Making The Most Of A Prolonged Housing Price Surge

Making The Most Of A Prolonged Housing Price Surge

American house prices have been surging for the best part of two years, and this isn’t set to stop, according to CNBC. Nor are these prices representative of a bubble; homeowners who want to make the absolute most out of their properties can be confident that the price is there to stay. With price increases happening all over the market, it falls to homeowners to take that extra step to add further value to their property through improvements and renovations, as the return on investment at this time is better than perhaps it ever will be.

Bringing In Professional Landscaping

One of the most effective ways to increase property value is by bringing in professional landscaping. Your outdoors features define your home, whether you have a simple outside or something more extravagant. Furthermore, the curb appeal of your home will both present a more attractive proposition to buyers as well as giving an appreciable return on investment. According to The Washington Post, a simple manufactured stone veneer will return an additional 92.1% of its investment on an average spend of $10,386, and can be simply achieved. Even more encouragingly, a garage door replacement, which only sets most homeowners back $3,907, will attract a 93.8% return. Simple changes to the outside of your home will make it look more professional and give an immediate uptick in the sell-on value of your property, making it a good place to start.

Changing The Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling is expensive but, again, has an attractive return on investment. According to Homeserve, the average remodel worth 10% of your home’s value will attract a ROI of 77.86% in terms of the total value of your home. It’s also a good time to remodel kitchens due to the rise of the smart home. Putting features into the house, such as additional ethernet ports and stations for smart devices, will enable progressive young families to enjoy your home to a greater degree and, once again, make your home attract a greater overall property value.

Strategic Replacements

Experts writing for Homes and Gardens magazine also recommend strategic changes. These are small-scale adaptations, such as attractive light fittings and cabinet handles, that require very little cost input, and very little work hours, but together can help your home to accrue a greater value. Also consider conformity. Bringing in fittings that mix well with other areas of the home, or outright match, will give you the all-in look that a home of its value deserves. It also makes for easier selling; a cogent and well-assembled home is much more attractive to viewers than the alternative.

Together, these changes will give you home the boost to its looks and appeal that will improve its value. The market continues to simmer away, and by making changes you can get even further ahead of the property value curve. With buying set to hot up considerably, that’s an opportunity you can’t afford to waste.