The Golden Years: 5 Critical Senior Health Tips You Need to Know

older couple laughing

Seniors now account for 16 percent of the US population, with the number of Baby Boomers set to stand at 73 million by 2030.

The good news is that the golden years of seniors today are very different to those of previous generations. But the aging US population means that people living longer than ever before, making senior health a priority. 

Those who have followed healthy habits throughout their lives tend to become healthy seniors. But even if you haven’t made time for your health in the past, it’s never too late to make a change. Keep reading to find out the top senior health care tips. 

1. Get Regular Check-Ups

Prevention is better than cure, especially as you get older and your risk for a variety of health problems increases. Make sure to attend regular preventative care visits, such as cholesterol tests, heart check-ups, and cancer screenings.

These check-ups and more qualify for Medicare coverage, although you may need to top up your care package with Medigap insurance for certain senior health services. Check out this guide to learn the differences between various Medigap insurance plans. 

Regular dental visits, vision tests, and hearing checks are also a key part of senior whole health care. Not least because dentists and eye doctors can also check for serious health conditions such as diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure.  

2. Eat Well and Keep Hydrated 

Our digestive systems slow down as we age, making it vital to eat foods high in fiber. These include fruits, vegetables, pulses, and whole grains. You should also aim to include various sources of protein, calcium, iron, healthy fats, and a range of different vitamins in your diet. 

As well as eating healthy and nutritious food, senior health care recommendations urge seniors to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. We tend to feel less thirsty as we age but drinking more water helps boost senior mental health and energy levels

3. Prioritize Sleep

Another important component of a healthy life is getting enough sleep. Seniors tend to wake up early and then feel tired and drowsy during the day. This can then have a negative effect on senior mental health, memory, activity levels, and general well-being. 

Adapt to your new sleeping schedule by winding down earlier at night, avoiding screens in the evening, and keeping your bedroom cool and dark as a way to promote restful and restorative sleep

4. Stay Physically and Mentally Active

Regular exercise is a great way to stay fit and healthy long into your golden years. Even if you can only manage a short daily stroll, staying active offers a boost for your balance, flexibility, cardiovascular health, and mood. 

You should also find ways to keep your mind active by doing crossword puzzles, reading, crafting, or learning something new. These mental challenges help promote a sense of well-being while boosting senior mental health and memory skills. 

5. Socialize 

Experts in senior behavioral health recognize how crucial it is for seniors to maintain regular contact with friends and family. As well as helping you feel connected, time spent with loved ones lifts your mood and helps alleviate loneliness, depression, and other senior mental health concerns.  

The Top Senior Health Tips 

You’ve worked hard and cared for your family all your life. Now it’s time to make yourself a priority by following these senior health tips. 

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