Sergey Matsotsky, The Founder Of L2U: “Customer Communications Should Be End-To-End” 

Sergey Matsotsky

Launched in late 2019, today the L2U startup implements pilot projects and holds talks over the adoption of its development in the countries of Europe and Central Asia. We talked with Sergey Matsotsky, the founder of the company, about the concept of the project and the issues it addresses. 

Who Is Sergey Matsotsky

  •   Sergey Matsotsky is a tech entrepreneur and investor.
  •   Formerly a programmer, co-founder of the IBS Holding, Luxoft company and some startups.
  •   Since 2020, he has been developing diverse IT companies as part of the GS-Invest Holding.
  •   He calls L2U a “personal” project focused on the global market.

“Nobody in the world does that sort of thing just yet,” Matsotsky says about the L2U technology adding: “Today call centers of companies and various customer support services are largely out-of-date. Customer communications include a lot of inefficient processes, and this is when keeping in touch with consumers has become a number one objective for many types of business.” 

Communication Problems

There are three weak points in business-to-consumer communications. The first problem is that it takes time for the operator to get the gist of the query, to collect necessary information across systems, and to give an exhaustive answer to the question. The customer needs to wait long, and the company has to maintain a large number of operators.  

Second, there is no end-to-end communication where information about customer contacts across channels of communication and about several products is available in one place. People have to tell their issue again and again to different specialists before the issue is resolved. And the specialists need to switch between multiple interfaces to collect necessary information.  

Third, no attention is given to selecting the communication channel that the customer prefers. Some people find it more convenient to use messaging apps for communication. For others, a telephone is the only communication medium. Disregard of customer interests results in frustration and makes the communication less effective.  

L2U As A Solution

Being aware of these issues, Matsotsky found a way to solve those — Business Process Management principles may be used in communication processes. The result is the solution that allows to design a customer service process, approve the process internally and get it started. The process manages a robot, telephony, sending texts and messages to messaging apps, push notifications and other types of communications.  

For instance, the system sorts out queries when they are received, and proactively offers the right solution.

How does it work? When receiving an incoming call or message, the system identifies the customer and analyzes all recent interactions with him. Based on the instant analysis, further actions are determined. If there are incomplete operations or actions that have just been completed or rejected, the algorithm may offer assistance as a ready-to-use instruction or redirection to the right specialist. If the customer uses several products, the system will immediately offer to select the one for which consultation is needed. The operator who has answered the call will immediately have all of the customer actions history in the customer-selected area.

“In addition, L2U allows to make an outgoing communication friendlier — to adapt the interaction to suit the customer preferences by analyzing the past communication experience,” says Sergey Matsotsky.

Open Source Mix

There are also other solutions to the problems, but they seem to be more complicated. It is long and costly to create an in-house end-to-end communications platform, while integrating the existing channels with one another is even costlier and ineffective: the processes may change fast and will constantly require reconfiguration. 

“L2U is a BPM design tool and an operator workstation design tool. The selected process determines the workstation configuration which should be eventually built,” explains Matsotsky.  

The ready-made solution L2U is assembled from open-source components.  Sergey Matsotsky is a known Open Source technology enthusiast. He believes that this business model shows greater potential, and open-source technologies are central to the IT market development.