When Should You Take A Prenatal Vitamin?

When Should You Take A Prenatal Vitamin

Getting pregnant is a big deal. Not only are you growing another life within you, but you are equally asking a lot from your body.

While it is always important to come up with your own unique plan with your doctor in regards to your wellness journey, it is likely that they will recommend incorporating prenatal vitamins into your journey.

When you take quality prenatal vitamins, you are ensuring that both you and your baby have the nutrients needed to grow together during the nine months and also ensure that the post-partum experience is equally as solid.

But when it comes to the timings of when you start incorporating your prenatal vitamins into your pregnancy journey, many will likely be surprised that it is usually recommended to take them before you get pregnant.

This is because you will want to start stockpiling the essential nutrients before the baby is even conceived so that you don’t have to worry about getting depleted. In fact, from the moment you and your partner decide that you want to start trying to conceive, you should talk to your doctor about starting to incorporate prenatal vitamins into your daily routine.

No one really knows how long it will actually take to get pregnant. For some couples, they get lucky in the first month. For others, they need months, if not years to finally conceive. But when your body has the right vitamins and nutrients needed to support a baby, the chances become better for you. Many doctors are actually considering it to be one of the most important parts of what is known as “preconception care”.

To further help digest all that there is to know about when to take prenatal vitamins and why we have rounded up the top things to keep in mind from the experts.

1. If You Are Already Pregnant, Start Incorporating Now

While it is ideal to take prenatal vitamins in advance of actually conceiving life, it is equally not the end of the world if you start taking them after you already found out too. As some would say, “better late than never”. So if you have already gotten that positive sign on your pee stick, then chat you your OBGYN about the best prenatal vitamins to incorporate into your routine from this point forward.

Your body and your baby will still benefit, even if you start incorporating a bit later.

2. Pregnancy Is Hard Work On The Body

Women do not get enough credit for how challenging pregnancy is on the body. In fact, growing another human inside of you takes up a ton of energy, resources and physical strain. It is no wonder that you may get feelings of nausea and exhaustion during the nine months of pregnancy.

But what many do not realize is that these side effects are often a side effect of being nutrient deficient. This is where prenatal vitamins come into play. Not only do they replenish what is depleted from your body, but they help ensure that the side effects do not consume your life for the next nine months.

When a fetus is growing inside of you, they are completely dependent on your own natural resources. But you need to make sure there are some left over for you too.

3. Fuel Your Body With A Variety Of Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are an amazing way to get your body a well-balanced variety of vitamins and minerals in just one supplement. The best prenatal vitamins will have twelve traceable ingredients within. This includes folate, omega-3, vitamin B12, choline, iodine biotin, vitamin D, iron, boron, vitamin E, vitamin K2 and magnesium.

We know that are a lot of vitamins to get into your body all at once. But all of them are so important for your and your baby’s health. But these vitamins all come in a digestible capsule that is designed to have a delayed release. This means that rather than all these nutrients bursting into your body all at once, they are dissolved into your small intestine at a manageable rate that ensures you reap the full benefits.

4. Sign Up For A Subscription

Prenatal vitamins are most effective when you take them on a regular basis. This means that you will want to ensure you are actually having them every single morning. The best way to prevent you from ever having to go a day without is by signing up for a subscription. That way you will always get a refill bottle before you run out—with the ability to pause whenever you want.

This is a game-changer, as it means you never have to worry about forgetting or running out, as there will likely be so much else on your mind as you prepare to welcome your baby into the world.


With so much to gain from prenatal vitamins, make sure to start taking them as soon as you want to begin manifesting pregnancy.