How Can I Get My Audit Number Online- What You Should Know About Your Audit Number?

How Can I Get My Audit Number Online

It is always advisable to keep a copy of your audit number because you may lose it, and some unscrupulous elements may take advantage of you if they have it. On your driver’s license, your audit number is that four-digit code located at the lower-right corner of the license for some states. The Texas audit number is a 20-digit number. Keep in mind that this number is not an acceptable number for identification, and it may vary from one state to another. The audit number is also referred to as the DD number, and it is unique for a single car.

So, How do I Get My Audit Number Online?

You can get your audit number online by checking it at the Texas Department for Vehicle License.

What Is The Texas Driver’s License Audit Number?

The Texas Driver’s License audit number is that 20-digit number written at the bottom of the driver’s license. Also known as the DD, it is unique to each driver’s license that you receive in the mail. This rule means the DD will change if you want to apply for a new driver’s license. If you make changes or renew your license, you will get a new audit number sent to your mail, or you can check it online.

Keep in mind that audit numbers don’t appear on temporary licenses. If you have renewed your driver’s license and still waiting for the plastic card, you will need the plastic card to arrive before you validate the new audit number.

Only the new audit number is always valid. Using the old information on the old audit number will not work because the department of safety will cancel its validity as soon as the new audit number is in use. The new audit number is the only valid one because the state of Texas wants you to have just one valid driver’s license at a time. The most typical use for a Texas audit number is by ordering your Texas driving records online.

Ordering A Driver Record Via Your Audit Number Online Or By Mail

You can use your driver’s license audit number to order your driving records. You can order a driver’s record for your Texas driver’s license, commercial driver’s license, or identification card.

Keep in mind that the Texas Department of Public Safety will not provide in-person driving record services at any of its locations. You can visit the department’s driver eligibility page if you want to review your driver’s license current status.

What Are The Steps To Take To Order Your Driver Records Online?

The most convenient way of obtaining your driver record is online, and to do this, you must know the type of driver record you are searching. You need to have the following information at your disposal just before you commence searching for your driver records online;

  • The most recently issued Texas driver license
  • Your date of birth
  • The last four digits of your social security number
  • The latest Adobe reader on your computer
  • The latest version of Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer or Safari, or Mozilla Firefox
  • A valid credit card, and
  • A printer

Your most recently issued Texas driver’s license is perhaps the most crucial document you should have with you when ordering driver’s records online. It could also be a commercial driver’s license or identification card number, plus the audit number. You must also be prepared to answer security questions to verify your identity.

You must clearly state your date of birth as recorded on your birth certificate or any other record. You should also write down the last four digits of your Social Security Number. Ensure the newest Adobe reader is installed on your computer before proceeding; you can confirm this on the Adobe reader website.

In addition to updating your adobe reader, you may also need to update your web browser to prevent any bug or interruption to the check you are about to conduct. You must have a valid credit or debit card, a Visa card, American Express, MasterCard, or Discovery. You need this card to pay the fee for the check.

You need a valid email to be able to send the report immediately after purchase. You may also need a printer on standby if you have to print it out. Keep in mind that the Microsoft Edge web browser is not compatible with the website; hence you must use one of the approved internet web browsers for this purpose.

Ordering You Driver Record Online

Once you log onto the website, order your driver record and email yourself or print it out immediately. Companies that want to receive driver records directly must email the License and Record Service for information.

To order a driver record by the mailbox, you need to complete a driver record request form available online in a PDF format. Follow the instructions on the form and then submit with proof of payment. You can send the print-out completed form to the Texas Department of Safety, POBox 149008, Austin, Texas 78714-9008.

You may want to allow up to three weeks from the date of your request to process the records. The driver record should arrive in your mail within the stipulated three weeks after submission.

Texas Driver Record Types And Information Provided In Them When You Order

The driver record types issued by the Texas Department of Safety are;

  • Type 1
  • Type 2
  • Type 2A
  • Type 3
  • Type 3A
  • Type AR

1. Type 1 Driver Record

This record is the primary driver record you can order from the Texas Department for Safety. It provides information on the status record and only costs $4. The information provided on this record includes your date of birth, license status, home address, plus the original Texas driver’s license application date.

 2. Type 2

The type 2 driver record history provides more adequate information than type 1 because it provides a 3-year history. The fee for this category is $6. This driver record provides all type 1 information plus your lists of crashes and if you receive tickets. It will also include all moving violations for three years from the dates of offenses.

3. Type 2A Driver Record

This is a category of driver record that provides a certified 3-year history of your driving. As in the description, the Type 2A information will be certified, and it costs $10 to apply for. Keep in mind that this record type cannot be used for the defensive driving course, also known as DDC.

4. Type 3 Driver record

The type 3 driver record contains quite comprehensive information. It contains a list of all crashes plus violations on your name since you got the license. It also contains all type 1 information and will also include lists of crashes where you didn’t receive any tickets.

All the moving and non-moving violations on your records are included here. This record is provided only to the individual it belongs to. This means you can’t submit a request for the information to be sent to a third party like an organization or individual.

Just like type 2A, this record type cannot be used for the defensive driving course, known as the DDC.

5. Type 3A driver records

For class 3A order, you will get a certified list of all crashes and violations reported under your driver’s license. This report will cost you $10, but you will get the certified version of Type 3 driver records. Just like the type 3 record, the certified type 3A record is provided only to the owner of the record, which is probably yourself. This record is not sent directly to any organization or individual except the owner.

The type 3A driver record is the only driver record type that can be used for the defensive driving course – DDC.

6. Type AR Driver Record

The type AR driver record is a certified abstract of the complete driver record. To get this record, you have to pay a $20 fee. This record contains all type 3 information plus all suspensions in your records. Type AR will contain all information on your driver record. You may request that this record be sent to a third party, such as a potential employer.


The audit number lookup online is simple and affordable. You may not be allowed to apply for two different driver records at the same time. A driver record requested will normally have a due date within which you have to use it for any specific purpose. New information, such as new traffic violations and tickets received, will be automatically transferred to your new record and to the current license, except the license has expired. Since mail driver record requests can take several weeks, it pays to request for an online driver record that you can mail to yourself or print out in no time.