Teaching English In Taiwan: What You Need To Know

Teaching English In Taiwan

In the modern age, a broader spectrum of people than ever before is considering relocating to other countries. Both young people, eager to travel before settling down and starting a family, and retirees, keen to fill their newly found free time with adventures, are increasingly heading abroad in search of a more fulfilling lifestyle. So, it isn’t too surprising that there’s a growing interest in teaching English in Taiwan. Teaching English as a foreign language is becoming a highly sought-after career path thanks to the flexibility it can offer and the fantastic opportunities it can create. Armed with a TEFL qualification, professionals can teach students at home, online, or overseas, opening doors to a raft of fulfilling jobs that offer something different to the everyday nine-to-five. But why choose Taiwan? And what do you need to know before jetting off there in search of a new life as an English teacher?

Why Teach In Taiwan?

When most people think of teaching English overseas, they tend to think of countries like Thailand, China, and South Korea. Yet, Taiwan has a lot to offer TEFL professionals. Not only can English teachers benefit from excellent benefits and pay, but they can also enjoy an excellent standard of living in a gorgeous climate surrounded by stunning landscapes. Taiwan is also home to a striking blend of traditional and contemporary culture, and as the island’s national mission is to become bilingual by 2030, there’s never been a better time to teach English there. Teachers are held in especially high esteem in Taiwan, so you can be confident that your efforts will be appreciated.

Where In Taiwan Should I Teach English?

While there’s a growing demand for English teaching professionals throughout Taiwan, you’ll find the best opportunities in the major cities. New Taipei City and Taipei have a high density of English teaching roles as well as a significant community of expats for you to socialise and network with. The second-biggest Taiwanese city is Taichung, and with almost three million inhabitants, it offers multiple teaching jobs in both the private and public sectors and there’s a thriving international community. With its convenient location in the heart of the country, Taichung is a great place to launch your discovery of the island while the climate averages about 25 degrees Celsius for year-round comfort. Known for its safe environment, it’s an excellent spot to start your English teaching career. Tainan and Taoyuan are two other significant cities where TEFL professionals can find work. With its laidback lifestyle, Tainan is the oldest city in Taiwan and is a fantastic place to experience authentic Taiwanese culture and history.  Meanwhile, Taoyuan is popular with English teachers thanks to its proximity to Taipei and its lower cost of living. Both offer multiple English teaching opportunities and are popular with expats.

How Much Will I Earn As An English Teacher In Taiwan?

Depending on the job that you take and the qualifications you hold, you can expect to earn anything from $1000 to over $2300 per month. As living costs are low in Taiwan, you’ll be able to earn sufficient to not only cover your everyday expenses but to save a significant amount each month too. Average living expenses come to between $700 and $1000 monthly, so you can look forward to a comfortable lifestyle.

Which Qualifications Do I Need To Become An English Teacher In Taiwan?

If you’re a native speaker of English from America, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia or Ireland, you will find it relatively easy to secure an English teaching post in Taiwan. While having your TEFL certification isn’t always a necessity, it certainly gives you a strong advantage over your competitors since it proves that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform your role to a high standard. If you have a degree, regardless of subject, you’ll have a wider choice of teaching roles open to you, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth heading to Taiwan if you’ve never been to university. While a degree is necessary to work in a public school or university, there are numerous teaching positions outside these institutions without a degree requirement.

What Kind Of Jobs Can I Find In Taiwan?

Public schools represent the most obvious source of teaching roles in Taiwan, giving you the chance to co-teach English classes alongside a Taiwanese educator. These positions are handled by a government-sponsored. programme, and to be eligible you must be a native English speaker, have a 4-year degree, and hold a teaching licence. While this programme offers outstanding benefits such as flight reimbursement, housing allowances, and insurance, as well as pay of up to $2600 a month before performance bonuses, the application process is difficult and competitive. That’s why most prospective English teachers opt to work in a Buxiban. Buxiban, or Cram Schools as they’re better known, are a far more accessible choice since there are plentiful openings without such strict hiring requirements. Buxibans are attended by students after the standard school day so that they can study in preparation for taking the entrance exams for universities. At these after-school private academies, TEFL professionals are usually paid on an hourly basis, giving them the chance to earn up to $2100 each month. You could also work as a private English tutor. As the country is working towards becoming bilingual, you’ll find that many people of all ages are keen to hire your services to help them develop and hone their English-speaking skills. You can set your own rates, although the most common asking prices are between $24 and $34 per hour. This is a great option for anyone who doesn’t have a degree but is keen to be an English teacher in Taiwan, although having a TEFL qualification will give you the edge when it comes to attracting students and charging a higher rate for the lessons that you give.

Is Teaching English In Taiwan For Me?

If you’re ready to embrace a new challenge, take on a valuable and fulfilling job, and discover a stunning country in a beautiful part of the world, teaching English in Taiwan is the perfect choice for you! Armed with your TEFL certification, you’ll be ready to find your first position and plunge headfirst into an exciting new way of life in Asia.