Securing Home And Family: Security For Babysitters

Securing Home And Family

For many parents, the first time hiring a babysitter can be an excruciating experience. No matter how much screening and how many interviews you keep, there’s always the fear of missing something. While this feeling is natural since your topmost priority is children’s safety, some additional methods can help with the anxiety. You’ll be more relaxed with a new babysitter if you improve home security beforehand. It’s the only way to safeguard your loved ones and valuables when you can’t be around. To help you get started, we’ve put together some tips to get your home ready.

Install A Keyless Entry System To Avoid Leaving A Spare Key

Even if the babysitter screening process was good and you completely trust the person who will care for your kids, adding more layers of security for your peace of mind doesn’t hurt. For most parents, making a copy of the house key and leaving it to the babysitter is a no-go. So, to avoid the situation, you can install a keyless entry system. 

Such a system eliminates the need for physical keys and reduces the chances of unauthorized duplication or misplacement. When you get a new babysitter in the house, the technology ensures controlled access as you can program it to work only for the person you choose. 

You can assign unique codes, change access remotely, and monitor exit and entry times 24/7. If you’re unsure how to start installing such a system, you can get professional advice on professional home locksmith services to choose the best option. A keyless entry system is excellent in case of unexpected scenarios or emergencies as it provides remote access. 

Consider Storing Valuables In A Biometric Safe   

While having a trustworthy babysitter with a proven track record is ideal, when hiring someone new to care for your children, it’s prudent to take extra precautions with your valuables. Before granting the babysitter access, gather your jewelry, spare keys, cash, and important documents and place them in a secure safe. For added security, opting for a biometric safe is a wise choice.
A biometric safe will send notifications if there are any attempts to access it. Unlike traditional safes, you can stay informed even if the babysitter attempts to open it without your knowledge. These models often include a camera feed that activates automatically upon contact, making them a valuable addition to your home security system, alongside the keyless entry system.

Install Security Cameras For Betterhome Monitoring 

Regardless of your trust in the babysitter, adding security cameras to your home is wise. They provide complete home security benefits, not only when you’re away, and the babysitter is with your children. Security cameras serve as additional surveillance tools for your home, offering advantages beyond the obvious.
In addition to providing continuous home monitoring, security cameras can act as a deterrent, encouraging the babysitter to maintain exemplary behavior. It is important to inform the babysitter about the presence of these cameras to avoid potential legal issues related to privacy concerns.
Whether you opt for a complete security system or a dedicated nanny cam, the recorded footage from these devices can be invaluable. In the event of an incident, reviewing the footage allows for a clear understanding of the situation, eliminating potential disputes and preserving a positive relationship with the babysitter.

Make Use Of The Smart Devices In Your House

If your home has a range of smart devices, capitalize on their capabilities. For example, you can monitor when your smart TV is powered on and the channels being watched. This way, you can be on top of the situation even if the babysitter deviates from your screen time restrictions.

Final Thoughts

Entrusting your children’s care to a babysitter, especially for the first time, can be a nerve-wracking experience for any parent. While thorough screening and interviews are essential, there’s always lingering concern for your child’s safety. Enhancing home security is an important step to alleviate this anxiety. It provides peace of mind and extra protection for your loved ones and belongings when you cannot be present. By considering measures like installing a keyless entry system, using a biometric safe, and incorporating security cameras, you improve your home’s security and ensure a safer environment for your children and the babysitter.