Cheap But Effective: 5 Best Robot Vacuums At Under $300

5 Best Robot Vacuums At Under $300.

Buying a robot vacuum may require a pretty hefty initial sum, but you don’t always have to go that route. Do a bit of research and you can find wonderful options all for less than 300 bucks!

We couldn’t think of a better symbol of home modernity than having a robotic vacuum. But the usual quip about these state-of-the-art tools is its cost. Sure, there are robot vacuums that almost reach the $1000 threshold, but like cars, there is always something that fits your budget.

Now, if you have talked to friends, watched Youtube videos, and read online reviews, you may have probably eased up a little and are leaning towards buying one. After all, most people are singing their praises and for a good reason! Who doesn’t want to come into a freshly-cleaned abode?

If you’re exactly like the one described, we suggest you hold your horses for a while. It surely wouldn’t hurt using a few minutes to scour more useful tips before pulling the proverbial trigger on an automatic vacuum cleaner. So, without much adieu, here are some of the best robot vacuums you can find for under $300.

Best Robot Vacuums That You Can Buy For Under $300

1. iRobot Roomba 694

The Roomba was one of the first robovacs in existence, manufactured a year after the Electrolux Trilobite. They have models across different price ranges, and the Roomba 694 is one of their lowest-priced machines. Of course, don’t expect the 694 to have the tech of a Roomba i7, but there shouldn’t be any worries when it comes to cleaning capabilities.

And while it doesn’t have the top-notch technology like the i7 mentioned above, it’s not devoid of it altogether. The Roomba 694 has “cliff technology,” pretty much a fancy name for something that helps it avoid falling from stairs. On top of that, it has Dirt Detect Technology (which should be self-explanatory), a three-stage cleaning system, and adaptive navigation.

Lastly, this unit charges itself automatically, so you don’t have to worry about it running out of battery. When it does, it simply finds the charging dock and goes back to work when it’s fully charged. Still, 90 minutes of run time provides plenty of opportunities to get the job done.


  • Robust technology despite the price
  • Supports daily scheduling
  • Premium design


  • Can be a little loud
  • Some complain that the robot goes to the same area over and over

2. Eufy RoboVac 11s Max

A product from a trusted brand, many who have the 11s Max called this robot vacuum’s performance “stellar.” And who can blame them? The 11s Max has 2000 Pa of suction power while being only less than three inches tall. In addition to that, its BoostIQ technology enables the unit to raise its suction power in just 1.5 seconds, depending on the type of surface it cleans.

Another notable feature of the 11S Max is it is very quiet you wouldn’t think it packs that much suctioning power. It operates at only 55 decibels, which is even quieter than a normal human conversation. This machine also has four cleaning modes, has infrared and anti-collision sensors, and can climb over door ledges and carpets.


  • Slightly longer battery time than the 11s and 30C
  • Easily glides under furniture with its slim body
  • Features a three-point cleaning system
  • Excellent on bare floors


  • Does not handle pet hair well
  • Not Wifi enabled so there’s no app connectivity

3. iLife V3s Pro Robot Vacuum

If cleaning cat hair presents a problem for the Eufy RoboVac 11s Max, that’s definitely not the case with the iLife V3s. It has a tangle-free technology that addresses this issue with flying colors and many more features that make it one of the top robovac picks under 300 bucks.

One of the bright spots here for the iLife V3s is the price point. You can buy two of these, and you’re still under the 300-dollar threshold! And just because it’s very cheap doesn’t mean you should suspect its performance. It has four cleaning modes, anti-bump, and anti-fall sensors, and supports advanced scheduling.

The only real disadvantage of this unit is that it’s rather tiny. Its vacuuming capacity or suction power is average, has a small dustbin, and mediocre battery life. This makes it more ideal for people with pets living in small houses and apartments.


  • Robust sensors that prevents it from bumping into things and falling off stairs
  • Very quiet and easy to use
  • Low-priced but loaded with technology
  • Handles pet hair really well


  • Ideal for small houses
  • Mediocre battery time

4. Shark RV101AE

Shark is one of the newest players in the robovac market. However, that should never be considered a disadvantage. For one, the Shark RV101AE is one of those machines that could function as a deep-cleaning option for bare floors and even carpets.

As far as technology is concerned, this unit got it. It has scheduling support, removes pet hair adequately, has a self-cleaning base, app and voice control, and other essentials.


  • Can hold up dirt for up to a month
  • Has a mapping technology
  • Self-emptying base


  • Considering that you can have $100+ options, this unit is a tad expensive
  • Some find the operation very loud and obnoxious

5. iRobot Roomba 675

There is a reason why the Roomba 675 is Amazon’s #1 Best Seller among indoor robot vacuum products. At the Roomba’s price way under $200 price point, it has app support, voice control, customizable cleaning schedule, adequate navigation, Dirt Detect Technology, and an auto-adjust cleaning head. 

Its suctioning power is just 600 Pa, which is average for a robot vacuum cleaner. Overall, it’s easy to configure and only needs simple maintenance. Again, at its price range, you have got nothing to complain about.


  • Packed with technology at under $200
  • Great in picking up pet hair
  • Efficient on hard floors and carpets


  • Can be a little noisy
  • Dustbin is a bit small

What To Look For In A Robot Vacuum

As a general rule, the higher the price goes, the better performance you get from a robot vacuum. However, it is still advisable to go with something lower-priced if you’re a first-time owner. This will help you familiarize yourself with the robovac’s functions, app integrations, etc.

Below are some of the guiding features to help you decide which robot vacuum you should buy:

  • Floor cleaning capabilities. Some robot vacuums perform well on certain floor types. Choose something that is built for your floors. If you have more carpets than hard floors, choose something with more power and perhaps an adjustable cleaning head. If you’re shopping for a robot vacuum online, read all the owner’s manual instructions and read corresponding reviews.
  • Technology. When it comes to automatic machines, the more technology it has, the easier it is for you. For a robot vacuum, app integration and voice control are tech features that allow you to control the device remotely. This way, even when you’re not around, the vacuum does its job, and you’ll come right to a cleaner home.
  • Robot vacuum shape. As a rule of thumb, the slimmer the robot is, the better. That sleek build allows it to go under furniture and clean hard-to-reach areas. But then again, the D-shaped units clean corners better than their circular cousins, so the choice is up to you.
  • Navigation. The navigation technology helps a robot vacuum map the room to clean better as it repeats the job. If the unit has top-notch navigation sensors, it saves time because it “knows” how to avoid obstacles and won’t keep on cleaning the areas it has already cleaned.
  • Battery. The standard battery life of a robot vacuum is around 90 minutes. If you have a larger area, that’s barely enough, so you want to choose something that can go for two hours.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a budget-friendly robot vacuum cleaner is not rocket science, but you still have to do your due diligence to maximize the money you’ve invested

The good news is, now that technology has become widespread, it has also become much cheaper. The same can be said of robotic vacuums — even units under $200 can now feature a boatload of technology that you won’t be missing out on much! 

With that being said, if you can keep an eye on the premium models that are on sale, then please do that. Otherwise, the 5 models that we listed in this article are satisfactory enough for first-time users.

Remember that robot vacuums could not replace what a human can do when recognizing dirt and debris and cleaning them off. Still, if you can’t find the time to sweep or isn’t a big fan of vacuuming, then these products are totally made for you!