Why Dubai Attracts Digital Nomads

Why Dubai Attracts Digital Nomads

5 Reasons Dubai Is Popular With Digital Nomads

The trend for remote workers has been on the rise for some time now. Due to the pandemic, businesses all over the world started choosing the work-from-home model. Thus, people started looking for locations that provided favorable working and living conditions. Dubai turned out to be one of them.

Dubai is ranked in the top three destinations for digital nomads. Remote workers value the destination for flexible government policies, fast internet, quality of infrastructure, affordable real estate, and more. 

This article expands on the five chief reasons remote workers prefer Dubai over other cities worldwide.

1. Digital Nomad Visa

Dubai has an excellent remote working visa program. It allows freelancers and business owners from across the globe to apply for a one-year remote work visa with renewal options. You get Emirates ID with access to all necessary city services, fast-speed internet, quality healthcare, and no taxes to pay. 

Requirements for the Dubai digital nomad visa:

  • A passport valid for at least another six months.
  • Health insurance that includes the UAE.
  • A minimum of a one-year contract and a $5,000 monthly salary for a hired employee (with the provision of a monthly payslip and statements from your bank for the last three months). 
  • Proof of company ownership for one year and a monthly income of at least $5,000.

Moreover, you can come work in the UAE with a Green visa or a permit for temporary projects — which was announced recently but has been a great success so far. 

2. High Quality of Life

The fancy landscape comes with a price. Dubai, with its finest architecture and infinite possibilities, can be expensive. However, the price of living is proportional to the quality of life. There are endless residential options available depending on your budget. Be it an apartment with a single bedroom or a villa with 6+ bedrooms. You name it, and Metropolitan Real Estate will come up with exactly what you require without hassle. Your living space in Dubai will usually come with access to a gym and a swimming pool. 

The food here is quite diverse. You can find almost all kinds of varieties in the city at a reasonable price. Groceries are packed with foods from all over the world, so everyone will find something to their taste. 

You will never have any mobility issues thanks to the vast variety of transport services. You can grab a one-day pass for AED 20, only traveling on the metro from one zone to another. You can also get a taxi that charges AED 2 per kilometer. You can also choose to travel by tram. 

Hospitals and clinics are available in every area in Dubai. Hospitals have the latest technology and diagnostic tools in place, along with highly skilled doctors. All of this is to cater to any medical requirements.

3. Climate 

Working by the sea is probably a dream of many. Dubai has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world: Jumeriah beach with its fancy activities like kayaking, kitesurfing, paddle boarding, and Marina beach with a more peaceful atmosphere.

The average temperature in January is about 24 degrees celsius — so if you’re tired of the cold, you’re welcome here. There’s an average of 8-10 hours of sunshine per day all year round, which can be a great boost for your productivity.  

4. Safety 

Dubai is one of the safest places to live. Abiding by the law is a must here. Rules are strictly adhered to in every nook and corner of Dubai. Regardless of your nationality, you need to follow a set of codes. For instance:

  • Driving rules: there is a strict law for speeding, drinking, driving, and road rushing. Anyone not abiding by the law is charged with a fine of more than AED 1000 ($272).
  • Crime rates are near zero as each part of the city is surveyed with CCTV cameras with no blind spots.
  • Zero tolerance for criminal activities. If you are a foreigner, you immediately get deported regardless of your background.

5. Favorable Work Environment

In Dubai, you can work in cafés and restaurants that provide free Wi-Fi to all visitors. Thus, you can choose a place to enjoy the ambiance while you work. 

Moreover, internet stability is no more a concern for a remote worker. The average Wi-Fi speed is about 118 Mbps. Co-working spaces are a trend in Dubai as well. You can choose the one you like depending on your budget and location. 

Amazingly, there is no language barrier. English is the most common language spoken after Arabic. Therefore, wherever you go across Dubai, you can easily communicate. 


With its countless real estate options, great working conditions, welcoming government policies, and beautiful scenery, Dubai is an excellent destination for digital nomads. 

It’s an amazing place to live as well. The attractions are countless, from sipping coffee at a luxurious cafe and enjoying a fountain show at the Dubai Mall, to going on a desert safari or visiting Legoland

All those who are looking for a sense of balance in their life and want to combine comfort and an exceptional working environment will find Dubai a fitting place!