5 Best Scope Covers – Reviewed

5 Best Scope Covers

The desire to protect something hard-won is very understandable. Moreover, it’s completely natural. Imagine saving for one year and buying the long-awaited laptop only to have somebody stumbling over and spilling a soda on it. Just imagining this already seems terrifying, but it is even more frustrating in real life. Rather than focus on unfortunate consequences, let’s think about how to prevent them from happening.

We buy things to use them, so storing them away and never letting them see the light of day again is not an option. But even when actively using, we cannot leave our devices without any protection. The world may come up with strange ways to trip you and your riflescope. Sometimes, it chooses more intricate tactics and launches a weapon that cannot be evaded – time. We are not getting any younger, and our equipment is not getting any newer. Scratches and marks, invisible pixies who only reveal they work with time, might accumulate over the years, slowly making your optics unsuitable for further use. It would be impractical to create things without providing means to protect them. Hunting scopes are no exception.

Scope covers are the primary means to protect your scope from external influence. They come in two forms: scope coats and lens caps.

Scope coat covers encase the whole body providing complete surface coverage. They are made from softer materials to allow for more convenient and fast application. Such covers are non-transparent, so there is no way to utilize the scope while the cover is on. However, they are also easy to remove, should you spot something and decide to start sighting in. Since scope covers feature more flexible materials, they aren’t effective against direct physical impact but are extremely helpful when minor damage is involved. Scope coats are usually water-resistant or waterproof to prevent corrosion and external fogging.

Scope caps are anchored to the front and rear parts of your scope. They protect lenses but leave the body exposed. Flip-up caps are made from sturdier materials and offer a higher level of protection, even if to a smaller part of your device. After all, lenses are more fragile than bodies and can break with lesser physical impact.

Both covers and caps have their pros and cons. You can never be too cautious, so getting either or even both of them might be a good idea. We offer you to take a look at the 5 best scope covers that have proved themselves worthy.

Butler Creek Blizzard Size 10 See Thru Scope Cover

The Blizzard Scope Cover protects your scope lens even in the harshest condition, as the name indicates. Transparent lens caps of optical-grade polymers allow for clear image and rich light transmission. If the weather is moody, keep the cap closed and continue looking through your scope as if nothing happened. This flip-up cover also creates a watertight and airtight seal to prevent elements from affecting your optics. Equally easy to open by both right- and left-handed users, the Blizzard Scope Cover includes two caps to protect objective and ocular lenses.

Measurements are vital at choosing the right cover for your scope. This is a Size 10 Butler Cover, which means it features caps of 2.3 – 2.4 inches that will match scopes with an objective lens diameter of 58 – 60mm. 

Butler Creek Flip-Open Eyepiece Size 19 Scope Cover

Another creation of Butler Creek, this scope cover provides enough protection to satisfy even a demanding shooter. The opaque lens cap is fast and quiet to open, so it won’t take you more than a second to start sighting in. This flip-up cover was tested in –40°F, and its performance remained unchanged. The cap creates a weather-resistant seal that will keep water, rain, and snow from hindering your vision. With the comfort of its customers as the main priority, Butler Creek made this hunting scope cover ambidextrous to fit any shooter. Two caps for both eyepiece and objective lens are included.

According to Butler Creek scope cover sizing chart, 19 means the scope diameter of 1.73in or 43.9mm. A worthy option for matching scopes.

Leupold XX-Large Scope Cover

Created by Leupold for Leupold scopes, this cover is a reliable shelter for your sharp-eyed friend. Nylon-laminated neoprene fabric repels water and staves mud and debris off while providing moderate protection against physical impact. With a stylish black finish and the signature logo, this Leupold scope cover is simultaneously an embellishment and a soft armor for your optics.

The XX-Large size will fit  Leupold scopes with an objective lens diameter of 40-56mm. It is covered by Leupold’s Full Lifetime Guarantee, which you will probably never use because superior quality became their hallmark a long time ago.

Vortex Sure Fit Medium Riflescope Cover (SF-M)

Every major scope-producer makes covers for their optics, and Vortex is no exception. A perfect fit for Vortex scopes, this stretch cover suits optics measuring 11.5 – 14 inches in length. Water- and weatherproof fabric keeps precipitations, dirt, and dust at bay. Equipped with a finger loop on one end, this scope cover is adorned with the Vortex signature logo. The simple and ergonomic design makes this cover even more appealing. The sure-fit feature is the cherry on the top of this Vortex scope cover.

Timber Creek Outdoors 36mm Scope Cover (SC-36)

This scope lens cover is made from a thermoplastic elastomer, which has enhanced protective properties. Silent and quick to remove, it won’t notify the prey of your presence or take precious time to make a shot away. You no longer need to sacrifice your scope’s protection to avoid noise, as this scope cover will keep your lenses safe

Fits scopes with an objective lens diameter of 36mm.