Pest Control Is Essential For Businesses

Pest Control Is Essential For Businesses

If there’s one place where companies can’t afford to take shortcuts, it’s with pest control. Customers and clients want absolutely nothing to do with pests, and who can blame them? 

Pests pose a public health risk and a PR nightmare. Imagine surviving years in the gruelling restaurant industry only to have a customer see a pest on the premises — the loyal following you’ve built up can be wiped out overnight. 

Pest control is crucial for many unrelated sectors, from food services, hospitality, educational facilities, healthcare, warehousing, and more. Professional pest control specialists do a lot more than lay the traps and spray the sprays you can find on store shelves!

Let’s take a closer look at what they do and why they’re truly essential for business. 

Custom Treatments

The leading pest control experts use treatments they make themselves that you can’t find at your local hardware store or convenience store. These treatments will eliminate the entire infestation rather than just put a dent in their population while giving them time to reproduce and grow their numbers.

These are the best solutions available, and there’s only one way to get them. Plus, all the ingredients are Health Canada-approved, so you can feel confident that they’re safe for pets and environmentally friendly. 


Professional pest control experts don’t just eliminate your pests. They also provide a range of supportive documentation to prove they’ve covered every aspect of the job. 

Expect to get set up with a logbook, licenses and certificates, device maps, safety sheets, and more. Pest control specialists will eliminate unwelcome friends from your premises and provide every form of proof that they have. 

Communication And Electronic Reporting

Modern pest control specialists provide customers with 24/7 access to their services. Companies can check out their location’s history and trend reports and enjoy easy access and full transparency. 

You’ll never have full control over this crucial data on command without having to wait for another company’s business. 

Dedicated Account Managers

Nobody wants to spend time on the phone explaining their case history to an employee they’ve never spoken to before. The best pest control experts have a designated team that works with you.

They’ll know your name and what issues you face. They won’t treat you like a number, and they care that you succeed. Pest control can determine whether your business can run or not, as fines and inspections can sink your business. 

Don’t leave this crucial aspect to a pest control company that doesn’t even know your name. 

Tailored Program

Every pest control specialist needs to offer the same high level of service, but no two jobs are alike. There are always peculiarities separating one from another because each location is different.

The specialists you hire should tailor their program to your needs. Maybe you need them for more than a pest infestation. They should also do related services, like chute foaming, odour control, and more. If your needs change, so should their services.

There isn’t merely one thing called “pest control.” Even the possibility of having pests on the premises requires a proactive response to ensure you have no unwelcome guests and various related services to erase their impact and presence.

If you’ve had pests before, the leading service needs to come in and ensure they don’t come back, which means sealing up any cracks through which they could enter, spraying preventive treatments, eliminating any foul odours, and more. 

Indoor And Outdoors

At first glance, “pests” may seem like only an indoor issue. Businesses may need to control the presence of wildlife outdoors, too. There are animals like raccoons, skunks, and squirrels can transmit diseases and do considerable damage to structures. Their droppings promote bad health and are unseemly.   In a basic sense, these animals can help chase away customers and clients and make the outdoors unpleasant. 

On the other hand, these animals have a protected legal right to be outdoors. Where else could they be? They are also protected animals, and conduct here is highly regulated. You need a pest control service that knows how to manage these populations while abiding by the correct permits and humane procedures. 

Such services protect your health and the health of your customers and clients. You need to keep your business safe, but ensuring no animals are harmed is also key. Look for a service that can safely manage Canadian geese, seagulls and gulls, pigeons, raccoons, squirrels, opossums, skunks, and more.

Third-Party Compliance Audits

Businesses need to be pest-free because pests are the last thing any customer wants to see. However, there are also legal thresholds they must meet, so in a very real sense, passing third-party inspections and audits is a necessary part of running a viable business.

Leading pest control specialists help you meet or exceed these standards, as their IMP specialists engage in intensive training and certification in account management, administration, and quality assurance. There’s a major difference between having a friend who knows a few handy ways to reduce the presence of pests and a certified specialist who knows what legal standards must be cleared. 

Businesses need to be more than pest-free. Passing every test is also essential. 

Friendly, Professional Technicians

Your business means everything to you! You may feel understandably uneasy if you have a pest problem that threatens it, and the last thing you’ll want is the person who solves this problem, causing you new ones.

The most friendly and professional pest control experts tend to come from smaller, local companies where the owners and technicians know each other. They can vouch for the person they’re dispatching to your door personally. 

From arriving on time to respecting you and your place of business throughout, there’s more to being a pest control specialist than expertise. 

Business leaders know their business inside and out better than anybody else. But across sectors, pest control is something they ought to consider now before it’s too late. Don’t just hire the first company your search engine points to. Instead, look for one that touches on all the above points.