Stages Of Creating A Cover For A Three-Seater Sofa

Stages Of Creating A Cover For A Three-Seater Sofa

As practice shows, American homeowners pay special attention to the interior of their homes. They buy expensive furniture, and if damage occurs later on it, they are not ready to throw it away. To increase the life of the furniture, you can buy three seater sofa cover. Now a large number of American and international brands are selling high quality sofa covers, which will not only protect the sofa from external factors, but also decorate your room. The price of protective fabric can vary greatly depending on the chosen brand and fabric. For example, the cost of a velvet cover for a three-seater sofa can exceed 300 USD. Not every American is willing to spend this amount on a fabric, even if it is of high quality. Therefore, they decide to try to make the finished fabric themselves. This procedure may seem easy only at first. In fact, a person must have sewing skills, as well as analyze the possibility of adapting the finished cover to the interior of the room. Experienced users argue that it is desirable to make the first cover from an old and unnecessary fabric, which can be thrown away in case of emergency. 

If we talk about the stages that the homeowner needs to perform, then it is:

  1. Selection of fabric. Perhaps this is one of the most important stages. After all, there are a large number of materials that are ideal for the cover: velvet, velvet, cotton, microfiber, etc. They differ not only in quality, but also in durability. Protective fabric made of velvet will also be visually appealing to both you and your guests.
  2. Color Choice. You should look carefully at your room and choose what color cover will look most natural. Problems with finding a fabric of a certain color should not arise. In modern stores, they sell absolutely everything.
  3. Measurements. At this stage, make no mistake. It is necessary to consider not only the base of the sofa, but also the handles. It is important to re-measure all the figures several times and write them down on paper. Subsequently, these measurements will be used for cutting and sewing. Also, here it is important to take a piece of soap, or a pencil with which marks will be made.
  4. Cut the fabric, according to the measurements previously made. It is important to approach this operation as carefully as possible, because one inaccurate action can spoil the fabric and have to replace it with another.
  5. Sew. For this you will need a sewing machine. If you have never used it, then it is best to practice on an old sheet, or unnecessary fabric.

As a result, you need to try on the resulting cover on the couch. It should lie tightly on the furniture. This way, the wear and tear of the three-seater sofa will be less and it will last you for a long time. 

How Long Will It Take To Create The Cover?

It all depends on your skills. Beginners spend 1-2 days for the creation of one protective fabric. If you understand all the nuances, then this time can be reduced several times. For example, with time you will clearly understand how to make measurements, and you will not have problems with how to cut the fabric. Don’t forget about the time you will spend buying the material as well. To find the right size and color fabric, you may have to go around more than one store. 

Also, it happens and marriage in the process of working on the covers for sofas. In this case, you will need to remake the cover all over again.