Five Most Attractive Communities To Buy A Property

Five Most Attractive Communities To Buy A Property

The United Arab Emirate has been intentional about luxury realty, but Dubai is by far the most concentrated area with high quality realty options for indigenes, and those coming from abroad. It is more impressive because these housing options are top-notch, world quality and class materials. But when it comes to where is the most attractive, some people advise other to buy properties in Damac Hills, while others say you should look at some more silent locations. Whatever your choice, know for a start that there are so many lovely locations that could make you appreciate living in the Arabian heart of tourism – Dubai. This article shall discuss some of the most attractive communities to buy property in Dubai.

Five Communities To Watch Out For

The five communities that will be discussed below were handpicked by a poll collected around all the major areas of the Dubai city and may only be based on popular opinion. It does not propose to be a conclusive proof over the areas. You may have different preferences and perceive these areas differently – Read more on the official website Emirates.Estate. If you are looking for insights however, you have reached a bus stop. Enjoy.

Damac Hills

Damac Hills is one of the most attractive communities to buy property in 2023. The hills have some of the most amazing real estate options that beautify the hills and makes it more appealing even from afar. The upside about most of the properties here is that they are designed and executed by Damac Hills. As an investor who knows his onions you probably already understand, that is a good sign. Also, although it named a hill, it is not too high, and it can be easily and comfortably navigated. Additionally, there are every necessary amenity that make the area desirable to people from all works of life. Tick this on your list and make it one of your priority realty targets.

Business Bay

Business Bay has the aura of an isolated town yet it is in the middle of all of the actions in the area. The Bay area is accentuated in a manner that allows you see some of the promising sites in town and it is also a serene environ. Another perk to this location is that there are sites that are still under development which allow people investment opportunities and give options. Also, the area is hot cake for both businesses, companies, and residents. As a result of these double barrel demand channels, business bay is quite attractive for investors and intending residents.

Dubai Marina

Welcome to Dubai Marina, the second most hot-in-demand places in Dubai. Can you guess the first? You will find out later. The Dubai Marina has some of the loveliest centers and parks for friend’s hangout, family time out and personal self-care routines. The spas are endless and the pools decorate the marina and make you see utter bliss. The walkways are also often crowded as people come from other parts of the city to experience the Marina vibes. This community is alive 24/ 7 with live bands, bistros and cool spots. When you visit the Marina, you will no longer wonder why it was voted as one of the most attractive centers.

Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is renowned for housing some of the most iconic locations in Dubai, including but not limited to the tallest building in the world and some of the iconic malls and restaurants. Downtown Dubai is very beautiful and there are more than a handful of real estate that you can key into. Occupied by mostly towers and sky scrapers, units are offered to users and realtors from all around the world. It is also renowned for its proximity to the famous JBR and Jumeirah beach and the beautiful Palm Jumeirah. 

Umm Sequim

Last but not the least is the amazing exotic Umm Sequim, which is not only one of the most amazing places to live. It is equally one of the most expensive. This community is built patterned after an impressive plan and set aside for the wealthy who do not think twice about spending some cash. The Umm Sequim is a very attractive location to live in.


This article has discussed the five most attractive communities where you can buy a property from and why they were so selected. It made use of a poll and you can feel free to love one area over the other or reshuffle the lists. The whole of Dubai is a wonder to see and you will find the topography and houses arrayed like they were planed for aesthetic purposes (of a truth they were). The whole Dubai plan was to have a property that is attractive to all and juicy enough to bring in tourists and it is gradually achieving those goals.