Can I Look Up License Plate Numbers? How To Look Up Plate Numbers

Can I Look Up License Plate Numbers

License plate lookup is a must today, especially when you want to buy a used car. It helps you check out the history of the car’s user. With the information gathered, you will discover the accident history of the car, the Lien and repossession records, the mileage rollback records, records of flood, hail, and fire damage, and the service, inspection, and registration history.

So, Can I Look Up License Plate Numbers Online?

Yes, you can look up the number plate in a matter of minutes, and there will be no need to visit your local DMW for this purpose.

The License Plate Number Lookup Tool

The license plate number tool is a third-party online tool that gets information on a car from 100% reliable sources officially registered in a database. This tool will double-check all the records on the number plate and present them in a very clear report. Keep in mind that your records are not collected and displayed when you look up a license plate number.

You can combine the license plate search with a VIN history lookup and VIN check. With these checks, you will get a complete picture of a vehicle and its current specifications.

The Reverse License Plate Number Search

Looking up a license plate number online does not require you to visit your local DMW. You can also conduct this search on your smartphone or computer device. The whole procedure will take a few seconds to minutes.

It can take hours to conduct specific searches when you don’t use automated software, and frequently you may fail to find comprehensive or complete data on the car. With automated software, you can run a reverse license plate lookup alongside other checks that might be of interest to you.

What Information Can You Obtain from License Plate Number Hookup?

The following information is the basic things you can find about a car when looking up its license plate number.

1. Accident History

The information obtained from license plate lookup will help you determine if the car had accidents in the past. It also helps you find out if the car has ever been damaged. You need this information to know the body parts that have been fixed or replaced. Keep in mind that the accident history of a car can determine its current value.

2. Lien and Repossession Records

The Lien repossession records indicate whether the car has been used for a loan. This can help you make the right choice and decide whether to buy the car or not.

3. Mileage Rollback

The mileage rollback information on license plate number lookup will help you know if the mileage reported on this car is valid.

4. Flood, Hail, and Fire Damage

This part of the information displayed from the license plate number lookup will let you know if the vehicle has been damaged in the past by flood, hail, or fire.

5. Registration, Service, and Inspection History

The vehicle’s maintenance history, alongside information on its registration plus inspection history, will be displayed on the lookup.

Answers To Some Questions On The Use Of License Plate Number Lookup

The following are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about License plate lookup;

1. What are the Data Sources Used?

You can use several data sources for license plate number hookup. Even if you use a third-party lookup app, the information displayed should come from trustworthy and official databases. The most common data sources include; The USA NMVTIS, car makers, car insurance companies, Canadian motor vehicle agencies, and car auctions. Several car operators are also reliable sources for finding information about a vehicle.

2. What is a License Plate Number?

The license plate number is the number assigned to each vehicle to verify the vehicle’s registration. The unique numbers on the plate also contain symbols, slogans, and colors unique to the country’s specific state. The purpose of assigning these plates to vehicles is to link them to their owners.

The license plate will tell us the basic information about owners’ names, public records, theft records, accident records, and recalls. You will also find out the dates the cars are sold. The license plate transformation will depend on the appropriate state’s law. While some states will prefer to transfer the license plates of vehicles to new owners, others will issue a new plate number to a new owner.

3. How do You Use an Online Car License Plate Number Lookup?

The first step you should take is to input the number on the plate inside the online checker box or platform of the lookup tool. Once you click on “Enter,” all the data you need will be displayed immediately. The online license plate number lookup tool is speedy.

Enter the number on the plate into the online checker, then click on the “Check Now” button. Your results will be displayed in the form of a short informative report, and this will take a few minutes. You can read this report on your mobile smartphone or any other gadget you used in the search.

What Are The Benefits Of Looking Up A License Plate Of A Vehicle?

Doing complete research before you purchase a vehicle can save you lots of trouble and may even save you lots of money in the long run. The following are some of the essential benefits of looking up a license plate number.

1. You will Get the Branded Title

You will discover the state agency’s official vehicle status when you conduct a lookup on the license number plate. This branded title will indicate to you whether the vehicle is safe to drive or not and will also display any damage on it. It will also reveal if the car has been rescued or junked earlier.

2. You will Get Associated Robbery Records

Driving a stolen car can put you in serious trouble, and this is the reason why you need to check the status of a license number plate. With this lookup, you will discover if any robbery case is associated with the car. Many people look up license plates and discover the current status of cars are indicated as “stolen.”

A stolen car indicates the car is currently being possessed by someone who is not the owner. You should report a stolen car to the police immediately instead of going ahead to buy it.

3. Accident and Damage Reports

Vehicles can get damaged or get involved in accidents that can be repaired. It can, however, be difficult to know the extent of damages to a car. Sometimes, some car owners may replace the original but damaged components of a car with the wrong replacement parts. This is why you need to know if repairs and restoration on the car were conducted according to manufacturer specs.

You want the car owner to bring back the car to its original state after repairs or renovations, and you also want the genuine manufacturer paths to be used. Failure to do this will drastically reduce the value of your car, and you may be swindled to pay more than necessary.

For these reasons, you should conduct a license plate lookup to know the accident history of a car.

4. Car Registration Issues

Many used car owners get into trouble because they didn’t bother to check the previous registration histories of their vehicles. When you look up a car license plate, you will see the total number of issues associated with a vehicle, and these issues will be presented in detail. The more details of a vehicle you look at, the more you come to understand reasons why the state doesn’t count the vehicle road-worthy.

5. The Recent Vehicle Inspection

Several inspections are conducted on all vehicles to ensure they meet emission goals and road safety rules. There are basic checks the government conducts on each vehicle, and some states may conduct even further security and safety checks. In case a vehicle can’t pass the basic safety and security requirements, then it wouldn’t pass any inspection.

You need to be aware of this before going for any vehicle to avoid government fines and possible impoundment of the vehicle.


Conducting a lookup on license number plates is very important for the reasons highlighted above and for many other reasons. The confidence of driving a vehicle with no issues and a complete update will give you the peace of mind you deserve. You also don’t want to end up with a vehicle you will have to spend more money on in repairs and replacements; hence, you need detailed information. There are many online resources to look up vehicle license plates, but you need to be wary of the ones that request your credit card number or any other personal information. You don’t want to suffer identity theft while conducting a vehicle license plate lookup.