How To Prepare Yourself If You Want Start Your Career As A Cabin Crew

How To Prepare Yourself If You Want Start Your Career As A Cabin Crew

One of the best jobs available in the world, which includes traveling as well as having to offer people the best customer service, is the cabin crew. But the cabin crew simply doesn’t refer to only flight attendants, but also other people as well. 

Cabin crews are in charge of making sure passengers have a positive flight experience and confirm that both passengers and the flight crew adhere to safety procedures before and after take-off. 

However, given the qualifications required for cabin crew employees, understanding the role of cabin crew and how to become a perfectly-fit   cabin crew in your favorite airline may come next to consider this profession to be your future career. 

And in order to help you out, we outlined how to prepare yourself if you want to start your career as a cabin crew. Read this article as we cover how to join the cabin crew, what positions they hold, and advice for anyone looking to work as a cabin crew.

Role Of Cabin Crew Members

In this section, we will have a look at the three most well-known roles of cabin crew members and understand how crucial these roles are to any airline and flight. 

Customers and passengers of an airline are served by cabin crew personnel while they abide by corporate and governmental safety rules. The following is a listing of cabin crew roles:

First and foremost, a cabin manager/chief flight attendant. They are usually the top flight attendants on a plane, more like a team leader, who is in charge of managing other flight attendants. 

 They might also fill out forms and confirm that all safety precautions are taken by both passengers and cabin personnel.

Among the many members, the flight attendant’s role in the cabin of a commercial airplane is known as cabin crew. 

Flight attendants, sometimes known as stewards, can help passengers with their bags, provide customer service activities like offering refreshments & meals and make sure that passengers obey pilot instructions and safety regulations. 

On lengthier flights, flight attendants may well have extra duties.

Lastly, the onboard chef. They are usually flight attendants who can really make food for passengers on long journeys. They are known as an onboard chef.

How To Join The Cabin Crew For Any Airline?

Career Research

Firstly, if you want to land a position in cabin crew, it is best to do some research. You can further clarify your job goals by exploring the working hours, circumstances, pay, and other various aspects of your professional life as a cabin crew member. 

Along with the pay, you can also research other perks &  benefits that may include free or subsidized plane travel, discounted lodging, and health care as well.

In addition, you can learn more about the physical requirements for airline cabin crew, which include a height range and color vision. Physical requirements often serve as a barrier for a lot of potential candidates. The candidates have most of the traits the airlines require, but due to physical shortcomings, they are more likely to get disqualified even before seeding their dream of becoming the cabin crew.  

Airlines have different height requirements for cabin crew, but generally speaking, you will have to be tall enough to be able to stand in an aircraft without leaning down and be capable of comfortably grasping the overhead bins. 

Physical stamina can help you land a job as just a flight attendant because they help passengers hoist and arrange bags in an overhead bin.

Eyesight and ability to swim add boons to help you stand out in the application process, as the missing of either of these two may lead to a complete disregard of your application. These two traits are considered a must-have in order to pursue your career in this field. 

Only proper research of the responsibilities along with other things will enable you to know what to look out for and know when it comes to landing the job as a cabin crew member. 

You can also look into the job opportunities and requirements of KLM airlines careers if you are interested in joining as their cabin crew member.

Experience in Customer Service

Customer-serving experience,  as well as training, may be necessary for a position as cabin crew for any airline. Working in customer service can help you develop transferable skills for flying. 

As a member of the cabin crew, you can put the following customer service abilities to use:

Gaining communication skills from customer service experience can assist you in interacting with airline passengers, which is the first crucial duty of flight attendants and all the members of the cabin crew.

Providing customer service to clients might assist you in resolving disputes with clients and coworkers. These abilities can be applied to a position as cabin crew, where it may be necessary for you to regularly resolve passenger conflicts and defuse difficult circumstances.

Carrying out your tasks as a cabin crew member may require you to multitask as well as maintain composure in very stressful situations. Proper experience in customer service can help you develop your ability to function under pressure, which is always needed in the cabin crew profession.

Working in customer service might help you develop your teamwork skills as well. Hence, we recommend gaining some prior experience in customer service before applying as a cabin crew.

Have Proper Flight Attendant Training

You can choose to go to flight attendant training to get the knowledge as well as the abilities required to work as a cabin crew. 

Programs and courses for flight attendants typically last three months and enable you to learn a lot about how your knowledge and experience will help passengers in numerous ways. 

The knowledge and abilities listed below are among those you can acquire in flight attendant school:

  1. You will learn about the types of aircraft and more about the kinds of aircraft you may work as a cabin crew.
  2. Learning about first aid as a cabin crew is essential. You can learn the fundamentals of first aid as well as the treatment of the types of injuries that commonly occur on airplanes during your training in the flight attendant school.
  3. You can also learn about interference. It is important to know what to do if passengers don’t adhere to safety procedures.
  4. As a cabin crew, you’ll have to know how to deal with dangerous substances. You need to learn how to spot and handle hazardous substances aboard an airplane.
  5. You need to learn how to handle food. flight attendant courses can teach you food handling techniques to ensure that the food served to passengers is safe to eat.

Meeting The Criteria 

It is important that you meet the criteria of a cabin crew member before you apply for it. Hence, then make sure you know what you will have to do to meet the standards to join an airline’s cabin crew. 

The following are some prerequisites for cabin staff:

Firstly, education. You can obtain a GED or a high school diploma to meet the minimum educational requirements for a cabin crew member.

Next up is age! While some airlines employ cabin staff as early as 18, others insist that they be at least 21 years old.

There are many physical specifications that cabin crew must meet. There may be height, weight, strength, and stamina requirements for cabin staff.

Cabin crew members are often hired based on a proper background check. Airlines may mandate that members of the cabin crew submit to a screening for identity confirmation, criminal history, educational verification, and other personal information.

Travel documents are available for cabin staff employees, including identity.

Pick Proper Application Photos

Having a good angle picture is very much implortant. You may be required to include images of yourself along with your application for a position of cabin crew, often a headshot as well as a full-length picture. 

The following advice can help you meet this requirement:

It is important to observe the directions. This is because you must ensure that you are submitting the right photographs. In addition to that, take note of the required photo dimensions as well, just to be extra sure.

When you are clicking the picture to apply, it is important that you dress professionally. Choosing business-casual attire for your application images will help you come off favorably in the interview.

It is also important that you are properly dressed and that your hair is trimmed and well shaped before you for the picture. You can also look into hair trimming tips to get more ideas.

Making A Perfect Resume

You can build a proper resume for flight crew positions once you’ve met the prerequisites for a cabin crew job and gained customer service experience. To help you nail an interview, you can list the following on your resume for cabin crew:

  1. List your greatest level of schooling and flight attendant training (if applicable). You can also include any previous customer care or service experience that you have gained previously to have an edge.
  2. To give yourself an advantage over other applicants for cabin crew, you might indicate the languages you’re mastering and how well you can speak them.
  3. Include relevant keywords from the job description in your CV to assist it in getting past an employer’s application tracking system screening.


Cabin crew positions are one of the highly demanded jobs that are available globally, and having to qualify for them is something many aspiring flight attendants look forward to every year when they apply.

We hope that the information that we outlined about how to prepare yourself if you want to start your career as a cabin crew will be helpful and that you will get the desired flight attendant position that you are looking for.