How To Find All The Robot Spies In Ratchet And Clank: Rift Apart?

How To Find All The Robot Spies In Ratchet And Clank

Most gamers end up losing Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart when they fail to find robot spies ( also called spybots). Game lovers who are looking for these perky spybots, have landed at the right place. 

The little spybots are hidden at various locations throughout the game. Discovering these robot buddies will unlock the ultimate powerful secret weapon that is the RYNO 8. However, finding all the spybots is not a piece of cake. 

However, this article sums up all the locations of spybots to help online game lovers. This handy guide and the top gaming mice under 50 is everything that Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart players need to change the strategy of their game.

Locations Of All 10 Spybots In Ratchet And Clank: Rift Apart

The Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart contains ten robot spies hidden and scattered at various locations. A list of all the locations of these spybots is mentioned below:

  1. Corson V- Nefarius city 
  2. Sargasso- Outpost L51
  3. Savali Plateau of Urfdah Mesa
  4. Blizar Prime- Blizon Mines 
  5. Torren IV- Molonoth Gulch
  6. Cordelion- Kedaro Station 
  7. Zurkies Entrance
  8. Ardolis- Pirate Base
  9. Zordoom Prison
  10. Zurkies

The following spybot guide will reveal additional tips to assist game lovers in finding the little robot spies.

Spybot 1

After reaching the Corson V Nefarius City in the game, players must enter the factory area. They will find the first spybot in a pipe at the factory station’s end after killing all the enemies in the area. 

Spybot 2

In the Sargasso Output L51, online players must collect all the Zurpstones as per the map guidance. It unlocks a dragon mount, and the gamers can enter the rest area. After accomplishing all these tasks, players can find the second spybot. 

Spybot 3

While exploring the Savali Plateau of Urfdah Mesa, online game lovers will find a new cave in the upper middle area. There is a pirate ship in the cave. Players will find the hidden robot spy in the ship. 

Spybot 4

Gamers have to complete the linear side quest first after reaching the Blizar Prime- Blizon Mines. Here they have to look for honey for the chef. Ultimately they will find the hidden spybot.

Spybot 5

In the Torren IV- Molonoth Gulch, game players enter the new Junktown. Then, they should turn right before going to the vendor. They will see some magnetic walls below which the spybot is hiding. 

Spybot 6

The game players should arrive at Cordelion- Kedaro Station’s third level. Then, reach the new dimension control platform and climb to the top. Turn around and go to the upper ledge. Eventually, the gamers will find the spypot. 

Spybot 7

To find this spybot, game lovers must arrive at the Zurkies entrance. At the Zurkies, there is a Ratchet and River meet up. Then, turn to the right side of the front door. Here the players can tether out and discover this new robot buddy. 

Spybot 8

After reaching the Ardolis Pirate Planet, gamers should look for Undertow Beach by following the map. Players will find a ship there. Cross the ship, and the spybot will be visible in the northernmost part of the island.

Spybot 9

The game addicts must enter the Viceron jail in Zordoom. After entering the vent area, take the first right and then turn left. The player has to break a fan. After completing this task, players can take the right turn twice to find the robot spy. 

Spybot 10

The Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart game lovers must enter the Zurkies Gold cup. To acquire this spybot, players have to accomplish the Vroom Around challenge before the last mission. 

Wrapping It All

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart game players can acquire all the spybots by learning more about the different scenarios with this helpful guide. Moreover, they will unlock a secret weapon: RYNO 8 while amplifying the fun.