A Simple Guide on the Most Common Workplace Injuries

man with a hurt back

You may not think about it but workplace injuries and even death are more common than one would hope for. A workplace injury is something that all employers should know about and should take seriously.

It is imperative that you set up your business to reduce the risk of any workplace injury. But what are the most common workplace injuries and how do you prevent them?

We’ve prepared this short guide to help you out.

The Guide to the Most Common Workplace Injuries

You want to educate yourself and your management team on these safety topics. Once you do, you should assess your workplace to see if there are any risks for a workplace injury.

If there are, be active in reducing the risk for these injuries.

Here are the most common workplace injuries:

1. Overextension

This occurs when a worker overextends a part of their body. This can include injuring the spine when hunched over a keyboard to lifting heavy objects.

To avoid it, make sure that you encourage rest and do not rush your workers. Even if several objects have to be loaded onto a truck for shipment, ask your employees to take their time with loading. It’s better to take several trips and add one load at a time than to carry an excessive load.

For computer workers, encourage your employees to get up and stretch for 5-10 minutes per hour. They should activate their muscles to avoid injury. You should also invest in comfortable chairs and keyboard stands.

2. Slipping, Falling, Tripping

This is self-explanatory. Make sure there aren’t any hazards that could cause your employees to slip, fall, or trip at the workplace.

The floors should always be dried thoroughly after mopping. A staircase should always have a sturdy rail for support. There should be no objects lying about or sticking out from a shelf.

You want to make sure that all chairs are in mint condition and that they are replaced (not repaired) if they sustain serious damage.

If there have been any spills or recent cleaning, it’s advisable to put a ‘CAUTION WET FLOOR’ sign immediately.

3. Workplace Violence

This is a very serious issue that is often neglected. Make sure that relations between all staff members are cordial. If a staff member has to critique another, it should be out of concern for the project and never out of malice for the staff member.

If you notice any unwarranted aggression, it must be addressed immediately. Ensure your staff (regardless of seniority) that if they feel threatened by another staff member, they can come to you to confidentially discuss it.

If you notice bullying or continuous harassment and a colleague is silent, do not assume that they can handle it or are not bothered by it. Always check with them to see how they are feeling about the matter.

Maintain Your Workplace

Now that you know the most common workplace injuries, you can take the steps to maintain your workplace and avoid such injuries. By following these simple steps you can ensure a safer and more productive work environment.

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