Why Your Brand Needs Video Marketing

Why Your Brand Needs Video Marketing

Technology is moving the world forward and making the marketing field thrive. From day to day, we see new tech breakthroughs making the work of marketers easier and the competition fierce. There are two sides to every coin, which is clearly visible here.

One of the pillars of a successful marketing campaign is developing a video ad for consumers to see. Video ads are an excellent way to deliver your message when uploaded on social networks, TV, or other mediums. Still, you need excellent marketing video production to create a masterpiece and see your ad gaining traction.

In this article, we explain why video marketing is essential for every brand. Designing a video campaign is crucial if you want to see a campaign working and a product getting noticed. Keep reading to learn why video marketing is a favorite tool for marketers when developing a client’s campaign.

1. Video Ads Keep Consumers Engaged

Unlike other social media posts, video ads capture consumers’ attention. Videos manage to deliver a message perfectly because research shows that people process moving images 60,000 times faster than anything else.

Consumers will remember 95% of what the video is about, which is not near compared to a message written in text. People will only remember 10% of what was written. Aside from this, it is proven that people’s attention span is lower when they see text or images, but when it comes to videos, they’ll stay interested and watch until the end, waiting for the final message.

2. Provides The Highest Conversion

When you post an explanation about a product on the internet, you can expect a few people to read it and click through the link provided in the post. When you post a video, the conversion rate goes through the roof.

Adding a video about a particular product on the page where the particular product is sold increases the conversion by 80%. Consumers feel like they see the product in front of them while watching a video about how it works. That helps them decide instantly that the particular product is worth buying.

3. Shows Amazing ROI

It is true that making a video for the company’s needs does not come cheap. It is an expensive project, and the product may be poor without a high budget. However, the return on the investment is always valuable, so it pays off to make one of these.

No matter how much you invest, there will always be a benefit from the video. Even if you make something with a low budget, a video is always captivating and will make sales. Sometimes, even an extremely low budget will create a stunning video that will provide thousands of times higher returns on your investment.

4. You Can Significantly Improve SEO By Having Video Ads On Your Site

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the features that every company must focus on if they want to thrive. Being on the first page of search engines when consumer searches for a product means much higher conversion and business success.

A good SEO score depends on many factors. One of them is people spending more time on your page. When you have a video on your product page, people will spend time watching it, thus, increasing the time spent there. The bots of Google see this behavior and understand that your page is relevant.

5. Videos Wave Mobile Users

Video and mobile devices are best friends. There’s no better way to watch a video than on your smartphone. Interaction between users and videos on their smartphones is not always because consumers are there to buy something, but a great video that appears on their phones can make them convert.

Statistics say that 90% of videos are displayed on mobile devices. With the latest implementation of 5G technology across mobile devices worldwide, video streaming is rapidly growing even more than before. In other words, creating videos for smartphones is a great business strategy.

6. You Can Explain Your Products In Detail Through Video

There’s no better medium for explaining what your product is about. A video message can answer all questions customers may have in detail. A video can last more than a minute and thoroughly showcase the need for the product.

This isn’t possible with any other medium out there. You can write all you want and describe the product with the fanciest words; a consumer will only spend time watching a video. That’s why video ads are so great.


These few points explain why video marketing is supposed to be a standard marketing practice in all companies. Every marketing company should have this service available for their clients. A video can change the company’s growth and development. It is the perfect way to captivate consumers and explain why their products are amazing.