erect penis:

The balloon is getting blown continuously, and more and more air starts to fill up. Your heart rate is faster while more blood rushes into your penis. Your rod is now fully erect, making you ready to have vaginal, anal, or oral sex.

Too High Or Too Low

Sometimes having severe anxiety or depression can stop you from achieving a full erection. If the situation escalates and you can’t seem to get your penis to play along, then afraid to say, but you might have erectile dysfunction.

Having your penis not cooperate with you can be annoying. While some people have trouble with their droopy penises, others have trouble with having a penis that simply refuses to bow!

In many cases, erections may happen without any stimulation.

For instance, after your rise and shine or after an intense workout.

In these cases, try taking your mind off your penis by distracting yourself by talking to a friend or checking your phone. Also, you can readjust your pants or shirt if you feel that it has become too swollen.

Is Your Erection Normal?

Though there’s no universal consensus on the length of sexual activities or how long a penis should remain erect, an average erection can last from a few minutes to about half an hour.

If you see that your erection is not subsiding or your penis is mostly flaccid, even during intense sexual arousal, it’s high time to seek professional help.

You might be embarrassed to admit you have problems with your buddy down under; however, erectile dysfunction is not a joke, and you should take the necessary steps to solve your performance issues early on!