How To Write An Address On An Envelope

How To Write An Address On An Envelope

Did you know the first letter in America was sent in 1527?

From papyrus to email, humans have always communicated via some form of written language. This form of correspondence has connected nations separated by thousands of miles of land and sea. But when you can send your friend an iMessage in two seconds, you probably have no clue how to write an address on an envelope.

This dying art is a lot easier than you might think. Once you know how to address an envelope, you can enjoy sending handwritten missives to all your besties. Keep reading for more.

How to Write an Address on an Envelope: Write a Letter

Write out your letter on a sheet of standard white print paper, or any paper you choose. Include your name and date at the top just in case.

Then fold the letter into threes so it can fit into an envelope. Try to match the folds to the envelope so it fits nicely.

Buy an Envelope

Most envelopes will work for postal services. Just make sure the envelope is sturdy enough to survive the journey. Consider getting an envelope with a privacy pattern to keep the contents of your mail secret.

Find envelopes that have self-adhesive. Some require you to lick the adhesive to activate it. Others have a pull tab that you remove first to seal it.

Addressing an Envelope

There are only two steps here. First, put your address (known as the return address) in the top left-hand corner. Then put the recipient’s address in the center.

Write as legibly as you can so the postal service doesn’t have trouble reading it. Consider using online certified mail to ensure it reaches its destination. You can decorate the letter with art or anything you like as long as the addresses are readable.

You can print the address onto the envelope if you wish, but this step is more involved. It’s usually pretty difficult to get a consumer print to address an envelope.

If you’re worried that people won’t be able to read your handwriting, then just take it to the post office. They’ll enter it into the computer by hand for you.

Apply a Postage Stamp

In order to post a letter, you need to pay the postage office’s rate. A first-class stamp won’t cost you more than a dollar. You can purchase stamps at the post office or take the letter there to the front counter.

In some cases, you will need more than one stamp. This is usually if you have an envelope that is thick, with several sheets of paper. Do know that putting a second stamp won’t make the letter arrive any faster, and will just be a waste of a stamp!

Send a Letter Today

Sending a physical letter is a ton of fun in an age where emails are the norm. Know how to write an address on an envelope before you send one, though. Otherwise, the mixup at the post office may result in the letter being returned to sender.

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