5 Most Popular Websites To Make Stamps On

5 Most Popular Websites To Make Stamps On

A seal design development is a thing that should be handled responsibly. That includes a thorough selection of a stamp maker to work in. It should include a wide range of features, cheap prices for layouts, and other useful features. We chose the 5 most popular services and would like to analyze each one to help you choose the best website to make stamp designs on.

1. GraphicSprings

The first service for developing seals and logos is GraphicSprings. Its main advantages are:

However, we found 3 major disadvantages of this service:

  • A heavy price (from $19.99 to $199.99).
  • Inability to load your own images and logos.
  • Absence of docking system for accurate patterns connection.

Now we would like to briefly describe the process of developing a seal design using GraphicSprings:

  1. Visit the website and press “Logo Maker” on the home page;
  2. Enter your company name;
  3. Select an image category to make a stamp with a suitable logo (you can delete it during the editing process);
  4. After that, you are free to modify the stamp as you wish. You can edit the components that are already installed by double-clicking on them. GraphicSprings also allows you to add different shapes or decorative elements by pulling them out from the left menu;
  5. When you’re finished, press “Review” to check how your seal will look on documents;
  6. Click “Download”, choose the required format of a seal and make the payment.

By the way, here is a simple stamp that we came up with:

2. The StampMaker

The StampMaker is a service that rests on ready-made seals of different types, as well as customized ones. After examining this website for a while, we noticed some pros and cons and would like to tell you about them.


  • A wide range of stock stamps.
  • You can order a rubber stamp made with the chosen seal design right on a website (It costs from $15.90 to $44.50, depending on a stamp body)


  • You cannot download the digital version of your stamp.
  • The personalized stamp creator is really outdated.

Here are the main steps that you should follow to make a stamp design:

  1. Enter The StampMaker website and choose the tab “Design Your Stamp” (highlighted in yellow);
  2. Add text or a date to your stamp. If you need more inscriptions on your seal, you can add them by pressing “Add another line of text”;
  3. Choose the style and size of font that you need;
  4. If it’s necessary, add a company logo by going to the tab “Image” and pulling out one from the files on your computer;
  5. Add a border to your stamp. Adjust its thickness, style, and shape. It can be solid or dotted, rectangular, round, or oval.
  6. If you’ve done designing, choose the stamp body. The choice should depend on your budget, purposes, and personal preferences.
  7. Add the item to the cart, choose the delivery address and pay for your order.

This is one of the examples of a finished seal design made on this website:

3. MyStampReady

Up next we have one of the first online stamp makers, MyStampReady. This company has been operating for 7 years now, and for this period of time, it has gained a loyal customer base. The represented service has got a wide range of features, and it’s the only seal maker, in which we didn’t find a single disadvantage. Anyway, here are all the advantages that we noticed while exploring the website:

  • The stamp maker itself has a very user-friendly interface.
  • MyStampReady seal constructor is based on graphic vector technology, which provides the best quality of layouts.
  • The website is adapted for smartphones. That allows you to make stamps even if you don’t own a laptop or PC.
  • You can find a lot of decorative elements to add to your seal.
  • There is a large selection of colors and forms of stamps.
  • MyStampReady has a gallery full of ready-made seals, which can be modified and personalized.
  • The prices for the layouts are the cheapest ones on the market (from $2.50 to $5.50, depending on the format).
  • You are able to choose the rubber stamp manufacturer near you right on the website, and order a custom stamp, which will be made using your design.

Let’s examine what you need to do to make a stamp design using MyStampReady:

  1. Go onto the website and click the tab “Stamp Maker”, then click “New Stamp +” in the upper right part of a menu (highlighted in green);
  2. Choose the shape of your stamp (round, rectangular, or triangular), and the size.
  3. Edit the outer layer, adjust its thickness and size;
  4. If you need to insert more frames into your seal design, add the “Circle/Triangle/Rectangle” element, depending on which shape you chose;
  5. Click the “Text in the Circle/Triangle/Rectangle” button to add inscriptions around the perimeter of your seal;
  6. Add a “Text” element, if you need to insert text in the center of the stamp as well;
  7. Upload a company logo or any other vector image by clicking the “Images Tab”. You can pull out a logo from the gallery, or choose one of the stock pictures available on the website;
  8. Add final touches (decorative elements, patterns separators, etc.);
  9. Now, choose the best format personally for you, make a payment and download the layout.

In the picture below you can see one of the ready-made seals, that was a bit changed:

4. Logo Makers

Another service to make stamp designs and logos is called “Logo Makers”. It’s important to consider that “Logo Makers” is not based on seals, so there are some pros and cons, as well. But at first, let’s talk about the good aspects:

  • There are more than 40 ready-made seal templates available for editing.
  • Designers offer creative solutions for stamps’ colorways.
  • A free seal sample with a watermark allows you to test your design on different types of documents.

The disadvantages are:

  • High prices for layouts (from $19 to $79).
  • You can’t just take a logo and enclose it in a circle (this service does not allow you to add geometrical figures).

Now, we would like to tell you about the steps that you need to follow to make a stamp design:

  1. Visit the website and click the “Get Started – Create a logo for free” button, which is located on the home page.
  2. Choose the template that you like the most;

P.S. We highly recommend typing “seal” or “stamp” into the search engine on a website, in order to check out all the available options at once.

  1. Edit the inscriptions on your seal by double-clicking on it and typing in something else. Also, you can change the font style and size.
  2. Decide on the best color solution for you (as a rule, there are 3-4 different colorways to choose from)
  3. When you’re ready, you can download a free logo sample with a watermark in order to know how it will approximately look on your documents
  4. After you’re sure that you are happy with the outcome, choose the suitable format and pay for your seal design.

We chose one of the templates and personalized it. Here is what the result looks like:

5. NameCard Online

NameCard Online is a service that allows you to make stamps, stickers, envelopes, business cards, etc. There are various types of items, so the company can’t really make each product perfect, because there are just too many of them. Anyway, getting back to rubber seals, this stamp maker has some advantages, more specifically:

  • You can add a company logo, different geometrical figures, and simple graphic drawings.
  • Even though the stamp maker is quite obsolete, it is really easy to use.
  • Reasonable price (from $8.00 to $32.00, that depends on a seal size and shape)

It has a couple of drawbacks, as well:

  • You can only order a rubber stamp, the digital seal is not provided.
  • As we’ve just mentioned, the seal constructor looks obsolete.
  • NameCard Online doesn’t allow you to make a stamp from scratch. All you can do is choose one of the available templates and personalize it.

Now, we would like to briefly describe the process of a seal design creation using this service:

  1. Visit the official website and choose “Create a rubber stamp”;
  2. Scroll through samples and select the best option personally for you;
  3. Edit the seal size, layout type, and color;
  4. Change the stock inscriptions to your own ones by double-clicking on them;
  5. Edit the font style and size, adjust its thickness;
  6. Add a company logo by clicking the “Add Logo” tab (if it’s necessary);
  7. Experiment with decorative elements using “Add Line” and “Add Shape” elements;
  8. After you’ve made a stamp design, click on “Add to basket”, fill in the delivery address and pay for the order.

Here is a simple oval seal that we came up with:


After a thorough examination of each stamp maker, we concluded that https://mystampready.com is the best service available on the market. This company has developed a perfect seal constructor, which most customers will find satisfying. You can always notice new templates in the gallery, download the layout cheaply and make a stamp design easily and in the shortest period.