Training Starts Long Before It Starts

Training Starts Long Before It Starts

Training in each sport is the development of the necessary skills under the rules of this sport. Professionals and amateurs are completely equal in terms of the effort expended, just the result is different for everyone. The development of skills requires an accurate working tool — human muscles. If they wake up in the middle of your training, pay attention to the pre workout supplement and increase your work efficiency.

What Is Included In The Pre-Workout Supplement?

Since the physical work of a person is training for the whole body, then the productivity of training should be taken seriously and started before the appointed time by taking dietary supplements. This approach helps to set up the whole body before the load — physically and emotionally. Unlike conventional energy drinks, pre-workout supplements also tone up muscle tissue, preparing it for work.

They have several popular components:

  1. Creatine — due to the increase in special endurance, it allows you to endure short-term loads of greater intensity. This accelerates the buildup of lean muscle tissue. And from an emotional point of view, it gives vivacity and concentration.
  1. Arginine — dilates blood vessels and provides improved muscle nutrition, plus — increases vascularity.
  1. Beta-alanine — prevents acidification during heavy physical exercise and thus prevents muscle wasting.
  1. Branched-Chain Amino Acid is a muscle building material that inhibits catabolism.
  1. Taurine — stimulates growth hormone, transports nutrients to muscle cells and enhances protein synthesis.

To replenish the reserves of biologically active substances that are depleted during intense training, vitamins and minerals can be added to the pre-workout.

Try To Speed Up

To accelerate the adaptation of the body to physical activity, the composition of food supplements is supplemented with adaptogens of plant origin – ginseng, Rhodiola rosea, Eleutherococcus, Schisandra chinensis.

Caffeine and geranium are used as stimulating ingredients.

  • Caffeine promotes the secretion of adrenaline, improves muscle contraction, concentration, endurance and performance, and in addition increases the breakdown of fatty acids, showing a fat burning effect.
  • Geranium pre-workout has 10 times more central nervous system effects than a caffeinated product. You should be careful with such supplements, because they give a really powerful effect. Experts (including those from Ronnie Coleman’s) recommend buying geranium-based supplements only to experienced athletes.

To speed up any process, additional resources are always required. Make sure you have them before using accelerators.

Benefits Of Starting Work Before Training

Pre-workout should be taken 15-20 minutes before training, so that 5-6 hours remain before bedtime (otherwise the drug will cause insomnia). Drinking supplements on non-training days is pointless. It is not recommended to use the supplement daily.

What pre-workouts do to the body:

  • Give a surge of energy
  •  Increase concentration
  • Favorably affect endurance
  • Increase muscles in volume
  • Improve power parameters
  • Burn body fat

However, when using a low-quality supplement, not in the prescribed amount, or non-compliance with the intake regimen, — headache, nausea, insomnia, dyspepsia, and heart rhythm disturbance may occur.

Gender Restrictions

The best pre-workout supplement complex may match the gender of the athlete.

  • Women’s supplements contain active ingredients in small doses, so they give a soft energy boost. Actually, they often consisting of components that have a great fat-burning effect (L-carnitine or guarana).
  • Men may have more of this action. They need powerful supplements, such as C4 pre-workout. Women do not need such high dosages as men’s products.

It can cause problems with digestion, the menstrual cycle or the hormonal system in the sex.

You need to buy nutritional supplements from trusted sellers who cooperate with leading manufacturers and sell only fresh products. Take Ronnie Coleman’s, for example.

Who Should Try Pre-Workout Supplements

It must be said right away that the effectiveness of pre-workout supplements has not been proven, and this is unlikely to happen in the future: the mixtures differ too much in composition to be able to study them normally.

Still, a number of studies suggest that a popular combo of caffeine, amino acids, and vitamins can improve some performance.

Those Who Want To Maintain Training Volume Despite Fatigue

If you came to the gym tired after work or didn’t have time to recover from other sports activities, the pre-workout supplement will help out. With him you will do no less than on your best days.

Studies show that pre-workouts help overcome physical fatigue and perform more reps in exercises such as the leg press on the machine, bench press and back squat with 75-80% of the one rep maximum — the weight that you can do with only one rep.

However, here we are talking about heavy loads in a tired state. So, if you’re doing gentle cardio or lifting light weights, it doesn’t make sense to spend money on a pre-workout.

For Those Who Lack Energy And Concentration In Training

Several scientific papers at once confirmed that pre-workouts cause a surge of energy, help you focus on training and fight fatigue. Moreover, the effect is observed in both men and women, regardless of the type of exercise (strength or cardio).

Those Who Want To Build Muscle And Dry

Not all scientific works confirm the benefits of pre-workouts for the figure. However, there is evidence that supplements can provide an increase in muscle mass and reduce body fat.

So, in a number of experiments, over 6 weeks of training with the pre-work, male athletes earned twice as much muscle mass and reduced fat almost one and a half times more effectively than those who took placebo.

In addition, pre-workouts are useful for those who want to maintain muscle mass during periods of high stress — for example, during intensive competitions.

It is not advisable to drink pre-workouts between workouts — this way you will spend more money on the supplement, and its effectiveness will remain the same. If you come across such recommendations in the instructions for the product, this is a trick of the manufacturer to sell more goods.