5 Underwear Styles To Keep In Your Drawers

5 Underwear Styles To Keep In Your Drawers

We all have multiple outfits in our closet to choose from for any occasion or fashion style we desire – why shouldn’t our underwear styles be just as flexible? 

It’s far past time to get out of the underwear rut and keep a few different style choices in our top drawer. Certain types of underwear work better with certain outfits than others, and it is important to have a variety to choose from. 

If you are struggling with what type of underwear to keep handy, here are five classic styles to start you off. 

1. Bikini Briefs

Let’s start with the go-to classic (and my personal favorite), bikini briefs. InStyle agrees that a pair of these classics is a must-have. They are comfortable and versatile, and the bikini brief will work with almost any outfit. That’s what makes them such a great choice for an everyday fallback.

You want to consider the cut of the style of underwear to determine if they are the right choice with a particular outfit. For example, the bikini brief provides great coverage of your backside (your behind) – making them more comfortable with jeans or other harsher fabric. 

Depending on the material, they are also just a great, classic fit. Standard cotton bikini briefs can’t really be beat in the versatility, comfort, and practicality categories. 

You may run into an issue with bikini briefs when wearing tighter garments or skirts. Luckily, there’s an option for that too.

2. Seamless Briefs

To put it simply – if you like your butt covered, loathe the feeling of a thong between the cheeks, but also hate panty lines, then you need a seamless brief. 

While providing full coverage, this style is supremely comfortable. Seamless briefs are cut lower in the leg, but are often made of skin hugging material that make you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. 

Seamless briefs are perfectly smooth, and are an excellent alternative to wearing a thong without getting panty lines. Be sure to get a seamless brief in various colors. Nude, white, and black are great colors to start with. Anytime you wear a seamless brief, (or any style of underwear), they should match the color of the skirt or pants you plan to wear. 

3. Thongs

There are many types of thongs that pair well with everyday wear, especially if thongs are your thing. With classic, seamless, and high-waisted choices, your options are pretty limitless. Like seamless briefs, most thong choices will eliminate the unsightly panty lines, but also provide some coverage where you need it most. 

Thongs are also great to have for intimate nights with that special someone, or even if you just want to feel sexy yourself by wearing them. 

Also available in a wide variety of colors and materials, have some fun and add this style to your repertoire. 

4. Boy Shorts

Your underwear collection is not complete without boy shorts. Their cut makes them arguably the most comfortable of styles, and they might just be the best underwear style ever created. 

There are some misconceptions when it comes to boy shorts. They are not boxer shorts, let’s make that clear. The seams of boy shorts run under the curve of your bottom, so they are more fitted than boxers, they don’t bulge up, and they do not leave panty lines. 

Another plus is boy shorts can often be worn as shorts – for water activities, working out, even running. They don’t “ride” up or dig, and they also provide support and coverage. If thongs aren’t your thing, and you want coverage underneath a dress or skirt, the boy short is your answer. 

Some other perks – if you’re not into lingerie, a pair of boy shorts and your partner’s t-shirt can make for a very sexy bedtime outfit. Worn under shorts or even a dress can help keep you a lot warmer during cold months.

5. Boxers

Boxers are not just for men. This is proven all the time by women who steal their guy’s boxers to slip on as a pair of comfy shorts. The secret is out – women love boxers too! 

Boxers are, essentially, shorts. Usually with an elastic waistband, they fit every body style and provide the same full coverage and comfort. Yes, these can be worn as shorts as well, but due to their more loose fit, are more appropriate for lounging around the house. 


To ensure you have the most appropriate style of underwear to pair with outfits, it’s always a great idea to keep at least one pair of these five classics on hand. Be sure to get them in a variety of colors in order to remain discreet underneath your clothing. 

No matter what style of underwear you wear, make sure they make you feel comfortable, sexy, and confident.