888 Lots Review

888 Lots Review

888 lots are currently one of the world’s best surplus and liquidation stores. If you wish to buy products of very high quality at very affordable prices, then 888 lots are the best place to buy them from. They’ve got a variety of products belonging to all types of niches. 

From their store, you can get personal healthcare and beauty products, home, garden, pet products, Mobile devices, toys, office and school supplies, electronics, appliances, books, video games, sports materials, etc. In addition, they also have a bunch of products from high-end brands that they sell at very low prices. 

888 Lots is a lifesaver if you are someone who loves to purchase new items for your house constantly; however, you do not want to spend much money on them. They also have small things you may require in your daily lives at very affordable prices. They are also known for having some of the special and most unique liquidation pallets that you will not find in any other liquidation store. 

Working hours

888 lots are open from Mondays to Fridays. The timings are usually from 8:30 AM to 6 PM. These working hours are highly convenient as most of the population is functioning during these times. They are open from sunrise to sunset so that you can access them during the day.


People know 888 for their excellent services and customer-friendly staff. The staff is highly active and responsive to any of your complaints and requests. If you are new to their store, they will guide you around and help you pick the best products that fit your needs and your budget perfectly.

They will try to make your experience as smooth as possible, so they will be there to help you out. The store will also allow you to pay from easy payment methods to make your purchase secure and safe.

888 Lots’ are very user-friendly, so you can easily shop with them without much problem. They also allow you to shop online with a very browsable website. Their store is also well-managed and all of their products are kept in good condition. The shipping is smooth and fast.

They also don’t charge you much for the shipping prices. During the whole shipping process, they will keep you updated from when your products are packed to when they are delivered and when they reach you. In this way, you will be able to monitor your product and stay updated with your purchase.

888 lots’ products are of fantastic quality and are very sturdy. They make sure that all of their items are giftable and functional. This is primarily to examine if their products are working efficiently. Thus avoid any scams. 888 lots buy the merchandise in their store from SPA centers. These are some of the largest retail stores in America. They also craft their pallets very carefully.

Consequently, they add everything into the palette from the product descriptions, the review ranks, the pricing, discounts, product images, condition of the products, the sales, rank of the product, and many more.

Therefore, when you purchase a pallet from them, you will see all the information about that product very quickly. In this way, you can avoid any mistakes while buying your item. This also can assure whether you bought exactly what you need or not. 

They also have liquidation warehouses, truckloads, special deals, and individual items divided into separate categories. Therefore, you can access almost any kind of service from them. Their warehouses are also very convenient and accessible. They are constantly updating their services and not adding more deals and better offers to the products.

This can help you get double discounts! They have a bunch of festive sales during festivals and other such occasions. You are set with 888 lots if you look for a store to buy your gifts and decorative items. They will offer you 50% off on lots and 60% off on all items at your first order.

This shows again how much they care for their customers. You can easily register on their website and become a casual member. For any other inquiries, you can always call them, and they will make sure to respond to you.


888 lots have a wide variety of products. All of their items are divided into 30 categories and a few lots.  eBay/flea market lots, premium gold lots, premium lots, fixed priced lots, branded lots, standard lots, and custom lots are their currently available lots. This is enough to show the diverse range of products you can find in their store.

They are close to becoming one of the biggest retailers due to their ideal and accessible goods. All these products also come with guarantees and warranties, so if there are any problems regarding your purchase, you can always get it returned or fixed. 

This makes them highly trustworthy and reliable. This function is also one that not many liquidation stores offer. This helps to ensure the safety of your coaches and a secure buying experience. 


888 lots are the perfect liquidation and retail store for all your requirements. All of their past customers and clients have left excellent reviews about them. Moreover, they also have five stars on almost all platforms. This shows how well people from all over America receive their services and products.