Consider These 5 Things Before Buying A New Bag

Consider These 5 Things Before Buying A New Bag

Purchasing a new bag you will carry around each day is not a choice to take lightly. Bags are often an investment that will be used more frequently than anything else in your closet so you want to ensure you make the best choice for you. Whether you choose a red, brown, or black bag, you have many things to consider before you swipe your card. Read on for six crucial factors to consider as you shop for your next bag.

1. What Do I Need To Store In My Bag?

You have to get a handbag that will function with your needs, otherwise, you will surely experience buyer’s remorse. Be realistic about the items you need to carry around in your bag. You can start by thinking about the items you already take with you and determine how your current bag works for toting everything around. Is there enough room? Is there extra space? You can also think about any items you don’t have room for in your current bag that you would like the space for. 

Once you determine your carrying needs, think about how you want that organized. Would you be able to function with a bag that has tons of open space and little storage organization? Or would you love to keep yourself organized with plenty of open pockets or zipper pockets? These needs will help you narrow down the type of bag you’re looking for. 

2. What Color Will Blend Best With My Wardrobe?

Color is a hugely important factor when shopping for a new bag. Having a bag with versatility allows you to easily blend any outfit from your closet with your new bag. Sometimes, bold colors such as yellow or purple are most difficult to match with your wardrobe. On the other hand, basic colors such as a brown or black bag offer plenty of versatility and go with many more outfits. 

Take a look at your wardrobe and think about your personal style. Determine which color would be the best option for pairing with your clothes. There may be a selection of shades that could go well, which broadens your choices. 

3. How Long Do I Want To Carry This Bag?

Bags get a lot of use out of them as a daily wardrobe item, so you want to consider how long you want your bag to last so you can choose a durable purse. If you’re looking for a purse to last for many years, you definitely want to invest in a durable and quality bag, which also means shopping against trends and instead going for a more classic style. If you know that you’re the type of person who loves changing things up and will likely only carry your new purse for a year or two, durability may not be a major concern for you.

4. What Style And Material Do I Like Best?

Two major choices you have in choosing a purse are the style and material of the bag. There are plenty of options to choose from, so to avoid feeling overwhelmed, decided beforehand what you like best. For style, you can choose a tote bag, cross-body, shoulder bag, and more. When it comes to material, leather (including vegan leather), nylon, and canvas are among the popular choices. While thinking about style and material, you also need to keep in mind the functionality and durability you’re looking for as these will play a role in the style and material you end up choosing. 

5. Take Your Time Shopping Around

When shopping for an investment piece, it’s not always going to be a quick shopping trip. Take your time shopping around and looking at multiple brands and styles so you can ensure you absolutely love the bag you end up with. You want to do your best to avoid buyer’s remorse which means doing your research and taking plenty of time to make a decision. 

There are lots of places to shop for bags online but one of the major downfalls is that you can’t touch or try on the bag to get a solid sense of how much you like it. Head into some stores to start getting a feel and look for different choices and then shop online for the item you ultimately choose


Shopping for a new item for your wardrobe can be a ton of fun, especially for something that will get a lot of use. Make the experience enjoyable and use these tips to help make the process a bit simpler. In the end, you’ll have a brand-new bag that you are totally in love with.