3 Questions to Ask Your Workers Compensation Doctor (Now)

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Every 7 seconds, a worker in the United States is injured on the job. That translates to about 7 million work injuries annually. It’s a statistic that shows how alarmingly common work injuries are in the country.

Job-related accidents can result in a variety of injuries, including strains, tears, soreness, pain, cuts, lacerations, and punctures. 

Once you’ve sustained an injury in an accident, your first focus needs to be making a full recovery. Usually, you’ll need to visit a workers’ compensation doctor for proper medical attention. Not only is such a doctor crucial for helping you recover from your injury, but they also assist in accurately documenting your losses. 

A workers’ compensation doctor helps you learn about your injuries, so it’s possible to demand fair compensation for them. To make the most out of your visits to the doctor, you need to ask the right questions.

In this guide, we tell you three key workers’ compensation doctor deposition questions that’ll enable you to get all the information you need to make a full recovery and bring a claim successfully. 

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Who Is a Workers’ Compensation Doctor?

A workers’ compensation doctor is a physician who treats patients involved in a workplace accident. The doctor typically studies you and asks you questions about your medical history. They then check any injuries you have, how severe they are, what caused them, and what type of treatment you’ll need in the future.

A workers’ compensation doctor’s second opinion is essential in your compensation claim process. Their reviews will be a crucial aspect in determining whether you’re entitled to any benefits and how much you should receive.

What Questions Should You Ask Your Workers’ Comp Doctor?

There are several crucial questions you need to ask during workers’ compensation doctor visits to help your recovery and claims process. These include: 

1. What Injuries Do I Have?

Workers’ comp doctors may not provide a detailed explanation of all of your injuries unless you ask. Request your doctor to provide a list of all of your injuries, and if you have any follow up questions regarding them, don’t be afraid to ask. 

2. Will Any Injuries Cause Problems in the Future?

In most states, patients have the right to compensation for actual medical bills. However, where the injuries are severe, you may not know all of your hospital bills by the time your case is tried. By having a medical professional tell you what future bills you can expect, you can claim compensation for them before a jury.

3. Will I Be Able to Return to Work?

You can also recover lost wages after a job-related injury. The person responsible for your personal injury should compensate for all of your lost wages. If the other person tries to dispute that you can’t return to work, your doctor’s opinion can be useful evidence in your favor.

Always Visit a Doctor After a Workplace Injury

A workplace injury can harm you significantly, both in terms of your health and financially. By visiting a workers’ compensation doctor and asking the right question, you can give yourself the best chance of physical recovery and fair compensation.

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