Holidays In Greece – Choose The Island Of Corfu

Holidays In Greece

One of Greece’s two largest and most northern Ionian islands is Corfu. The greenest and most romantic island in Greece is often regarded as Corfu. Corfu is an “Italian boot without a spout”-shaped island.

The Island of Corfu enchants with its allure. enjoying a plane up to the island of Corfu and enjoying its beauty while looking out the window… magnificent! It feels as though the plane is landing on the water since Corfu International Airport’s “Ioannis Kapodistrias” sole runway is situated on a man-made embankment directly next to the lake.

Corfu has subpar general transportation and subpar public transportation. There are only two real options for getting to or from the airport: Corfu airport taxi and rental cars. The most practical method for this is an AtoB airport transfer, and the cost of such an airport taxi service is fair. Keep in mind that the tiny Corfu airport occasionally struggles to handle the influx of travelers during the peak season. To conserve your nervous system, it is best to take an AtoB Corfu airport taxi to get there and to check in early.

Old Citadel

Venetian artisans constructed a citadel on top of the ruins of an earlier castle that stood on a stone peninsula. The Citadel was surrounded by a moat that was 40 meters wide and 15 meters deep. The fact that this size was entirely constructed by human hands stands out. The tourists may now enjoy breathtaking vistas because of the location’s success. By purchasing a ticket, you can move freely around its territory, feeling like a guard who served within the walls of this fortress. To experience the sound of the restless sea lapping the rocky beaches of the fortress, it is best to book an airport transfer and visit this location as early as possible while there are as few people there.

If you spend some time here alone or with a small group of people, you will undoubtedly have philosophical thoughts on how time controls individuals and other living things in such a way that, while 477 years may seem like a long time to a fortress, it is an eternity to a person. You should focus your attention on the location of the former lighthouse on the fortress’s grounds separately. The beauty of this city’s surroundings, especially the sunset that is veiled by the waves of unending water, may be seen here.

A modest chapel that was erected by the British while they were here for a long period is available for visitors who arrive by airport taxi on the grounds of the fortress. This edifice has kept the characteristics that the English School of Art used to decorate buildings like this in England at the time. Although it appears to be an ancient cistern that has lost its grandeur, it has retained a great deal and is prepared to share it with you.

Holy Church Of The Holy Apostles Jason And Sosipater

This church was established in honor of Sosipater and Jason, two well-known followers of St. Paul. They were the ones who brought Christianity to this island, and it has grown and expanded ever since. The building’s construction utilized stone pieces that were salvaged from other old structures, which is the most intriguing aspect. Regarding the decoration’s aesthetics, it was shaped by the classical school of Byzantine masters of that era. It is a modest structure with several sizable windows that include mosaic decorations.

When it first opened, the walls of the building were covered in an impressive amount of paintings depicting various biblical stories. Over time, some of these murals were lost, while remnants of others were retained. Unique old icons are currently housed within these walls. The magnificent iconostasis will command special attention from you. The most intriguing aspect of the five fragments is that they were painted in antiquity and you will be able to view with your own eyes the colors that the artist used to paint. They will represent various religious meanings. The spirit of those times has been kept so effectively, while you are inside the church, you can forget that you arrived here by airport transfer in Greece and not some remote location from the Byzantine era.

Corfu Museum Of Asian Art

This place is the origin of the story, where from 1816 it was the resting place of the British High Commissioner, a British Lord. This area became a repository of Asian art when the British abandoned the island. Since then, displays of Chinese, Japanese, and Indian art have been lining the walls. Here, you may find sculptures in classical styles and local porcelain goods.

It is by looking around the rooms filled with these objects that you can feel the subtle settings of the inner world of people who come from those regions. Awe-inspiring porcelain exhibitions are created by masters who expertly give personality to otherwise soulless things, which they then reveal to you and force you to immerse yourself in. After getting to this museum by airport transfer, each exhibit will make you reflect on the idea of viewing the world from the Asian area, thus you will undoubtedly lose track of time.

You will experience the harmony of the inner world when you exit this palace, as stated by several schools from Asian countries. Reserve an airport taxi and visit this intriguing location, which has a touch of British charm on the exterior and a fusion of Chinese and Japanese culture within.