Most Affordable Places To Live In California 

Most Affordable Places To Live In California

California, the golden state in the United States, is a dream place to live for many. It has several stunning beaches, a year-round moderate climate, beautiful mountains, and so on. However, California is also the third most expensive state to live in the country. The national median home value in California is about $816,804. Although many parts of California are expensive, it doesn’t mean they all are, as there are plenty of great cheap houses in California you can buy. 

So, if you want to live in California and don’t have a high budget, you’ve come to the right place. Below are the best and most affordable places to live in California. 


Eureka is located near the state’s northern end and is a large city in Humboldt County. It is a coastal city near the Oregon border. It oozes small-town charm thanks to its ornate Queen Anne homes, has a population of 26,652, and has many family-friendly activities. 

Eureka has a little of everything for everyone, from condos to apartments. Houses in Eureka are quite affordable, as the median listing home is around $390,000, and the median household income in Eureka averages $38,007.  


Located in California’s Central Valley, Bakersfield offers plenty of pleasant surprises. It is a city with over 385,725 residents and a median household income of $56,842. Bakersfield is popular for its agriculture and oil. But recently, it has transformed into a hub for arts and culture. 

Bakersfield has many beautiful lakeside campgrounds, national park experience, and more. Despite this, homes are quite affordable compared to other cities in California, and the median home listing here is about $315,000. 


Blythe is a small town located on the border of California. Situated 150 miles west of Phoenix and 225 miles east of Los Angelis, Blythe is best described as a desert city. Blythe has a population of around 20,000 residents and is not a place for everyone. 

The median housing cost in Blythe is around $117,000 lower than in several places in California. But because of its dusty land, it’s not the best place for outdoor life. But it is a great hiking place with many scenic views. Blythe also features a few different parks, playgrounds, deep blue bodies of water, and more. 


The city of Clearlake is in Lake County in Northern California. The city is not densely populated, with an estimated population of 15,250. Clearlake is a laid-back city great for recreation, such as fishing, wakeboarding, water skiing, etc. 

The cost of living in Clearlake is affordable, with a median cost of homes at around $107,531. There is only a little work to do in Clearlake or its surrounding. But the average median household income in Clearlake is around $25,532.  


Chico, with a population of 102,827, is a charming town in northern California. It is around 150 miles northeast of San Francisco and 85 miles north of Sacramento. It is well-known for being home to Chico State University, one of California’s first state colleges

Chico is an affordable place to live, offering a mix of urban and rural feelings to give a great spot for people who love the outdoors. The median cost of houses in Chico is around $450,000. Also, Chico offers a good number of high-earning jobs. Other attractions in Chico include its national parks, hiking trails, bike trails, etc. 


Situated between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, Oxnard is a beach city in Ventura County. Oxnard is a coastal town with a lovely harbor, farm stands, etc. It has a population of around 207,945. If you are looking for an affordable place, Oxnard is a great option.  

The median cost of homes in Oxnard is around $675,000, although you can still find homes as low as $450,000 or less. Also, the median household income in Oxnard is around $62,349, and the popular attractions in the city include Ojai’s rural town, Channel Island National Park, etc. 


Fresno is the 5th largest city in California that has lots to offer. It is an affordable location set in the center of the state. It is the agricultural heart of California, with 90% of vegetables and fruits grown here. Also, Fresno offers an ample number of opportunities to connect with nature. It has a population of 530,267 residents.  

The cost of living in Fresno is lower compared to other parts of California. The median home price in Fresno is about $316,400, and the median household income is $41,455. Despite being affordable, there are several attractions in the city. 


California is a beautiful state to live in known for tons of amenities and attractions. Also, the weather in California is near perfect. Housing costs and the cost of living in California can be quite high. However, you can take advantage of the affordable places to live in California that we listed above.