Top 15 Services For Business Startups

Top 15 Services For Business Startups

A startup business can develop in a semi-manual mode, but the expansion of the assortment, the increase in the staff, and the increase in income make digitalization necessary. Modern online services help to develop business, automate routine processes, and increase the efficiency of interaction with clients.

For your attention are the most popular services for business startup, marketing, management, and finance. They will be especially useful for those who are at the start of their business.

Content Marketing

Services that help you find interesting topics, and prepare and publish ready-made content.


Woffex is a service for creating a sales text: choose a topic, choose a writer, and wait for the result. Depending on your goals, this service does everything as quickly as possible.

This service is one of the most inexpensive content-writing services on the market. From technical to SEO texts, it handles it all.


Feedly is an RSS feed aggregator. Just type the name of the feed into the search and connect it to your account. The main page has themed feed selections – for example, about marketing, photography, games, and more. In the paid version, you can form a feed not only from RSS sources but also from materials that mention a given keyword. Subscription costs from $6 per month.


Overleaf is a service for working with complex documents, books, presentations, summaries, and reports. It looks like a coding application – you have to set up commands that help you choose the font style, size, indentation, headings, and more.

The free version has limited functionality, with paid subscriptions starting at $10 per month or $120 per year.


Cloud services for businesses where you can store shared documents, schedule project processes, and work remotely.


Trello is a kanban board for organizing company cases and storing documents. You can move cards as you complete a task, change statuses, attach comments, set deadlines, and assign responsible parties.

You can use the board for free. If you want more features: creating charts and tables, adding images, a calendar, and maps, subscribe for $10 a month. That said, a premium business account will cost $3.75 a month if you buy an annual subscription.


TeamViewer is a service for getting remote access to PCs, mobile devices, and network equipment. For example, it helps employees who need access to a work computer to connect to an account in 1C or Key Collector.


YouGile is a tool for teamwork on tasks. Developers emphasize the obviousness of interfaces and informal communication on tasks. Suitable for teams that take an agile approach. Up to 10 users free of charge.


Shtab is another service for teamwork on tasks. Among other things, it allows for keeping track of finances and helps calculate employees’ salaries based on the actual time worked. And the manager can estimate and plan the project budget. Up to five users are free.

Search For Ideas

Services for businesses that help you find and visualize ideas.


Crowdicity is an app for discussing ideas and solving problems. A project manager describes a problem and invites employees to think it over and discuss ideas. You can say that it is a special place for a kind of brainstorming, for participation in which each participant receives bonuses.

The developers of the service offered to get a demo version and try the product. If you like it, you can discuss the terms of use.



Service for marketing intelligence and competitor analysis. Allows you to find out how your competitors attract customers.


It is used to analyze websites: traffic, traffic channels (visitors), demographics, and geography. It is partly free.

CRM System


Allows automating transactions, sales analytics, and contacts database. Plus the possibility of integration with other services, as well as the function of task management.


Allows automating interaction with clients. Focused on users who are working with similar services for the first time. There is a free version with limited functionality.

Site Builder

WordPress Many templates are available for different tasks. There is a free rate.

Work with Personnel


It is a system of management of personnel and staff documentation: time records, reporting on violations, and scheduling automation.


This is an electronic HR document management service. You can completely get rid of paperwork.

Free Online Photo And Image Editors


Graphical online photo and picture editor. There are many templates for different tasks: social networks, booklets, presentations, etc.