Who Invented Lotion? Lotion And Skin Care

Who Invented Lotion

The lotion provides an easy way of dealing with the dire dry skin condition. Spreading the skin cream rejuvenates the skin cells and accesses the skin’s protective barrier.

The skin gets dry and sketchy due to several factors. Spikes in environmental conditions and cancer therapy are big contributors to dry skin. Be sure to have a plentiful supply of body lotion if your skin notoriously runs flaky and itchy.

Body lotions have unique ingredients that provide a soothing sensation keeping your skin radiant and healthy. Read on to uncover more information.

Who Invented Lotion?

The first sightings of the body lotion go back to ancient civilization. Around 3000 BC, ancient Egyptians and Sumerians invented body lotion. The primary ingredients in use were oil, honey, and pulverized plants.

Rumor has it Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt was suffering from skin conditions. Innovation was necessary to save her life. However, many toxic and carcinogenic substances in her skincare regime resulted in her eventual death.

How Is Lotion Manufactured?

A body lotion is a skin cream conventionally packed in bottles. Popular brands like Vaseline have been producing lotions for decades. It comprises various carefully chosen ingredients that know how to best tone your skin.

Stearic acid is the primary ingredient. It is a special wax naturally found in palm oil. A balanced mix of stearic acid with a blend of lanolin forms the foundation of the skin cream. The addition of the isopropyl myristate relieves the severity of stearic acid.

These make the recipe’s oil-soluble phase. Heat application to the oil-soluble phase of the recipe liquefies the stearic acid. While this phase is heating, the water-soluble phase is on standby.

Glycerin and water are the primary ingredients for the recipe of this phase. Glycerin naturally occurs in vegetable sources like corn.

The factory personnel gently heat glycerin with the gradual addition of purified water. Note that the mixture heating continues to just below water’s boiling point. The product’s engineers then add a floral fragrance to the mixture.

Afterward, the oil phase pumps to the bottom of the tank. The two mixtures blend and rise naturally to the top.

The workers then lower the temperature of the two mixtures. This action makes them creamy and whitish, similar to contemporary body lotions. After some time under heat, the mixture pumps out of the mixing tank into the supply tank.

Lastly, the supply tank fills the jars, bottles, or tubes depending on the cream’s purpose. Product labeling then occurs in the next stage.

You should note that it packs a one-two punch when you rub the cream on your skin. Glycerin is hygroscopic and thus draws atmospheric moisture to your skin. 

Lanolin then smooths the skin creating a barrier that locks in the moisture. This action nourishes your skin.

Benefits Of Using Body Lotion

The primary reason for using the body lotion is to fight off the flaky and itchy skin. It moisturizes the skin to keep in shape. A moisturized skin comes with its fair share of benefits in addition to a glamorous appearance.

You should note that merely using a body lotion won’t provide optimal results. Your lifestyle and what you consume play a great role in your skin’s health. All in all, a great creamy lotion will moisturize your skin, keeping it radiant and healthy.

Moisturizing helps maintain healthy skin to keep your skin healthier and younger. Below are some benefits of using the body lotion to moisturize your skin:

1. Keeps Your Skin Young

The most sensitive skin regions are the face, ears, and chest. Furthermore, the skin sheds and replaces quickly in these parts. 

This action leaves the skin vulnerable to the detrimental rays from the sun aside from other harmful factors.

These regions lose moisture content rapidly, leaving you with flaky and dry skin. Using a body lotion will lock the moisture in these regions in place. The cream ensures that your skin repairs itself and stays healthy.

Body lotions will help you fight wrinkles. Wrinkles send a message that your skin is aging. Your aging process may initiate early due to low moisture content in your skin. Regular application of a body lotion will fight the wrinkles leaving you with healthy skin.

Research recorded in the British Journal of Dermatology indicates that moisturized skin accrues wrinkles slower than dry skin. You should note that these results also depend on other lifestyle factors.

2. Prevents Skin Dehydration

Our skin loses a lot of water when we go to bed—the loss results from perspiration and respiration activities. 

As we dehydrate, the body loses water too. One proven way of combating this effect is by applying a standard body lotion to your skin.

Body lotion saves you from waking up with flaky, wrinkled, and creased skin. Moreover, you can acquire a body cream that protects you from the effects of suns exposure. Creams with an SPF of at least 15 will effectively cushion you from the harmful UV rays.

Using a body cream with in-built sun protection capabilities does a great job of cushioning your skin from the sun. 

Aside from maintaining a healthy amount of moisture in your skin, lanolin forms a protective barrier against carcinogenic sun rays.

It is imperative to use the right body cream products for skin therapy all year round. Dermatology experts recommend the application of a moisturizing body lotion every three to four hours. This information applies to you if you spend more time under the sun.

Lastly, body lotion prevents flaking. Lotions with natural ingredients tend to eliminate the dull-flaky look from your skin. This appearance results from constant dehydration in cold environmental conditions.

As you’re aware, humidity levels are lowest during the winter. Since the skin lacks moisture from the atmosphere, it tends to dry up, leaving a flaky appearance.

The less humid air dries out the skin and sometimes strips off its outer layer. When the skin’s guards are down, irritants invade the skin, hence the flaking. 

Including a good body lotion in your skincare routine should help you mitigate the dryness and its consequences.

3. Soothes Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skins come with their fair share of complications. They range from eczema and patches, which may be pretty annoying. Therefore, not all moisturizing lotions will be gentle on your skin.

Using a body lotion packed with soothing agents like aloe vera should suffice. Such lotions will moisturize your skin, keeping it radiant and cushioned from the effects of the sun. Dry, sensitive skin is also prone to experiencing acne.

The brain signals the glands to secrete more sebum whenever your skin dries out. It is a protective move your body uses to maintain its operation around the optimal levels.

However, excessive secretion of sebum comes with side effects. It may clog your skin’s pores, causing sprouts on your skin. 

Even though it seems counterintuitive, applying a body lotion reduces excess oils, thus preventing acne formation.

With the right body lotion product, you can effectively boost your skin. A healthy skin divulges its authentic beauty when moisture levels are perfect. Consequently, your beautiful skin will cement its gloss in your acquaintances’ minds.

Dry Skin Routine Tips

By now, you understand how dry skin greatly affects the appearance of your skin. The best way to tackle this problem is by identifying its causes and dealing with them. Additionally, performing some routines will keep the dry skin at bay. These tips include:

1. Keep Your Showers Short

Temperatures drop so low during the winter. It may even be practically impossible to try out a cold shower. For this reason, many people resort to hot shower baths.

Staying longer in a hot bath dehydrates your skin. Be sure to reduce the time you spend in a hot shower. 

You can also try out a cold bath if you have the heart of a navy seal. Cold showers will hydrate your skin, keeping it healthy.

2. Exfoliate

People mostly scrub their faces leaving off-dry skins in other body regions. Dry skin builds up dead cells in your body, including the hands and chest regions. The body, therefore, loses moisture easily and has a lower affinity for moisture.

Exfoliation removes the dirt that may be clogging your pores. This action creates room for newer cells to arise, rekindling your natural glow.

3. Nourishment

The skin tends to dry out post-shower. It is necessary to nourish the skin properly after a shower to maintain healthy skin.

The application of a body lotion nourishes the skin keeping it radiant and healthy. By adding deep moisture to the skin, a body lotion improves the skin’s texture. You ought to become great buddies with a quality moisturizing lotion if you want to maintain healthy skin.


Body lotion has been existing for ages. Initial records of this product go back to ancient Egypt and Sumerian civilizations.

Body lotions moisturize the skin, keeping it young. Furthermore, it soothes sensitive skin and protects it against harmful radiation. Consider the tips indicated to bolster your skincare routine.