What to Look for When Shopping for Edible CBD


When shopping for edibles CBD, there are so many options that it can get overwhelming for those new to the world of cannabis. Edibles CBD come in a variety of forms, delivery methods and recipes and it takes a little bit of experimentation to find what works for each individual user. CBD specifically has exploded onto the wellness scene in the last decade or so for its supposed support of decreased anxiety, better sleep and better appetite among others. The trouble is cannabis products are still in a gray area in many parts of the country. 


The public and federal opinion around cannabis has certainly relaxed in recent years but there are still areas where people may be creating their own recipes, facing even less regulation than state sanctioned product makers face. When shopping for edibles CBD, there are a few things that consumers should look for before buying. Let’s take a look at some of those things to get a better idea of what to look for. 


First off, you want to make sure that your edibles contain only CBD or an extract that has the correct proportions of each component. For those that don’t know, CBD and THC are both compounds found in high concentrations in the marijuana plant. When growers produce plants, they usually aim to produce a plant that has high concentrations of both. But when growers want to produce a CBD product, they need to extract from a hemp plant. 


The hemp plant is related to marijuana plant but is grown to have less than .3% THC. Hemp plants still have CBD which is why they are typically used for making CBD only products. THC is known for its intoxicating effects while CBD is thought to have the relaxing benefits of cannabis without feeling inebriated in any way


As with any product, wellness related or not, be sure to check the ingredients on the label before purchasing. Normal ingredients in edible CBD products include CBD extract, flavoring and food coloring. Any added chemicals noticed should be researched thoroughly before buying. Similar to the supplement industry, the CBD industry is largely unregulated. That means companies can put a numerous amount of ingredients in their products with little to no oversight. 


This may cease to be true in states that have legalized recreational cannabis use where regulations are more stringent for farmers and cannabis companies, but it’s still a good idea to carefully read labels and make sure your products have natural ingredients and no added chemicals.


Customer Reviews 

Because so many CBD products are unregulated, it may come down to user reviews to find the best products. Users will have the best information about what products are great because they have experience with the product and its potency. CBD products can vary greatly in concentration and ingredients, so make sure you read customer reviews of any products you’re looking to purchase. 


This is also a great way to get a flavor profile before purchasing a product. There’s nothing worse than buying edible CBD with a flavor that just doesn’t sit right. You can also get a sense of what products work better for certain individuals rather than others. Everyone’s body is different and may process edible products differently. 

Extraction Methods 

In some cases, you may be able to make a determination about how the CBD was extracted. If a product claims ‘full spectrum’ CBD, that means that the CBD was extracted from the plant itself rather than synthesized. Full spectrum also implies that there are natural components of the hemp plant including terpenes which give it its unique flavor and scent. 


CBD isolate is a form of CBD that is stripped of its natural terpenes and flavors to create a ‘pure’ extract. This might be attractive to those who don’t want to taste any flavors associated with cannabis, but there is some research that suggests CBD is more effective when combined with terpenes and a small amount of inactive THC (less than .3%). 


When shopping for edibles CBD, make sure you look for a few key details about the product. For one, you want to make sure that you buy a CBD only product. Products containing THC at higher percentages than .3% will cause feelings associated with a cannabis high. This may be desirable for some, but for those looking for a way to calm their nervous system without feeling intoxicated these products won’t be the best thing. 


Secondly, make sure you check ingredients and read customer testimonials about the product. Most companies will have detailed information about their products online, but it’s important to digest what consumers have experienced using these products. And lastly, see if you can determine how the CBD was synthesized. This can greatly impact the potency of the product and a person’s overall experience consuming it.