Countries You Should Visit In 2023 And Prepaid Sim Card

Countries You Should Visit In 2023 And Prepaid Sim Card

As the world slowly recovers from the lockdown, people are starting to plan their trips for the upcoming years. With so many wonderful destinations to choose from, it can be challenging to decide where to go next. Here, we will introduce you to seven countries that you should consider visiting in 2023. Those are not regular choices. If you don’t want to be disconnected from your friends and family, we recommend you prepaid sim card by eSimPlus. A virtual us phone number will give you access to prepaid internet, calls and messages, absolutely perfect for travelers. 


First on our list is the USA. This amazing country has so much to offer, from the huge cities of Chicago and Houston to the unbelievable beauty of national parks and the Grand Canyon. No matter what you are interested in, you will find it in the USA anyway. If you want to have some fun, you can go to Disneyland. If you’re more of a history bum and want to explore an extraordinary American history, there is nothing more suitable for you than Philadelphia. The landscapes are breathtaking all over the country, and there is always something to see and enjoy. However, if you’re interested in seeing something really unusual, rent a car and explore the state of Utah. The local scenery will remind you of the Martian landscapes.

The Maldives

Next up is the Maldives, a glamorous paradise located in the Indian Ocean. With its crystal-clear salt waters, golden sand beaches, and luxurious resorts, the Maldives is the ideal destination for those who are looking for a beautiful place to unwind and relax. Snorkeling and scuba diving are also popular activities here, as the Maldives boasts some of the most diverse marine life in the world. You will be able to see the rarest species you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Be aware of sharks. 

The Maldives is like the world of luxury in a nutshell. You can enjoy top-notch service, delicious food and extraordinary activities on a small piece of sand. 


Moving on to Armenia, a country that is often overlooked by travelers but has so much to offer. From its rich history and culture to its stunning landscapes and delicious cuisine, Armenia is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Highlights include the ancient city of Yerevan, the Geghard Monastery, and Lake Sevan. Don’t forget to visit a local market where you can find really unique items, like vintage furniture, decorations and jewelry. There are a lot of interesting facts about this country.  It has one of the richest histories. Did you know, for example, that Armenia was the first country to recognize and adopt Christianity? Also, the first ever church was built there. One of the most significant symbols of Armenia is Mount Ararat. The Mount is a part of the story about Noah’s Ark. 

In Armenia you can also try wine from the oldest winery in the world. If you’re lucky enough you can even attend an annual festival dedicated to wine.  

New Zealand

New Zealand is another must-visit destination in 2023. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful countries in the whole world. This small island nation is famous for its breathtaking scenery, including filmic snow-capped mountains, breathtaking beaches, and wild rainforests. Adventure seekers and experienced travelers will love activities like bungee jumping, skiing, and hiking, while those looking for a more relaxed vacation can enjoy wine tasting and soaking in natural hot springs. So, no matter what kind of traveler you are, New Zealand still has a lot to offer. By the way, a lot of famous film directors have chosen New Zealand as a scenery for their films. For instance, The Lord of the Rings or Legend of the Seeker. 


Spain is a perennial favorite among travelers and one of the most popular travel destinations on the globe, and for good reason. This vibrant country is home to world-class museums, stunning architecture, and delicious food and wine. Spain is large enough to fit it all. Whether you want to explore the royal city of Madrid, relax on the beaches of the Costa del Sol, party hard in Ibiza and Mallorca, or soak up the culture in Barcelona, Spain has something for everyone. The country is visited by a huge number of travelers every year. It means that you can not only have a good time, but also make some international friends. 


Sadly, Slovenia is often overlooked by travelers. It borders Italy and Austria, which are definitely much more popular among foreign visitors. It may be a small country and, but it packs a big punch when it comes to natural beauty. From the Julian Alps to the turquoise waters of Lake Bled, Slovenia is a paradise for those who like the outdoors. The country is also known for its charming towns and villages, delicious cuisine and home-made wines, and rich history. Slovenia is like a Slavic yet incredibly sophisticated sister.


Last but not least, we have Colombia. People used to overlook this amazing country for many years. However, this South American country is rapidly becoming a popular destination thanks to its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and friendly people. Highlights include the coffee region, the colorful streets of Cartagena and the Amazon rainforest. Colombia is also a homeland for Shakira and Maluma. So, it is a perfect place to explore incendiary Latino music and dancing. 

In conclusion, these seven countries are just a few of the many incredible destinations that you should consider visiting in 2023. Whether you are looking for adventure, relaxation, culture, or natural beauty, these countries have it all. So, start planning your next trip today and get ready to make unforgettable memories.