10 Exciting Things To Do In Kure Beach, North Carolina

Exciting Things To Do In Kure Beach

Are you wondering where to go for your summer vacation? Do you like to spend time on the beach during the summer months? Have you heard about Kure beach in North Carolina? There are many things you and your family can do in Kure beach. What makes Kure beach appealing is that you can enjoy it all year-round. In this article, we discuss some of the exciting things you can do while in Kure beach, North Carolina.

1. Fishing

If you love fishing, then you can find some time to fish off the Kure Beach Fishing Pier. It is 711 feet long and has enough space for many fishing enthusiasts to cast their lines and catch some of the fish species found in Kure beach. If you want to read and learn more about fishing then click here.

You don’t need a fishing license to fish off the pier although you may pay a nominal fee. It also should be noted that you can’t take alcohol onto the fishing pier. Walleye, crappie, muskie, rainbow trout, and flathead catfish are some of the fish you can catch off the fishing pier.

2. Fort Fisher State Historic Site

While vacationing in Kure beach, you can take the family to the Fort Fisher State Historic site.  The port of Fort Fisher played a major role in the civil war and you can learn about its role and the civil war from this historic site.

3. North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher

Take the family to the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher and enjoy the different aquatic animals in their diverse habitats. Some of the sea animals at the aquarium are rays, sea turtles, sharks, seahorses, Asian small-clawed otters, and a bald eagle. There are guided tours, adventures, and free programs that are available every day by the staff of the aquarium.

4. Kayaking

If you love kayaking, you can rent a kayak and explore Masonboro Island, Zeke’s Island, and Cape Fear River. You can sign up for guided tours with services like Kayak Carolina. They provide family adventures, guided nature tours, kayaking instructions, self-guided rentals, and day-long expeditions.

5. Coquina Outcrop

Another site to visit while at Kure beach is the only naturally occurring rock formation in North Carolina – Coquina Outcrop. These rock formations have been covered with layers of small clam-like seashells over billions of years.  These rock formations can only be seen at low tide but they are a sight to behold and should be on your list of places to visit if the tide is low.

6. Ocean Front Park

Kure Beach Ocean Front Park is a public area that you can take your kids for them to play and just have fun. It is situated along the oceanfront and is a wonderful place for kids to play. There is always occasions at Ocean Park as you can rent the space for a private event.

7. Surfing

If you always wanted to take some surfing lessons, then why not do it once and for all at Kure beach. You can take surfing lessons at Kure Beach Surf Camp. It is a three day package to help you learn how to surf. The professional instructors have many years of experience to help you start surfing and build your confidence.

8. Robert Harrill Hermit House

One of the often forgotten sites to visit is Robert Harrill Hermit House. He is a local North Carolina legend who abandoned the luxuries of life and became a hermit. Robert Harrill lived in an abandoned WWII artillery bunker and lived entirely off the land by surviving off sea food like clams and fish.

He was arrested for vagrancy and harassed by authorities but eventually became a cult hero worldwide. He developed his philosophy of life called a “School of Common Sense”. Sadly his life ended when he was murdered in 1972 under mysterious circumstances which only enhanced his mythical reputation. The WWII bunker he lived in remains and a plaque is there in memory of him.

9. Southern Food

While out having fun with your family, your can find good southern food at many places on Kure beach like Nauti Dog, Kure Beach Diner, Jack Mackerel’s Island Grill, Gulfstream and others. You can also drive a few miles to Carolina Beach for more variety of culinary delights.

10. Ferry Cruise

You can get on the Fort Fisher Ferry for a 45-minute cruise to the mainland. The ship sets off from the tip of Fort Fisher, goes up the Cape Fear River and docks two miles from the historic town of Southport. You will enjoy the awesome natural views as you cruise along the coast. It is a beautiful sight to take in and you will enjoy the cruise.


Kure Beach is a small town in North Carolina but can provide a wonderful vacation for you and your family. Besides the beach, there are many other activities that you and your family can do while in Kure Beach.

There are historic sites, trails, rock formations, state parks, tours, food and cold drinks spots, aquariums, and many other attractions.  When I visit Kure beach, I spend three days there, have a great time and then drive just a few miles to Carolina beach to redo the beach vacation all over again. I hope this article will help you get an insight into what you can do this summer in Kure beach.